Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ek Ya Do? ..... Damn !!

Ok, It’s the return of the funny posts once again. I really like reading philosophical, Dark and well written type of posts but I love reading the funnier ones. I love writing them too. At the end of the day one should have a smile on their face and think at the same time and that’s what I want my writing to do. See my blog header once again.I have tinkered with it a little.It now reads “Thodi Masti Thodi Philosophy” and that’s how I like it: )
Now read this one: D .A long pending blog this.

Describing two Situations here

Situation 1:
I and one of my relative take a ric(auto) to go to particular place. And after we reach our destination it all starts….. I’ll pay, no I’ll pay…. I’ll pay...No I’ll pay… I hate these kinds of situations and normally want the other person to pay all the time: P but kya karein …One has to show some level of courtesy. And so in the end I end up paying.

Me: Kitna hua Uncle? (How much)
Autowaala: 13 rupees.
I give him a 20 rupee ka note.
He gives me a 5 rupee coin and another coin

It was quite dark at that time and so I could not make out if it was a 1 rupee or 2.

Me: Uncle, ye ek hain ya do?
Autowaala: 2 Rupaiya hain beta

My Door ka Rishtedaar didn’t waana believe him …Dikhao Dikhao….Heh! 1 Rupaiya hain …Chor Kahike…2 Rupaiyeh Chup chap waapas karo!! *Snatches the 2 Rupees from him*

Me: Why would he really do that? Does this really Happen?
He: Dude, where have you come from? Guantánamo Bay ??

*Defining Silence*

Me: Why do you ask that?


Situation 2:

I buy some lays some chocolates and some cakes: D
Uncle: 44 Rupees
I give him a 50 rupee note and he gives back a 5 and a 2 rupee ka coin, thinking of course that it’s a one rupee coin.

After walking a few paces I realize it. Turn back to return the coin but then think of the Situation 1 that I was in. His Mistake, why should I tell him? I turn back again and walk home: D

But this all happened because of the darn coins. Googling the whole thing up I found out that the most affected people out of this are the physically challenged ones. They are not able to make out which ones what? I Mean what was wrong with the hexagonal 2 Rupee Coin eh? At least one could make it out ….. But the new coins look so similar. In fact the back of the coin is Ditto. No Change. Well Honestly I don’t have any Problem. But the Disables do. Something has to be done...Don’t Cha Think?

I could not control my laughter when the local “ande waala” returned me this just yesterday
A 50 Paise Coin with no fingers ….Damn!!! :D

P.S: Watch Ghajini People! Watched the Paid Preview show yesterday and Aamir is superb in that.Action is a bit Bollywoodish but it ain’t really a bad movie as some critics are saying :)
P.P.S: My last post this for the year 2008.Can’t wait for 2009.It will be the year when I graduate (hopefully: P).Get my First Job (hopefully: P) and get my first Salary (Again Hopefully: D) too.

So Here’s Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a very Happy and a prosperous New Year :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hope :)

And there she was, clinging on to her big purse on one hand and umbrella on the other, looking beautiful as ever as she headed towards me. I was looking for some company for that last mile and she obliged to join me. Our umbrellas collided all the time as the rain refused to die down. I wanted to start the conversation but I had come to know that her boyfriend had dumped her a few days back and so didn’t want to relive her pain. Instead I wanted to tell her all that was on my mind.

I wanted to tell her how wrong it was for me to be so insecure. How I wished now that she would return to me again. I would do all that it takes to keep the relationship going. Now it would be me who would be responsible for all that would go wrong. But I couldn’t, I could not get in any words. Wouldn’t it be so selfish on my part to convince her now? Why should I want her to believe me?

Finally we reached our destination. It felt weird speechless the whole way. I actually didn’t mind spending everyday outside her house in the pouring rain, just to tell her how I felt. And then in the end I finally managed to utter “Sneha”.She looked at me, it seemed her eyes wanted me to say something all this while. She Waited.

“I ….I……. well….well………”

*A loud nagging noise from somewhere*

“Will you directly have your lunch son?”


As I drove to my office I saw the black clouds gather. It sure would rain heavily I thought.I somehow managed to reach office some 20 minutes late. Boss gave me an angry look which I had somewhat got used to. As I sat on my office chair, my friend cum colleague Sumeet said something in a very hush-hush manner.

“Sorry… what? Didn’t get you?

Dude I said Aditya dumped Sneha!!

I pinched myself.

Listening to:
Yeah, the one that's on my *new and improved* Playlist!!Some of the lyrics are there in the story too :D

Friday, December 12, 2008

A New Template and a new Poem

First of all,Thank You Stephen for the Header.I look a bit chubby in that but that ain't your Fault :P My previous template was matching with some other people in the blogosphere and so I decided to change it.This looks kinda cool,doesn't it and I hope I am the only one around having this layout :P
Now, I had written a poem for the TheWriter'sLounge a few weeks back but I guess not many of them read it.So here it is for those who didn't :P

Reminising the Past

In the Middle of the Night
My Eyes got a Little Wet
When an old Friend called up
And asked if I remember those days??

When Fun had a different meaning
When we laughed at the silliest things
When the Night arrived a bit too early
Do you remember those days??

When going to school was great
Doing homework was a headache
Sharing Tiffin was a daily Routine
Dude, do you remember those days??

When you played as a Substitute Fielder
And took that brilliant catch
You made it to the team after that
And then played in every match

Do You Remember those days
When we played board games together
And fought like bitter foes
When winning seemed to be everything
And when we never used to loose hope

And now here we are again
In our own life’s phase
Reduced now to saying just one thing
If we still remember our days

Live your Life in the Present and have fun ….Reminiscing the past doesn’t really help :)

P.S: There are some people who have been blogrolled by moi.I should have done that days back but couldn't for some unexplainable reasons :P.
So If you are in there say Yayyy :D

Btw here's my official entry in the "Rain Drenched Lounge Contest" for the Writer's Lounge Yes, I do write Stories too :P .It's actually been edited since, so don't get fooled by the initial few comments that you read :P

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aila! Award Mila! :D

Two Bloggers in this beautiful blogger world were kind enough to bestow not one but two awards. This is my First kinda Award in Blogging...
But the fact that there are people around who somewhat appreciate my kinda "work" makes me really feel good :)

Anyways, as the rule goes I have to nominate others who I think deserve this Award.
Here’s my list

1.Anindita: I was and still am fascinated by her Dark Poems and writings that actually made me to blog in the first place. A butterfly for that ain’t bad, is it?

2.Stephen:For me the best Writer in the blogosphere.No Blogger leaves an impact like he does. I know you have been awarded already and I may be a little biased but dude I truly think you are the best :) And Thanxs for the Free Spirited Award too :D ------>

3. Shatabdi:This Girl is on your face with her writing.Girl,I was actually speechless when you mentioned me in your 50'th post but hey I had some kind of a debt to pay and may be this is it …Take the Free-Spirited Blogger award too. :D Two words Girl :You Rock!

4. Mehreen: Awesome, Awesome Writer…Has probably mentioned my name more than any other blogger in her blog. :D... I can’t believe she still has me in her “Blogs I follow” section but hey I don’t mind. Again I know you have been awarded but hey you deserve it more than I did or probably do :)

5. Scribbler'sInc.I have been a religious follower of Scribbler’s Inc. since he used to write about his office happenings …. Of course now it’s turned spooky and for the better …So dude this award is probably more apt for you: The coolest blogger around :)

Ok mine is a short list but hey the above people did deserve it …… There were others too and sowwie if I disappointed you but these guyzz are probably nice "blogger friends" than others or may have just ended up making some sort of an Impact on me.

P.S : With all that has been going around presently here in Mumbai and other fellow bloggers from my city trying in their own different way to make a valid point.... I just want to share a small little Quote from the Mahatma himself and this has also been mentioned in Black Friday the movie.

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Peace :)

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Astrology Anyone?

I got my Vivas this week. Well it just started with my Project Presentation today.However, the real thing starts from tomorrow.

Now I am not an astrology follower but I like reading my weekly future. So, according to Bejan Daruwaala I would have an interesting week. Now half of his predictions were regarding finance and love life, both of which I don’t have: P But there was this line in his weekly column which intrigued me. It said

“Your Communication with others will be thrilling, disruptive and exhilarating
at the same time ".

