Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do You Have it in you?

Two of my friends who will pass out with me this year (Results are yet to be declared) got jobs in their respective fields, there are other acquaintances of mine who are working too. Work, in this recession time you would ask? Well I ask, Recession…what Recession? If these people can get jobs in this slump period, where is Recession? There is a small differentiator though, a differentiator that makes them different.

We all want to do various things in life. But how many of us really do it in real life? Wanting is one thing but doing the same in reality is another. Perhaps those two and my other acquaintances do more, than want. One would argue that there is that luck factor too. But I always believe, one makes his or her own luck. As that Celion Dion song goes

“Love comes to those who believe in it”

Well even work comes to those I guess who go for it, not simply want it.

One would argue though that there is something called as “Luck” too. Well there is this girl
in my class who tops in every sem, yet is not placed anywhere. Whenever we have a chat, she always cribs of not being lucky enough and I always tell her this that someone will have luck come to them in a jiffy while others get it a lit later in their lives. May be you fall into the latter category. But there is no denying in the fact that you have to do it …to get it... You must have that extra zing in you to survive in this competitive world. Period.

P.S: Now I know for a fact that there are lots of tamilians who visit my blog ;)..So I want ask them this… what’s with Tamil Film Makers and over the Top Cinema?
I was watching the Wanted Promo and It so looks like Ghajini ..One Man Army who has a chick that dances all around him ??
P.P.S : I liked Ghajini though :D