Wednesday, June 25, 2008

A Fourth Mistake ?? :P

In the middle of my P.L(holidays that one gets before the exams) I get a call from my friend asking if I had purchased this particular book and if it were available around my place...There were apparently no Quality book stores in kurla where he lived (Surprising) ...No I don't have it,I said and I don't intend to buy it either...I am in the middle of my Exams dude ...Let's see, may be in june ....I can't wait to get my hands on it,he said ....Well I was glad that I had'nt Purchased it then ....I would have made a "MISTAKE" if I had :P

Ok, I have to confess that I am not a voracious Book Reader but I think Chetan Bhagat's Third Book is Average to say the Least...His Last book One NIght @ a call centre, if you ask me was a very Over-hyped Book ...It did'nt make an Impression at all...Clearly Five Point Someone is the best of them all...In this Book Religion,Riots,Earthquake...All the Ingredients seem to have been packed in,but it does lack in somewhere ...Probably another reason I did'nt like it was because I had read The kite Runner before reading this one which I wanted to read for such a long time ,but could'nt get my hands on it for some odd reason ...even if you see, The Kite Runner also Involves Afganisthan and the Taliban issues but it has a soul in it ...The relationship between the protagonist and the boy has been depicted so beautifully that it overshadows all the other happenings in the book..Sadly the three mistakes does'nt do that

A Special Mention of the Climax of this book : Well it seems A film is gonna be made on Five Point Someone by Raj Kumar Hirani...Well I guess Raj Kumar Hirani must have called Chetan Bhagat when he was approaching the end part of this book ....It comes Straight out of a climax action Sequence of a hindi Movie Flick ...One of the reasons why chetan bhagat has become so popular is because he connects with "Indian" style of reading or writing...And that am not sure is a good thing because then the Next Genaration is only going to read or write like him....The Friend that gave me a call that day is'nt a voracious Book reader like me but he only seems to read Chetan Bhagat which I think is a "BIG MISTAKE" !!!!
Hopefully he comes up with a good fourth book and does'nt make a Third Mistake Third,coz his First was'nt :)

Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Return of the Confused Souls

Yes Yes atlast my exams are over *Sigh of relief floats across the face, dies down eventually*..if all things go well I should be in the LAST YEAR of my engineering ....Gee's seems surreal the way these 3 years have just "whooshed" past away like a dash of wind blowing across your face like it does during the time of Spring.Three Years of college,lectures,exams and the dreaded of them all, the RESULTS.....seen that,done that.One more Year of doing the same...I got no choice but to fight it out for another Year.Seniors tell me that this would the most enjoyable Year of them all ...I hope they are Right coz uptill now it has been all, but that...... :(

As I went that day to give my last paper of Computer Graphics I saw a bunch of People who I had'nt seen before hound around the college chit-chatting...Girls doing their usual giggling and boys studing the college from top to bottom as if they had'nt seen such a marvel before...Ohh,it finally dawned on me,cet results had just been out and they might have come window shopping or rather college shopping err..whatever that means...As I entered college I saw a bunch of people looking at some kind of board, a man-made board which I had'nt seen before ...I thought some important notice might have come up so I just made some space in that small crowd to have a look, what I saw made me had information of the various branches that our college had and when those branches had started and all other kinds of information...Gee's I can't even distinguish a wannabe F.e from someone else I thought !! I overheard the bunch discussing,hey this branch started just 5 years ago and this did 8 years ago, so it would be better if we join the latter...won't it ??..I coughed and could not control my laugh that time ...In the midst of it all I forgot......I had a paper to give !!!

These confused lot of teenagers can't even decide of what they want to do in life.It makes no sense to say what the guy who made me cough say.I mean are'nt you supposed to know whether you want to go in the field of I.T or Tronics.Hell most of them don't even know whether engg is good for them or not.The poker faced "-just-out-of-school" teenagers ai'nt aware of what they wanna do in their lives.They seem to forget that there is a word called as "Interest" in English Dictionary..Go in that line where your "Interest"lies,in that line where you will be happy and content with your life in future...but it's rather sad that most of them either don't want to or because of peer pressure pursue something else (most of the time it's engg).Teengers today don't have a goal in life ...their goal sadly begins to develop when they are either in the middle of their education or when they graduate..then they begin to drift apart and pursue something else...but why do that...One really should have a vision in life and that should really develop when he/she is 15 rather than 22...There's no hard and fast rule that it should...but things become much easier that way ....don't they !!!

As for me ...Working Class Hero is All I wanted to be and trust me ...that's something to be.... :)

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Romance in the Rain

I wanna tell my baby
We are in the month of June
It's gonna be something different
With the arrival of the monsoon

The Rain is finally here
The Way it should be
I am missing you a lot baby
Why really do this to me?

The Weather has turned Pleasant
Winds blowing so cool
I wanna Fall in your arms Baby
Wanna just let go and drool

Wet mud in this rain
smells so very nice
Trees sway all around
And birds make a funny noise

This Rain takes me back
To our days of the past
let's Relive that baby
And hopefully make it last

Ohh,that Thunder and Lightening
And water Falling on our faces
Wanna just Cuddle you again baby
And Relive those past Traces

Rains Are here again folks ...nnjoy !!!!