Wow, Talk about giving thrilling, disruptive and exhilarating answers during viva time. Don’t know whether that’s supposed to be good or bad. But Vivas are normally fun.Damn it…I can’t wait. :D

I saw my exam time-table today and guess what it’s beginning on the 4’th of December and ending on the 14’th of January.Yeah…That’s University of Mumbai for you…
Anyways like other bloggers I too don’t intend to post anything.Got truck loads to study… DAMN!

Listening to Working Class Hero ->Green Day

As soon as your born they make you feel small
By giving you no time instead of it all
Till the pain is so big you feel nothing at all
A working class hero is something to be.

Wish I had written these Lines ....It makes so much sense ...Doesn't it...Damn! :D

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tags Galore :)

I have been tagged again. This Time by Three people Express, Stephen and Simplyme They obviously feel I am the most Jobless Blogger Around .So they must have felt let’s tag him instead….O.k. I was kidding there ….See the Blog Title if you will.

On a more Serious Note though this is my 50’th Post * Bugle Bajao*.The first 35 posts received a total of Ahem… 3 or 4 Comments. But I was Naïve then, I didn’t know how this thing worked.
Coming back to the Tag, Now since Three People have tagged me on 2 different tags I intend to do it in one Post. Or-Else I’ll become a Tagger’s Delight which I don’t intend to be: P

Since Express tagged me first,So it’s her tag that goes first….
I had loads of fun doing this..Here it goes …….

I am: a not so regular guy:-P

I think: virtually all the time:-P

I know: I got my exams in a month and have a lot to study :(

I want: my engineering to get over as soon as possible: P

I have: got a new P.C now: D

I wish: I could always do the things my way.

I hate: Sleeping in the Afternoon which I end up doing

I miss: my childhood :(

I fear: Failure

I hear: the birds chirping early in the morning:-P

I smell: the pokadas of my aunty who lives downstairs: P

I crave: for some good food

I search: and then end up finding nothing. :-P

I wonder: if I will do this tag again:-D

I regret: not keeping in touch with people I used to know.

I love: gorging on lays

I ache: seeing my College Everyday :(

I was not: busy when this tag was made....

I am not: Ignorant

I cry: by rubbing my eyes: D

I believe: in hard work.

I dance: like crazy: D

I sing: when no one's around: D

I read: newspapers early in the morning

I don't always: argue

I fight: and end up loosing :(: P

I write: Anything that comes to mind

I win: people over * so I would think *

I lose: my valuables very easily

I never: say never, coz you never know:-P

I always: can be seen giggling without any damn reason: P

I confuse: with my Math Formulae :(

I listen: to my mum as mum knows best: P

I can usually be found: talking to myself

I am scared: of the future.

I need: a damn vacation!!

I am happy: when I see others happy :)

I imagine: The world to be a better place to live in.

I know,I have taken some of your Answers express…Just Shows how much alike we both think
: D

Tag Given to me by both Stephen And Mehreen

This Tag made me think a lot …After a lot of debates, nostalgia and hours of “CONFRONTATION” …I came up with this ……
1. Name five of your all time favorite movies.

1. Taare Zameen Par
2. Black Friday
3. Vertical Limit
4. The Matrix Trilogy
5. The Dark Knight

2.. Name one movie which you recommend as a "must see".

Taare Zameen Par and The Dark Knight …..One for Aamir and Another for Heath Ledger…

3. One and only one movie that you have seen many times.

Umm….Don‘t really Remember but probably D.D.L.J as it’s on the T.V most of the Time and also because it’s a damn good movie.

4. Which movie comes to your mind when I say funniest?
Hera Pheri

5. Which movie made you really emotional?

Has to be Taare …And Also a 90’s movie called Anjali ….. Hamari Pyaari Anjali.Ahh * Nostalgia*

6. Which movie series was as interesting as the first part?

Has to Be the Matrix

7. Which movie didn’t, according to you, live up to your expectations?

Ohh there are so many ….. Have to pick one…Phoonk and probably all the recent Ram Gopal Varma Flicks: D

8. Which movie surprised you?

Johhny Gaddar …..I am sucker for Suspense Flicks and this one had it all ……..

I tag all those who jumped out of their seats on seeing my answers..Go onn Do it !!!

Monday, October 13, 2008

Wtf !!!

Has it ever happened with you that in a given Situation you have felt completely helpless and made to feel like an idiot? It kind of happens with me all the time, most of the time indirectly, but when people mock and ridicule you in your face, you begin to think. Hang on! Am I losing it or have I completely lost it?

What Happened?

It’s the festive season now, Rather it’s almost over. So I call up my friend to give my greetings.Strangely,I don’t know how much balance I have in my cell. So I end up calling 4 people and the end of it see a Rupee left...Wtf!!! Anyways I rush to a nearby “Uncle” to get my refilling done. Now I normally don’t use Scratch Cards, I tell the guy to do it using his phone. Here are some Snippets of our Conversation.

Uncle: Number Kya hain?
Uncle: Sure?
Me: umm... (It was new bpl gang card) Haan Uncle Wahin honaa Chayiye….
Uncle: Huh!! Sure??
Me:Arre Haan Uncle Jaldi Bhar do!!!
Uncle: Okk… *does it and waits*
Me:F*… Nahin aaya Uncle Abhi Tak….
Uncle: Wahin number hain naa?
Me:Huh!! Check Karo naa Uncle ….And so I call up his Number …

10 people around me burst up laughing..…Last ka digit galat hain …Gayaaa… *Muhahaha*…

* Wtf!! Wtf!! I had made somebody else’s day …*

Uncle: Usko lagega Festive Offer kuch milaa hain usse *Muhahaha*

*Wtf !!!*

Then I go on to ask the most Silliest Question ever…

Me:Uncle, Yeh 50 rupees bharnaa padegaa abhi??
Uncle: Duh!! * Muhahaha*

I will use scratch cards from now on ….Damn!!!
I am sure everybody has his/her number etched in their heads but incase you don’t make sure you do as you never know: P
Listening to a song which goes well with this Post:

Ab kya karenge bhaiyye

Ab kahan jaayenge bhaiyye

Kuchh toh karenge naa

Sayaane hai janaab

Toh kar lije hisaab ...Felt like Anupam kher of khosla ka Ghosla in that Situation :(

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Tagged :)

I have been tagged by Stephen
Thanks for the tag dude
This is an interesting tag. I really got some interesting answers
And I have copied it here.

So I type the following in Google..
"Anurag needs"....
And here are the interesting 6 answers...

1. Anurag needs to get a grip on himself else this talented guy will lose it like his mentor RGV.
-I wish I was Anurag Kashyap ...loved his black Friday...but one thing makes sense. I need to get a grip on myself....

2. Anurag clearly understands the needs of today's US revenue cycle management
- I hope I did ...Could have bailed out U.S then of it's recent financial crisis :)

3. Anurag needs a friendly file system interface....
- No I don't....I like the word "friendly" though :)

4. Anurag needs to find a better way of monetizing the site
-Not the site..But something else ;)

5. Anurag needs help in maths and science as soon as possible
-I did that years back.Not anymore...and Thank god it's over :)

6. Anurag needs Prerna in his life as soon as possible to increase trp's
-baaah...that serial had ruined my life: D

I don't wanna tag anyone ...Whoever wants to do this is cordially invited :)

Listening to: Getting Jiggy with it -->Will Smith
Wonder Why that guy doesn't sing anymore :(

Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chief "Gest"

I often have visited blogs where I used to see people posting different kind of posters or images where a funny one-Liner or a thing would be written which used to be incredibly hilarious and I used to think from where would they have got it from....Was it some kind of a trick or was it really Clicked??

And finally, standing at the Kharghar Bus-stop. It Happened....I saw something...Yes I did...I just had to click this one..Took out my phone and even though the 20 odd eye-balls kept giving me odd glances as to what this guy is upto, I really didn't care. Clicked it!! And even though it didn’t come out as I wanted it to,the damn leaves of a nearby branch came in the way, it wasn't that bad

Chief gest.... I mean, I make spelling mistakes but to eat away an "U"...just like that in a hoarding overlooking a bus-stop..I would have been embarrassed if I were the chief “"guest" :P

Now there are some songs, when you hear them you wish you had penned down those lines, even though you know that you couldn’t have possibly been able to :(
Listening to one such song right now....Some lines these...

