Thursday, July 10, 2008

Height of "Loneliness"

Yesterday a Friend/Classmate called me up basically to make sure of my Existence!!During our conversation I got to know many things including that he had seen the latest movie creating a buzz all around i.e. Jaane tu ...Here are the Excerpts of our conversation from that Point onwards....

Me:So, where did you see the movie??

He: In Cinemax, City Centre

Me:Huh!! You came all the way to Vashi?? (The Guy stays in Kurla)

He: umm, Ya I Mean, You know...Umm, well...

Me:ohh well, Ok...With whom did you see the movie??

He: Nobody, I went alone!!

Me:Huh!! What?? Alone?? Dude Cinemax is 5-10 minutes away from my house ...You could have called me!!!

He: ohh well...Umm ...May be.....

I wasn’t sad that the guy hadn’t called me but what perplexed me was that he went for the Movie alone!!How can a person go to a movie alone ....OK,there might be several people doing that but as far as I know they are all grown up adults !!
My Cinema Hall Experience tells me that there can be three kinds of scenarios which can be experienced

1. A Crying Baby or a nagging kid who doesn’t let her mum settle down.....

2. A Group of friends which I identify with chattering, giggling away during one particular scene and

3. My most favorite or non-Favorite Scenario-->A Couple koo-chi-kooing during the entire Movie

Now Imagine Sitting alone in the hall experiencing all the above scenarios alone....How does one handle that....After the movie ends to whom does one say that yes, I liked the movie or I did'nt ....Am I reading too much into this...I mean some of them must have had no Choice but to go alone ....Yeah,But is that an Ideal thing to do ....I don't know people but since I have personally not been to a cinema hall alone, I perhaps don't identify with it, But something like that is according to me "A Height of Loneliness" !!!


  1. well dude at times u dont get any frnd to accompany u then wht will u do yaar

    go alone nd wht else

    dont worry even i have been alone for movies quite a few times.....but that seldom......yeah during college times frnds do accompany mee...but wht during vcations...every one has gone to their hometown now...mein akela goin to bangalore in few days........hey even there is a cinemax in sion naa ....btw how is jane tu it good ???coz i really wanted to see hancock not yet decided wheter to go for hancock or jane 2..

  2. Go for Hancock anyday...Will Smith Rocks :)

  3. dude, that bugger went with a chick...gut instinct...rather "guy intinct"!!
    have been thru this many times!!

    Scribblers Inc.

  4. Hehe!! You have given an exact and accurate definition of the theater species!! Scribbler's Inc. does have a valid point! No guy would travel all the way from Kurla to Vashi to watch a movie alone! Must have been with a girl!! =D

    Though, do something about your template! It is difficult to read off it! :(


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