The smile on your face
Lets me know
That you need me
There's a truth in your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand
says You'll catch me
Whenever I fall
You say it best
When you say Nothing at all....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Confusion of being "Single"

The other day,seeing my fellow Friend having his arm around his girl friend made me go..,”Should I have one”? And then I thought about its consequences

1. I will have to approach the girl ->Easy
2. I will have to propose to her ->not that easy
3. Make her my official girlfriend ->Easy, after proposing her
4. Talk to her everyday at least 30mins to 1Hour err.. may be more -> ummm......Difficult
5. Ask for 100-200 Rupees more as pocket money everyday -> umm.....Impossible: P

Now may be it won’t be that bad, but these are just some pointers which tells me ----No,Anurag ,This won’t be a Good Idea This surely would be the First Mistake you would make in your so far “"Mistakeless" Life...”

But then when you see the girl set her hair properly in the adjacent seat of the bus you’are travelling in or when you go inside any mall and see a snazzy looking couple enjoying a mc’aloo/chicken Tikki inside McDonalds or when you see a couple going at 100km/hr with the girl holding on kaske to her partner riding the bike,you tend to do…Sigh! Surely,a partner would be nice …But again another question pops up…Will this Detach you from your friends…Will Friendship Suffer?? I guess that depends from Individual to Individual but I think it does if not much but if I am not wrong some strings do come out…..

Ohh well For me Being Single Rocks simply because of the reason I gave in the first Para i.e. the consequences.....Those last 3 pointers scares me honestly.....But probably Things won't be that bad...Guess should give it a try.... what say??.... *Scratches his head *

Listening to :Blue ....Yes Yes Blue ..Guess That's one of the reasons to write this blog

You make me wanna call you in the middle of the night.

You make me wanna hold you till the morning light.

You make me wanna love,

you make me wanna fall.

You make me wanna surrender my soul.

I know this is a feeling that I just cant fight.

Youre the first and last thing on my mind.

You make me wanna love,

you make me wanna fall.

You make me wanna surrender my soul................... Wonder how this made it to my Music Player :O

P.S: Punjabi Music is the perhaps the grooviest music in the World ….Danced…err Guess Grooved would be a better word …like anything at my cousin sister’s wedding …Talk about detachment from your Routine Life…..Everybody needs it actually….You too …Go Get it :P

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Changing Times

Yesterday, I was walking across a street when I came across 2-3 kids around 10-12 years old in their School Uniforms having a plate of sandwich in a local fast food joint. So?? That’s supposed to be common ain’t it? Well not exactly, I honestly could not identify with them. The fact that my mum didn’t give me pocket money when I went to school and I wouldn’t have dreamt about venturing “out of my zone” during my time makes me some what go ..Hmm or rather Humph!! School days were all about going to school,”Studing", getting bashed, Sometimes: P and going straight home. But that ain't the case anymore ….is it??

Considering there are bloggers out there who are still in school, Kids having their profiles on Social Networking Sites is now common. Gee’s now I think I would have been twice a better blogger if I had been in School and blogged.I wouldn’t have been struggling to find a new topic for my blog every time: P.A big Question would still haunt me though….Would it be affecting my studies then?? I don’t know, possibly, but considering it hasn’t done to my engineering till now, I don’t think it would have been a problem.

So you see, it ain’t taboo anymore. If you can manage your studies and do “out of the box” things, then why not?? I wish I could have done the same 10 years back though :(

P.S 1: McDonald’s is being now read in Marathi here in Mumbai… Is this the end of Liberalization…… you decide
P.S 2: I read yesterday’s Quote of Minnisha Lamba in Bombay Times where she said Bikes are liberating, feisty, Fun and Feminine…..Agree with the first three but Feminine??……. Bikes????

Song Currently Listening to :
I normally cringe listening to Bengali songs but this one’s special

Shaan’s Majhi re:

amar prothom dekha brishti-r jol-e
bhasiyechhi bhela khelar chhol-e
sei jol gechhe mishe, kon nodi-te
gechhe hariye kon sagar-e
Majhi re, o majhi re,
dekhechho ki tumi tare?
Nouko aamar, chhele belaar, kagoj-er...

I won't bother to translate guyzz..... go Figure :P !!!!!

P.P.S: I am off to Delhi for a week for my cousin’s wedding. Expecting fultoo dhamaal as it’s a Punjabi Wedding :) Tata!!!!

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Anyone want inspiration

We crib about so many Things in Life and yet do we ever question ourselves about what our contribution to society is? How much have we worked hard in order to get "THAT THING DONE"

Two Completely different Personalities and yet they have achieved what any athlete would dream about:->An Olympic Medal....Michael Phelps on the left with 8 golds and India's "Wrestling Hero" Sushil Kumar with the Bronze on the Right. Why have I highlighted him and not the guy who got the gold for India...Ohh well the reason is that he looks more contemporary to the look of a modern Indian Sportsperson and incase you didn't know ...he actually won 3 fights in a row within an hour to get the bronze.(Taking nothing away from Abhinav Bindra...He too worked hard) So he represents someone who was down and out literally having lost his First one really knew him. No Media Attention and BOOM....A bronze.....So you really don't have to look towards your peers for any inspiration ...I have him right here in my blog :P...And let's say incase you become complacent having achieved a lot in life and the word inspiration doesn’t exist ....look towards the person on the left.......

Michael Phelps :-> Winner of 6 Gold Medals at the Athens Games but yet didn’t retire...Okk he is just 23 but normally pro Swimmers retire early like the Aussie Ian Thorpe but yet had that desire and hunger to break Spitz's record. And he did and how!! One had to see the 100m's Butterfly Final's to get first hand account of his desire to win. He had to stretch at the last hurdle and was just microsecond away of loosing the Gold but that determination was too strong and god was with him. That just shows how he did not wish to sit with his own laurels. Wanted to give it another go and what a heck of a inspiration he has turned out to be!!

So you see it is never over in life...One just has to look around. Not at the First Grader but to people like these...One who despite all odds proved everything and another whose hunger and desire propelled him past his post of glory...Incredibly Inspiring!!!

P.S: Seeing the Olympics in Doordarshan is an experience in itself....The most funniest thing is when a sport is being showed and I don't know from where a Voice comes in saying arre woh Vijender ka bout sawaa barah baje hain naa or something like arre iske baad humein basketball dikhana hain naa
Lollzzz Good o'l Doordarshan !!!

Monday, August 11, 2008

"Chicken'ed" Out

Disclaimer: The following post does not intend to disrespect/disregard/disgrace or ridicule “Chicken Eating people” neither does it have any intentions in turning people into Vegetarians. It just presents a personal point of View :P

Eating at a “proper” Restraunt happens very rarely for me, may be once, twice or if lucky thrice in a month. And most of the time, errr all the time actually, it happens to be with my family or relatives. Unless ofcourse, my friends beg me for a “Paaarrty” on every silliest of occasions: P... So the other end when I did venture out on a rainy, windy Saturday Afternoon and it wasn’t a “Paaaarty”, it was one of those rare Restraunt Visits.

I gave my own individual order and was rendered jobless when all of a sudden.......
U: How come you don’t Eat Chicken??
Me: Oh Well, I don’t like it
U: “Don’t like Chicken!! At your age, you don’t like chicken *almost collapses in his chair* Strange! Oh, C’mon be a man, here have some….
Me: No thank you, but I don’t want to!!
U: Don’t forget, you have to go abroad, there they will serve you all kinds of meat,” what will you do then, eh?
Me: I actually prefer Prawn Uncle.
U: Oh Prawns are for the ladies,” Real Men Eat Chicken”!!

And So I don’t know why, how, what but I did do the unthinkable…It only was a “Starter” though, but I was really pissed off…It hadn’t gone well, both, the chicken and his banter…..Lunch started to taste bitter...Is it wrong to be a vegetarian??Ok, I may not be a proper vegetarian, but I really don’t mind turning into one…Why are the Veggie’s Ridiculed all the time? My Non-Vegetarian Friend said the other day.. “Pagal, Main agar teri Jagah hotaa toh tooth padhtaa”….”Lekin,main teri tarah nahin hoon”, I said in gest... It all depends one one’s Taste buds and mine are all for the Veggie’s and I don’t get why anyone should have a problem…Bahhh…This Post makes me hungry.....I better go and have some palatable stuff :P

Ohh Before you go,Check out another post that I wrote for "The Writer's Lounge"..I am enjoying my time with fellow writers there...Great Initiative Stephen and Thanks for the membership :)....Go Read


Friday, August 1, 2008

CAUTION !!!!! :->Death Ahead

"28 Bombs Found in Surat", the headline screamed. As I often do, I skipped that part and read the sports section instead. But somehow, that particular headline rang over and over again. It even overshadowed things like “Eric Cantona advises Ronaldo to stay at Man utd”.A pretty bizarre occurrence ran in my head. The newspaper had also given the pictures of the people who had died in the Ahmedabad Blasts and I thought to myself, “Did these people know that they are going to die soon??” Suddenly the relevance of words like "Life and “Death” seemed totally Irrelevant and Questionable.

I remember a conversation I had with my Grand-mum decades back when she had said, Remember Son, All the People living in this world have a definite Lifespan which is encrypted in their Foreheads. So I asked, don't we know then when are we going to Die??Unfortunately Not, and that's why it is said that we must always live our life to its fullest :) Why think about Death, It has already been decided by the Almighty!! That's why LIVE LIFE and don't think anything else. Just out of curiosity grandma...What about those who commit Suicide...Does the almighty decide that too?? To that Grandma said: They are the most coward people in the world who do that as they don't find any solution to a "Problem”. Look son, Almighty doesn't want people to die but he can't stop the cowardly, Can he/she??

Those who planted the bombs were cowards too, as they were fighting a loosing cause. After the Mumbai Train Blasts 2 years ago, they talked about the "Spirit" that people living in the city showed when they went to work next Morning...BULLSHIT!!!...That was sheer "Majburi" and nothing else. They actually also wanted to LIVE LIFE if you look at it in one way. They also agreed with my grand-mum's "Lifespan Theory"...To be Really Honest, I wasn't Scared after the Mumbai Blasts, But after Banglore/Benglooru and then Ahmedabad I am kind of Starting to.But then I remember my Grand-mum,the conversation and her theory and I say let's LIVE LIFE but let's all be cautious as unfortunately there's nobody to tell us something like CAUTION!!!! :-> Death Ahead.....

Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Wonder Years And Indian Television

I love watching The Wonder Years.It's actually now-a-days become the only thing that I like watching on television.I know it's been on the tele for quite a while now but either I did not have the time to catch up with it or the channel did not show up on the Cable Network.But now that I have the Set top Box,I make sure that I don't miss a single episode.

The Twinkle,smile and loads of expectations on Kevin Arnold's Eyes,the hesitancy,reluctance and confusion on Winnie Cooper's (don't know why she does that),a true and a honest friend in
Paul Pfeiffer... then there is Kevin's Family,his brother who bullies,calling him 'butthead' all the time.Interestingly Kevin's Parents are shown a lot like Indian Parents....Dad comes home and says his work was Lousy and mom is shown someone who does'nt give kevin the space he needs.And ofcourse,there are Kevin's Friends,Classmates and his plently of girlfriends with whom he either had a short but a sweet fling or a big argument resulting in fights and an eventual break-up.

The Best Thing about The Wonder Years is that even though it's Simplistic,it touches a
chord somewhere,The Voice in the background emotes several emotions when it speaks.The Simultaneous occurence of the look on Kevin's eyes and the voice speaking for him is brilliantly done.You sometimes wish that you be in his shoes and sometimes you
don't.The Romance and relationships are not only 'cute' but they have a sense of nostalgia which the director makes sure he has it in each and every Episode.All Characters shown feel so real and so you can't help but identify with them.And the Best Line in the show is when Kevin at the end of every alternate episode says "And that's when it him me ".

It's so sad that not one single show on Indian Television comes close to it.All we see is either those never-ending Saas-Bahu Serials or some mindless "Reality" drama on Television.I mean can somebody tell me where have the Quiz shows or the horror genre gone ?? It's the TRP'S that sadly rule now-a-days and I don't think we will see a Wonder Years or even something like Friends on Indian Television not only because they are timeless classics but also because people working for the Indian Tele don't have the Right kind of mentality to make something like this.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Start of a new Season

End of Vacations...I am actually 70 % happy and 30 % sad...And it's for the same reason... And for me I am unofficially in my Final Year of my Engineering...Seniors say final Year is the most enjoyable...

Hey by the way I wrote a post yesterday...And I guess that was my best post till date...I don't know why I wrote it for the Writers Lounge instead of my blog.....But I guess my Writing is getting better with every post...

Judge for yourselves....


So is this kind of a new Season from my writing point of view as well ??

Do let me know ...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Second Tag

Tagged Again...This Time by Stephen ...Mosaic Tag...Sounded fun this....Different From other Tags....

Rules :
1.Type in the answer to each of the questions below into Flicker Search.
2.Using only first the Page of the results,pick only one Image.
3.Copy and past each of the url of the image into Big Huge Lab Mosaic maker to create a mosaic of picture Answers

The Questions :

1.What is your First Name?
2.What is your Favourite Food,Right now ?
3.What High School did you go to?
4.What is your Favourite Color?
5.Who is your Celebrity Crush?
6.What is your Favorite Drink?
7.What is your Dream Vacation?
8.What is your Favorite Dessert?
9.What do you want to be when you grow up?
10.What do you love most in life?
11.What is the one word that describes you?
12.What is your user name?

And Here's my MOSAIC !!!!

Am Sure One would easily be able to guess atleast 4-5 of them ...........

Open to anyone who wants to try it ........Suggest you do...I did'nt know there would be so many decent pics inside flickrs ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tryst with an Elderly

P.S :I initially thought of describing my trip to chiplun over the weekend ,but that was untill I returned back home yesterday.Thought this thing which you are about to read will make for a more intresting post.Just to say,That Chiplun is a wonderful place.It wasn't chiplun exactly but a 2 hour ride from there,I stayed in my mama's Quarter in RGPPL (Ratanagiri Gas
and Power Pvt Limited also known as Enron or Dhabol)It's hard to imagine that such a place existed just 5 hours away from a cramped city like Mumbai.

"JanShatbdi 20 Minute Late hain Sahab",Ganesh our pocket sized driver informed us.We had arrived early at the station and now we had to wait some more ...TING TING TING Yatri kripya Dhyan de....That probably repeated for the 10'th time and pissed me off...Finally the Dadar bound train arrived and as luck would have it I got a window Seat.I bid Mami Goodbye and as the train left the station,a voice from the adjacent seat caught my attention....Ki Bangali ??....Huh!..Naam ki?...Anurag ...Anurag ki ??Bhattacharjee ??...Well not really...Ohh well ...He said,You Can Call me Tamboli...Like in Bengali there is Ganguly..Likewise I am
Tamboli..Hahahahaha...!! Now Since there was no good book or a mobile in my hand (Some kinda Sim Problem :( ,I was'nt that pissed off...This 3 Hour journey would'nt be that boring afterall.The Man in Question would have been in his 50's ..Probably Mid or late 50's...Had a Slightly bad body odour,not that distracting....Kauthay Jaache ??...* Now seriously Non-Bengalis
should'nt try speaking the Language,they make a Complete mess*...Panvel Uncle ...Had to show some courtsey and so counter-Questioned him ...Thane,he said..Actually I am going to Nashik for my son's engineering admission !!..So what did you see in Chiplun ??...Marleshwar,Ganpatiphule..You did'nt go to Guhagar Beach ....And so he took out his nokia and began to show me all the pictues and videos of that place...Chai Chai..Will you have some ?? You people eat this,don't you,hahahaha ..Gave a half-smile to that old silly joke...No Uncle,Thank-you !!Arre Doh Chai denaa...Ohh Well ..Free mein hain toh why
not,I thought ... :P

Our Conversation Continued about Engineering,it's benefits,Various Colleges around Navi-Mumbai,about my hobbies and about Kolkata where he was apparently posted as an officer in the army.When he saw I was starting to get a little bored he said,almost in defence...Kya hotaa hain,When you Travel you converse with different kinds of people...this gives you two things...Pleasure and Information...and the best part is that you probably know that you will never ever meet that particular person ever in your life,hahahaha...Ohh well that's so true !!Then he picked up his mobile and dialled at his residence....Arre Chaitanya...Mazaa Barobar Ek Third Year Cha Mulgaa Baslela aahein ...Tujha Kaay Tari Doubts vagere asel tar tu Vicharoo Shaktoh ...Ohh Great..I Have to play some sought of an Engg-Agony Uncle here...Gave him some sought of "advice"which I,myself wasn't sure off :P...Finally after three hours of "not that bad a journey" the train approached Panvel....Abar Dekha holo...Holo naa Uncle Hobe ...Ho-be,Ho-be ....By the way...My name is Tamboli...Just Remember Ganguly....Hahahaha,he Sighed off.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Height of "Loneliness"

Yesterday a Friend/Classmate called me up basically to make sure of my Existence!!During our conversation I got to know many things including that he had seen the latest movie creating a buzz all around i.e. Jaane tu ...Here are the Excerpts of our conversation from that Point onwards....

Me:So, where did you see the movie??

He: In Cinemax, City Centre

Me:Huh!! You came all the way to Vashi?? (The Guy stays in Kurla)

He: umm, Ya I Mean, You know...Umm, well...

Me:ohh well, Ok...With whom did you see the movie??

He: Nobody, I went alone!!

Me:Huh!! What?? Alone?? Dude Cinemax is 5-10 minutes away from my house ...You could have called me!!!

He: ohh well...Umm ...May be.....

I wasn’t sad that the guy hadn’t called me but what perplexed me was that he went for the Movie alone!!How can a person go to a movie alone ....OK,there might be several people doing that but as far as I know they are all grown up adults !!
My Cinema Hall Experience tells me that there can be three kinds of scenarios which can be experienced

1. A Crying Baby or a nagging kid who doesn’t let her mum settle down.....

2. A Group of friends which I identify with chattering, giggling away during one particular scene and

3. My most favorite or non-Favorite Scenario-->A Couple koo-chi-kooing during the entire Movie

Now Imagine Sitting alone in the hall experiencing all the above scenarios alone....How does one handle that....After the movie ends to whom does one say that yes, I liked the movie or I did'nt ....Am I reading too much into this...I mean some of them must have had no Choice but to go alone ....Yeah,But is that an Ideal thing to do ....I don't know people but since I have personally not been to a cinema hall alone, I perhaps don't identify with it, But something like that is according to me "A Height of Loneliness" !!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Art of Proposing

Me:->You know,I have been wanting to tell you this for quite sometime now but don't know how do I put it in words.

Y:->oh,You can tell me,What is it ?

Me:->Guess I have Fallen in Love with you !!!

Y:->Huh !! * looks Left and Right * Are You Serious ??

Me:->I don't know ...I guess so ....Do you .........

It is 9.30 already....When did you Sleep last Night,You lazy A**....Damn,Such a beautiful Dream got "chakna chur "in seconds.I could'nt see her as the Girl in Question's Back was facing the wall i.e my eyes,but she I could see had oily long hair.I did not want to get up in that lazy morning almost wanting myself to revisit that broken Dream ...Would I ever be able to Propose like that?..or was it just a silly random stupid dream or will it be something like what happened Last September

September 05,2007 :->It was teacher's day but it turned out to be some sought of a Valentine's Day in College.We did Celebrate Teachers day but most of them stayed back in the class for I guess what can be called as a "post event get-together" What Followed was kinda Silly and Juvenile(According to me) but something unique and different from our regular monotonous boring Class Lectures.

All of them had to recall their first crush that they had and with whom and what happened there after and those honorary members who had Girl-Friends had to tell in front of the Class of how they proposed i.e do that thingy Again...Ok I knew this ai'nt going to work coz most of them in our class were well "Shanti ke Smarak"..I knew they were'nt going to speak and even if they had Gf's they ai'nt going to do that thingy .....You would'nt expect this from "I-want-to-be Engineer" fellas !!!And I was'nt Wrong ...well Almost :P

And so it started...Girls were girls as they made sure they occupy the first two rows of the class waiting curiously for what the First "contestent" had to say.As expected it got boring initially with nobody wanting to divulge their "gory secrets" But then 2-3 Girls put their hands up and well blabbered...mere boyfriend ne mujhe pehle Sea-face mein propose kiya...usne mujhe Archies ka badaa sa Card diya...*Almost Giggling*...phir usne mujhe phool dekar mc.Donalds mein khana khilaya...*What* :D ..ohh maan ...Am I here to hear all this ....C'mon Discuss your Makeout session..That would make things interesting... A girl went onn saying she has a Fiance and how she and her "fiance" rejected or subjected all those boyzz who came in "their" way...Blahh Blahh ...I was Starting to get a headache and so I decided to walk-out of the Class but those noobs who had organized all this "Crap" i.e The C.R and the L.R of my class pushed me aside...What was even worse ...I was next :(

It was my turn now....We had to actually stand where all the teachers stood while lecturing a class ..So I was in front of the class but thankfully it was a Quarter full by then :P. I stood there about a metre away from the First Row.I could see 28 eyeballs bulging outwards curiously waiting to hear what was I about to say.To nobody's Surprise I disappointed them all by not giving any Meaty kinda lectures that they were wanting to here...Instead made it short and Simple :P

I often wonder whether I could or would really be able to do what I saw in my Dream ....Fact that I have never proposed to any girl before probably makes me more uncomfortable....And worse if I would able to discuss all the Gory details that some of them had the "courage" to do that day ....My Guess is that the former is a possibility but don't think the latter is a Feasible Option :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tagged .....First Time !!!

These are the rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them
know they’ve been tagged.

First of all I would Like to Thank Anindita aka Wily Banter who was gracious enough to tag me .6 unspectacular Quirkiest things of mine ....Baah I don't
know what to write but Still let's give it a try ......

Brace Yourselves People !! Here we go !!!

1. Though I have nothing against boys having long Hair but I can't
imagine myself having one.....I start having headaches and feel
feverish whenever it starts growing long ... :)

2. I know most of the people and my Friends like to occupy the Last
Bench of their Class,but I prefer the First...The Reason being I
love to see and hear the mindset of every Professor whenever he/she Teaches
:P...It helps me mimic them later on :D

3. In the last 3 Years of my College I must have worn a proper "Shirt"
just twice ...Once during A Class Presentation and another just
recently during a Campus placement drive...Otherwise like most, moi
too a T-Shirt and Jeans Guy

4.I feel extremely uncomfortable and stupid in a crowd of unknown
people ...I start stammering and my ears go red...Fair Skin does'nt
help at all :P

5. Baah 6 are a lot ....I like Lady's Finger ....The Vegetable that is :P
I can eat it whole day....Ahhh here's another "unspectacular" fact
....Even though I am a non-Vegetarian I don't Eat Chicken ..Yeah
surprising is'nt it .....I like Prawns more than Chicken :P

6. I absolutely and I mean absolutely love Quiz related Game Shows on
the Tele........I have watched each and every Episode of espn School
Quiz and ofcourse the Bournvita Quiz Contest...I wonder why they have
gone extinct all of a sudden ...I still regret not participating in any of
those shows :(

There you go. My tag is complete.... * Phew *
I got another Headache now of Tagging 6 more People ......Anyways I tag
Keep Away From The Cyanide ,Raoian Physics ,It's Me,C`est La Vie

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Fourth Mistake ?? :P

In the middle of my P.L(holidays that one gets before the exams) I get a call from my friend asking if I had purchased this particular book and if it were available around my place...There were apparently no Quality book stores in kurla where he lived (Surprising) ...No I don't have it,I said and I don't intend to buy it either...I am in the middle of my Exams dude ...Let's see, may be in june ....I can't wait to get my hands on it,he said ....Well I was glad that I had'nt Purchased it then ....I would have made a "MISTAKE" if I had :P

Ok, I have to confess that I am not a voracious Book Reader but I think Chetan Bhagat's Third Book is Average to say the Least...His Last book One NIght @ a call centre, if you ask me was a very Over-hyped Book ...It did'nt make an Impression at all...Clearly Five Point Someone is the best of them all...In this Book Religion,Riots,Earthquake...All the Ingredients seem to have been packed in,but it does lack in somewhere ...Probably another reason I did'nt like it was because I had read The kite Runner before reading this one which I wanted to read for such a long time ,but could'nt get my hands on it for some odd reason ...even if you see, The Kite Runner also Involves Afganisthan and the Taliban issues but it has a soul in it ...The relationship between the protagonist and the boy has been depicted so beautifully that it overshadows all the other happenings in the book..Sadly the three mistakes does'nt do that

A Special Mention of the Climax of this book : Well it seems A film is gonna be made on Five Point Someone by Raj Kumar Hirani...Well I guess Raj Kumar Hirani must have called Chetan Bhagat when he was approaching the end part of this book ....It comes Straight out of a climax action Sequence of a hindi Movie Flick ...One of the reasons why chetan bhagat has become so popular is because he connects with "Indian" style of reading or writing...And that am not sure is a good thing because then the Next Genaration is only going to read or write like him....The Friend that gave me a call that day is'nt a voracious Book reader like me but he only seems to read Chetan Bhagat which I think is a "BIG MISTAKE" !!!!
Hopefully he comes up with a good fourth book and does'nt make a Third Mistake Third,coz his First was'nt :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Return of the Confused Souls

Yes Yes atlast my exams are over *Sigh of relief floats across the face, dies down eventually*..if all things go well I should be in the LAST YEAR of my engineering ....Gee's seems surreal the way these 3 years have just "whooshed" past away like a dash of wind blowing across your face like it does during the time of Spring.Three Years of college,lectures,exams and the dreaded of them all, the RESULTS.....seen that,done that.One more Year of doing the same...I got no choice but to fight it out for another Year.Seniors tell me that this would the most enjoyable Year of them all ...I hope they are Right coz uptill now it has been all, but that...... :(

As I went that day to give my last paper of Computer Graphics I saw a bunch of People who I had'nt seen before hound around the college chit-chatting...Girls doing their usual giggling and boys studing the college from top to bottom as if they had'nt seen such a marvel before...Ohh,it finally dawned on me,cet results had just been out and they might have come window shopping or rather college shopping err..whatever that means...As I entered college I saw a bunch of people looking at some kind of board, a man-made board which I had'nt seen before ...I thought some important notice might have come up so I just made some space in that small crowd to have a look, what I saw made me had information of the various branches that our college had and when those branches had started and all other kinds of information...Gee's I can't even distinguish a wannabe F.e from someone else I thought !! I overheard the bunch discussing,hey this branch started just 5 years ago and this did 8 years ago, so it would be better if we join the latter...won't it ??..I coughed and could not control my laugh that time ...In the midst of it all I forgot......I had a paper to give !!!

These confused lot of teenagers can't even decide of what they want to do in life.It makes no sense to say what the guy who made me cough say.I mean are'nt you supposed to know whether you want to go in the field of I.T or Tronics.Hell most of them don't even know whether engg is good for them or not.The poker faced "-just-out-of-school" teenagers ai'nt aware of what they wanna do in their lives.They seem to forget that there is a word called as "Interest" in English Dictionary..Go in that line where your "Interest"lies,in that line where you will be happy and content with your life in future...but it's rather sad that most of them either don't want to or because of peer pressure pursue something else (most of the time it's engg).Teengers today don't have a goal in life ...their goal sadly begins to develop when they are either in the middle of their education or when they graduate..then they begin to drift apart and pursue something else...but why do that...One really should have a vision in life and that should really develop when he/she is 15 rather than 22...There's no hard and fast rule that it should...but things become much easier that way ....don't they !!!

As for me ...Working Class Hero is All I wanted to be and trust me ...that's something to be.... :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Romance in the Rain

I wanna tell my baby
We are in the month of June
It's gonna be something different
With the arrival of the monsoon

The Rain is finally here
The Way it should be
I am missing you a lot baby
Why really do this to me?

The Weather has turned Pleasant
Winds blowing so cool
I wanna Fall in your arms Baby
Wanna just let go and drool

Wet mud in this rain
smells so very nice
Trees sway all around
And birds make a funny noise

This Rain takes me back
To our days of the past
let's Relive that baby
And hopefully make it last

Ohh,that Thunder and Lightening
And water Falling on our faces
Wanna just Cuddle you again baby
And Relive those past Traces

Rains Are here again folks ...nnjoy !!!!

Friday, May 9, 2008

Graduation,College and Cats :P

It's been two weeks or so since my friends doing their's,b.m.m's or b.m.s's etc etc (except engineering or architecture or medical)have finished giving their FINAL final exams and after a month or so they will turn into Graduates.So having a chat with one my frnds I told her how content and satisfied she must be feeling now that she would be inducted into the Mumbai University's graduates list and she was like ...what satisfied it is my exams did'nt go well ...I don't know where I'll be or what I'll be doing in the next two months and worst of all I'll be missing COLLEGE !! gee's I thought that's so TRUE .. what was I thinking when I said that ...Probably it was the jeolousy of being in the third year of engineering slogging away and seeing my other frnds getting to wear their convocation attires ....baah they don't even do that anymore :( So what are you doing now I went on to ask ....and she was like ...nothing ..sitting at home ...gorging on some lays and watching IPL matches .........What come again... IPL
matches ....Girls watch IPL :O ....Gee's hearing that I began to wonder what's gonna happen to me in 1 year's time ...I am gonna be in her position and doing the same :( to make it worse there won't be IPL too if I cared...It's getting boring now :P...But Coming back to the Point...that's a sad life to have ...She is right ....Instead of being content ....they have nothing else to do ...GEE's that way a four Year Course is Great ....That day my Friend was saying Our College
is so L.S... :P College is College ...however so it might be ...One must Enjoy it ....Won't get these Year's Back however so it may have been :)


I don't know whether this is the trend with your residential society or not ...but in my Society the Cat's are slowly but surely out numbering the dogs ....MEOW'S have out numbered the woof's ... :P Actually it ai'nt Meow it's more of a waaooonn ...Scary Noises at night I tell ya ...

Like the cats Another trend that's slowly getting Rampant is the number of People giving GRE ....GEE'S Every Second Person seems to be on it ....and Why not ...The American System of Education is one of the best if not the best in the world ...but I just Hope People Come Back to India and work on an Indian Dream Rather than Glorify An American one !!!

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Those Nursery Rhymes :D

Rhymes/Songs that are even relevant today and you never tire humming to them ........

If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands (clap clap)
If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you're happy and you know it, clap your hands. (clap clap)

If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet(stomp stomp)
If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet(stomp stomp)
If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you're happy and you know it, stomp your feet. (stomp stomp)

If you're happy and you know it, shout "Hurray!" (hoo-ray!)
If you're happy and you know it, shout "Hurray!" (hoo-ray!)
If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you're happy and you know it, shout "Hurray!" (hoo-ray!)

If you're happy and you know it, do all three (clap-clap, stomp-stomp, hoo-ray!)
If you're happy and you know it, do all three (clap-clap, stomp-stomp, hoo-ray!)
If you're happy and you know it, then your face will surely show it
If you're happy and you know it, do all three. (clap-clap, stomp-stomp, hoo-ray!)

I know this Post may look Silly but just wanted to Revive them ... :D

Roflmao !!!

RapidEx English Course for you ...... :D

Monday, March 31, 2008

The "Sick" Human Mentality

I have often heard many people saying or rather in the last few days over heard many of them say "Success has changed him".But how often do those people who say that look at themselves and say I guess I have changed !!!It's amazing how so many people react towards you once you have acheived something,the things which they would have themselves wanted.Some Mock you,Some see you with suspious eyes and there are some who just don't want to talk to you any more ......

Even if you do the usual things which you did everyday,the things that would have got completely unnoticed before "success" happened to you....those things just get blown out of proportion and you are seen as if you have some kind of a "Attitude Problem".It's just completely silly and frivolous and it almost got to me untill a conversation with a dear friend just calmed me down.Two Simple sentences were said....

1.Those who say those things are'nt your "true friends" ....'
2.Such things should be heard from one ear and taken out from another :)

Such Things are all petty issues,I know...but it just goes to show how others change so drastically when they see someone who they think is inferior to him acheive so much and then how jealousy sets in..In some Cases though.... people do Change but I have'nt's others who have....I would like to conclude with something my mother said to me when I discussed this with her.A Simple 5 letter Sentence

Sunday, March 30, 2008

huh !! Weird ....

I was busy writing assignments in college which is one of the most boring things in Engineering.It could be "the most boring thing" in engineering but that's for the "Intelluctuals" to debate on .I had run out of assignment pages as usual and needed some help and who better to help than the "punctual" girls in our class :P.So I asked my classmate to just ask for some assignment pages from one of my "girl friends".To my surprise ,he asks me...kya naam hain uska?? !!! you don't know her name ???...He then replied ...Mujhe kissi ka bhi naam nahin pataa ....!!!
Now I know most of them may not be as "modern" and beautiful as you want them to be :P but atleast you should have some amount of knowhow about some of them:P.Hearing him I recalled a similar conversation I had with my Tuition mate while coming home from class.He said while signing on the attendence sheet he just checked all the "female names" in the list :P and found out that he did'nt know half of them .....
I wonder what's that down to ....Guyzz not interested in average looking girls or is it the case with most of the heterosexual men of the 21'st century ....hmm ...Guess that's also for the "intellectuals" to debate on :D

Friday, March 21, 2008

The Holi Past and The Unhol(y) Present ???

Holi is round the corner. Rather it's Holi today...but there is not much noise as it's supposed to be a "Choti Holi".As I type this I see from my window a bunch of kids throwing plastics filled with water at each other. I can see a kid throwing, aiming plastics with all his might and then quickly running in the opposite direction fearing a backlash from his friend who he attacked just a second earlier. Seeing them have fun, I dwell, down past memory lane at my "Holi" Days and the ordeals that came with it.

The Night before Holi, we and my Grand mum ... yes my grandmother too :P used to make water balloons for us.... we used to give her a helping hand in making around 50-100 water baloons.And 10 years ago there used to be no plastics used ....Water balloons were the need of the day :P.These water balloons were then stocked inside a Bucket Full of water and kept inside the bathroom.

The Holi morning arrived and around 7.30 - 8.00, the Bucket was dragged in our balcony and then the fun used to start .Any Tress-passerby was a victim of our balloon attack: either used to hit his head or it used to fall ahead or behind of him. The instant Reaction was to look up and see who hit him .We obviously used to hide away from the man. This thing Continued up till 9 in the morning.

It was then time to go down and play holi with Friends inside the society. In my one hand there used to be a plastic Bag full of Water Balloons and in another, there used to be colours or Gulal.It used to be the same with my friends ...except that they brought some chemical stuffs with Gulal and all. As soon they used to see me they used to Run Behind me to make me a "Holi" Mess. To Burst Atleast 2-3 Baloons on me.Whereever they could was all they wanted. On one of such occasions my balloons would just refuse to burst...So one of my friends would just stop in front of me and say ...Chal abb maar!!! :P...It was so Juvenile during Childhood that you laugh now thinking about it.

The Fun used to continue for around 3-4 hours up till 1 in the afternoon. Mom used to shout from the Balcony but we obviously wanted to have more fun: D

Holi they say now-a days has become dangerous and all and some are even calling for its Ban. Well for me it's all about the mind-set. If you are going to tell these kids who are now playing in my society ... they are all going to give a damn!!! ..These guys just want to have loads of fun.Holi should be taken in the right Spirit and not be reduced to some kind of moral policing.Yess I know that there are many people who have lost their eye sights and many other things because of some idiots who have an "Holi Excuse”. But the thing to remember is that these guys aren’t playing holi that time. They just indulge in what I would call as a "Naughty Activity/Excuse" which should be banned for sure. Ban those sought of Activities.Yess...But let the Spirit of Holi Prevail and no kind of Ban will help in either stopping those idiots or for that matter those kids playing holi right now in my society. As they say..... Buraa Naa Manoo......HOLI HAIN!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

The Different Phases of Life

I have heard different people saying things like "This a very Bad Phase that I am going through" or vice versa.I never have quite understood what they actually meant.But in these past 7 or 8 days it has completely dawned upon me.It is actually said when one person gets loads of failures or loads of success at one time.When he/she gets more than what he asked for or more than what he/she actually deserved.

These last Seven Days infact the last 30 days have been absolutely crazy.Phone gets stolen in a bus,I Get Calls From Acquintances,A Renowned M.N.C recruits me,I throw a Party,500 rupees goes out of my Pocket,And now to Top everything....I get a 62 % in semester 5 and am possibly in the TOP 5 of my class which I never could have possibly thought :P...Don't know about a good phase but Gee's if there would have been a term coined as "A Mad Phase" Mine would have been it :P

This has to be my greatest ever phase in my life but I must also remember that there is a bad phase in store for me somewhere in the future.It's not that I have'nt seen a bad phase.I have seen my brother go through one terrible bad phase.He though came out of that and how !!! It's really the bad phases in your life that test your character,how good are u as a person and how well you can cope with the failures in your life.Having said that though A Good phase does not mean that you fly in the 7'th Heaven and be in Cloud no :9.Good phase comes to remind you two things

1.It tells you,Look son I have Come to give you happiness,JOY you always Craved for ,JOY that you probably deserve,C'mon Son Keep it up and
2.It also reminds you, Son enjoy this till it lasts because failure seems to be around the corner,haunting around you,Ready to pounce whenever you put one wrong foot.

So all you people Craving for some Success,Some Joy in Life should all hold fort.There will be several such occasions where Success will come Calling.There are going to be Constant Failures along the way that will Continue to Haunt you,make you cry,but if you try and have some Faith in which ever holy Force you believe in, Success won't be Far Away

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

The Perks Of Success

A Lonely and a lost Soul
Wandering around the college Corridor
Nobody seems to give him a stare
He too does not ask for more.

Suddenly Success comes knocking
Virtually out of no where
The Eyeballs all of a sudden increase
Now most of them seem to care.

Some appear lost and confused
But majority want to Celebrate
For one's outstanding Success
Which they would have themselves craved.

The Handshakes also Increase
And Respect goes to an all time high
Some take it very Sportingly
Some have an Emotional Cry.

They all say in Unison
Mooh Meetha ho jaye
You have done us all proud son
Jo hum kabhi naa kar paye.

I am Enjoying these Perks Of Success
But My feet are on the ground
As You never know,when Failure Comes Calling
And takes away your shining Crown.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Most Nostalgic,Pious and Exotic Trip ever

When the Konark Express left from the Lokmanya tilak Station,I knew that this would be a long journey(I have travelled in that train for like 20-25 times in my whole life till now,no kidding)So I knew what was coming ....But I was more worried about the journey that ensued from here which would take us from the Jagganath temple in Puri to a small little place called Changanacherry in Cochin which lies in the western coast of the Arabian Sea.20 Days frankly did'nt look a long vacation when I was in School but it felt like 20 months when we came back here.I guess partly it was because of the fact that we had'nt been on such a long vacation for a long time...So brace yourselves ppl coz here comes a looooong Account of my experience in those 20 days ........

13'th Jan:
We reached Bhubaneswar early in the morning ...something like 4.30 and made sure every soul had a early rise.The place had already started giving me a haunting welcome just before sunrise.I made sure that I had my share of 2 hour sleep that I did not have in the hustling noise and coldish wind that the train brought about.The short nap rejuvenated me completely and I thought why not get into business straight away .Called up my good ol' friend Jyoti(yes,he is a guy).Dude do the needful will you ?...With No question asked,within a minute he brought his Pulsor and we were off to Vineet's place.After Few laughs from the past and then viewing his Girlfriend's pic on his P.C(cheezie but cool :P) ,we were off to see my good ol' Tution sir.Well he is the same ...has'nt changed..He too made sure to show his new lenovo laptop and all the gadgets that he had....I did meet up with many others as well ..Bless jyoti people for that ...Guess he screwed up his own holidays for me ..(He's doing his engg frm manipal and was on a holiday himself) Before meeting some more people I went to a town called Jajpur which was my cousin's place.I stayed there for like 2 days.Nothing much to mention here but I had tremondous fun with my nephew :D..Then the day I came back I met with my school girl pals ....I thought it would be just a "Hi Hello kind of a Meeting ...but hang onn...These girls wanted to go to a cake shop with me...I thought that could not get better.....After a good 20-25 minutes with them,recollecting all the school gup-shups, I came back ....and Guess how one of the girl's scooty :P...Must say this was one of the better ride's I have had in my life :D....Purpose of my visit to bhubaneswar was my cousin brother's thread ceremony.It was farely private affair.Nothing frankly to mention here as well .Younger Cousin Bro cried coz he could not see himself getting bald but guess that was all part of the rituals...Rounded up my Bhubaneswar Trip with a visit to the World Famous Jagannath Temple..I had almost turned something like an atheist actually in my engg life but going there I felt there's nothing wrong in being religious..Infact I felt Pious and had Peace with myself.

21'st Jan:The Howrah-Kanniyakumari Expess was on it's way and I thought yet another tiring journey for a whole 2 days but I was wrong....The journey was great :D
23'rd Jan:
A man in his dhoti (90%people were in their dhoti's here)welcomed us...Hotel chorne ka hain saheb???..He asked in his tamilian accent :D...Booked a hotel quickly and got a Sea Viewing room as well....Kanniyakumari people is frankly a Place as little as my hometown Vashi....(No kidding)...It's not a big Place....
1'st Site:Devi Kumari temple:Note:All men have to remove their shirts and banniyan's before going !!!!....Did I read that right ????....Yup I did...I did not go in....Later I realised I made the wrong decision ......But there were young women for god sake's .....I was petrified initially .....Later we made our way to the gandhi memorial and reached in time to see the sunset point.....
2'nd Site:Vivekanda Rock Memorial:An absolutely Stunning Place to See....If you love your history ,this will be a wonderful place.Vivekanada statue and everything pious to be found ....This was really cool....
Just 10 feet away was the Thiruvallavur Statue which is nothing really ......It's just 75 foot statue .....nothing special.........
We also toured the Surrounding regions of Kanniyakumari as well but these were the only things there really to see coz as I said it's a very small place.....but a beautiful place non the less...and yes the three water bodies :Arabian Sea,Indian Ocean and the Bay of Bengal do Collide here but it was not really visible to me thanxs to the low tide .....The water bodies surrounding the place really make it beautiful and the reason for it to be so famous............

The Kerala Journey
We Booked a Car from a local tours and travels guy to tour kerela which was just a 2 hour journey from kanniyakumari.....
First Stop:Kovalam Beach:->Did I once say that Colva Beach in Goa was the Best Beach I saw .....Well this Beach comes very very Close to that actually.....This is one of the most cleanest,safest,and scenic beaches you are ever gonna find.The Trees and Vegetation overshadowing the Beach make for a Breathtaking site.

Next Stop:Trivandrum:

It's the capital and nothing really in this place except a Zoo,an art and culture musuem but yes...there's a nice temple called the padmanabhan temple ......Now even if u are not a temple guy or girl especially a "guy" here ....One has to be half naked and wear a dhoti to go inside ....Inside it feels Great ...Temples in the south are completely different ......Temples are like these caves and gods are kept kind of into the caves ...So even if you are not a temples person .....Just Try it once ...

Next Stop:The 8 Hour Boat Ride From Kollam To Allaphuzha(Alleppy)

Now This is what I would call as "Exotic"....The Boat had some 30-40 People out of which only 5 were Indians including us....Rest were all Europeans....I thought I had seen enough of P.D.A ...but wait there was more on display here .....But frankly this boat ride was great .....Back waters in Kerala are not famous just like that....Back waters and the exotic greenary around with superb view from the lower deck make for a
"Breathtaking watch".....Ohh 8 hours were not boring at all if you ask me ....A guy frm Charni Road who had come on a honeymoon and was only one of the 5 Indians on board said Life had become so slow and boring on the boat but I could Understand him ....He was on a Honeymoon :P....It came to a halt finally in the evening .....This ride was ....*undescribable*
Allepy also has a Beach ......Yeah the beach is good .....may be Great but had enough of it already in life as far as beaches went ....But the Beach was nice :P

Next Stop:Thekkedi
We were in the "REAL GOD OWN'S COUNTRY" now...I recalled that the tours and travels guy had said to us in his tamilian accent"AGAR KERALA DEKHNA HAIN TOH MUNNAR DEKHO AUR TEKKHADI DEKHO"
Tekkhadi welcomed us with the first stop being the
SPICE GARDEN: You will find different trees of different spices here .....COFFEE,CARDAMOM,TAMARIND etc etc.......WAS OK NOTHING GREAT
Next Site:The Kathakali Dance
Yup ...I did catch some kathakali too in tekkhadi.....A one hour show where dancing is done through the face and various postures are made ....AGAIN OK ....17'th Century Tradition is being maintained Nice to See
Next Site:Periyar Tiger Reserve :
It was some 6.45 In the Morning ...We were on a boat was damn cold....Here there was no tiger no lion ......Nothing ....Just a pig to show for ......and that too the noobhish foreigners kept onn taking pictures of that pig for some reason (*silly*)
Tekkhadi was disappointing actually .....I am sure it had a lot to offer ...but probably we did'nt explore a lot........

Next Stop:MUNNAR
MUNNAR was the best place in kerela ......I wonder why people speak more highly of OOTY and never speak of munnar.....A hill station which has probably 100000 acres of tea garden all around the place....It provides a Breath-taking site of "MOTHER NATURE" and it's a pity that we could not spend more time here :( ....but did manage to go to the TEA FACTORY",ECHO POINT AND 2 OR 3 DAMS .....but this place is GREAT ..."A MUST VISIT" :)

cochin is a nice port city .....had the third boat ride here after having a boat ride in periyar .......This was also great....again a place to be visited is Jew town in changanacherry .....It felt as if I have come to European City or something .......A jewish kind of a town with a jewish Temple and a Dutch palace.There's also A church in that place ...Nice,That place too also feels pious with arabian sea cozing up all around you.......City of ernakulam is for "Shopaaholics":P......
We were back to Alleppy or Alaphuzza coz we had to catch our nethravati from there.....After Some more Shopping there and ofcourse a walk near the back waters ....we were ready to leave .......I won't say that we did'nt want to go from that place....But it truly had left a mark on all of us ....One which we would never ever Forget.Period.

P.S1:Travelling with my Parents was a great experience ....Yeah there were plenty of shortcomings but we made sure that the 3 of us should have "BALL OF A TIME " and we did :D
P.S2:No Pics Guys Sorry ...I got that traditional Camera and I have'nt Scanned them as well ...I wanted to write this Blog flaunting all the pics ....But that was'nt possible....... :(

Thursday, January 10, 2008

The "Second Home" Coming

I am off to Bhubaneswar tomorrow which is kind of like my second home.It's also been like four and half years since I have been there and so it almost feels like it's the second time I am going there and hence the title of the blog. :P According to me,the age between 10 to 15 is when you grow as a person and learn a lot of things.It was around that age that I happened to be in the "City of Temples".It was kind of a Culture shock for me after being here for so long in my own hometown and leaving my old school and all friends to go to what I would call as a "Townish city" was really difficult.Making Friends there initially was difficult.Since I was too fair that time,people were vulnerable. Taunts followed initially like they would ask ....Have you come from Australia or New Zealand etc etc .....Soon the things began to settle though.There were spells of loneliness but ongoings were roughly smooth.School that I went to was kind of interesting.I got to hear some incredible pronounciations by the teachers. My memory seems to fail me but I kind of remember one of the words.The word Journey was pronounced something like johh ney ....something weird like that.It was'nt one bit funny though.Sometimes I thought where have I landed myself into.

Anyways it would be a much better second home coming....Atleast I hope so.Planning to meet up with my school friends and tution friends there and also with my old tuition teacher.Kudos to the good ol' Private tuition classes.After a week's stay am off to the God's Own Country i.e to Kerela.Ironically I have never been to the South of the Country except a vacation to Banglore and Mysore which was about 11 or 12 years ago.Gee those were the days where it used to be a vacation every summer or even once in a blue moon winter.That's why they say School days are fun.How many of us have travelled after 10'th standard....Atleast I have not barring a trip to Delhi and Goa.
So unfortunately there will be no more blogging from moi this month... (
and you know what's coming up next after this.....A blog about my trip to both the places of course ~Adios~
One chat
Me:So,What are you doing in the vacations ?
X:Nothing man,I am at home only..... *Yawn*
In Another Chat
Me:So,What are you doing in the vacations ?

Y:Well probably might join vacation classes..... *AARRRGH*
While In Another one
Me:So,What are you doing in the vacations ?

Z:Have'nt decided yet ...let's see..... *That's even worse coz you end up doing nothing*
Bottom line: *Whatever You do ......Have fun.Period.*

Thursday, January 3, 2008

An Old College Review

Now when you surf the various sites on the net you come across various different kind of stuffs.Some Sites are great,Some are just average and Some are just plain boring and here am talking about contents of those sites ofcourse.And then there are some sites where you get to find some very readable,interesting and straight from the heart written articles.I found a very similar thing while surfing yesterday .There was this review of my college written by a student who I presume to be an old student of the college.It was written some 4 years ago.Things have drastically changed from then till now .The College has shifted it's base from Koperkhairne to a now very developing kharghar.And as this reviewer puts it,Things are constantly improving in my college but some of the stuff written in it especially the start of the review and the part of the proffesor's "Quotes"or rather mis quotes really had me laughing :D.......Go read !!!