Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Things Never Change

After writing the most grueling and exhaustive exam
There I was waiting for that darn bus
Must have been held up in a jam, I thought
It made me all the more tired and numb

And finally there it was, I saw it coming
I could not really believe my luck
As it came with all its seats empty
I would have a seat to park my ass afterall

But as I looked up in front of my seat
I had to close my eyes in utter disgust
“Oh not again” cursing my luck this time
Had I now committed some kind of a crime?

Ok! Why not just think something beautiful, I thought
So I closed my eyes and ventured into the valleys
The hills of the aravalies, my imaginations caught
Jeez did I need a vacation or what!

Exams have left me so stressed out
Some hair and weight lost too
May be I do need some rest
Though there are lots of other things to do

Hills of the aravalies looked all great
And so did the beaches of goa in my dreams
May be I need to put my hair down
And relax a little as of now

As I opened my eyes, I hadn’t realized
I eventually had gone to sleep
Thankfully my stop hadn’t come, it was reassuring
But one thing hadn’t really changed
The couple in front was still going on cuddling.[link]

P.S : The link idea is courtsey Chriz ofcourse. Sorry man...Not copying you or anything ....But I just love the way you use pictures at the end of every post. I hope the pic justifies the post.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thanxs ppl :)

Just wanted to thank all on my b'day.....Thank you ppl for all your wishes :)
A big thanxs especially to step-man(Super-hero ka baap) lol...Yeah..that's what he calls himself.. for dedicating a poem to me on my birthday in my group Blog.."The Writer's Lounge"
Have a look at what he had to say here

Also a big Thank you to Kajal who gave me this "award" :P ..Got an "Award" after so many days :D She dedicated me these two "pictures" .."Recognition" whatever you may like to call it ..

So thanxs ..and happy 100'th post.. and for those who haven't visited her ....which might just be a very few number of people I am sure....Plzz do go now....Iss advertisement ke paise baad mein de denaa :D

I was feeling a bit guilty of giving you guys a Mango bite in my previous post...So here you go :P

Black Forest \m/ \m/

Listening to :-> One of my all time Favorite Song
You Sang to me -> Marc Anthony
Got a exam on Wednesday to give ...I better Study...\m/

Friday, May 15, 2009

Two....Two .. Twenty Two...Damn!

I will be turning 22 tomorrow. It feels insane really …22? I mean I used to read in the papers headlines like “A 22 year old man held for possession of drugs” or something like a 22 year old man held in a rape case and I used to ask myself ….Jeez 22 …And here I am… Ha! May be I wish I had a few inches more…May be a 5’10 me being 6’ would have given me a reassurance.

But there still is a feeling of a teenager….Perhaps even a child in me. But I know for a fact that it has to go…and go quickly. I will probably be taken even more seriously tomorrow as another year passes by. It’s amazing really how a year just whooshes past us without us blinking an eyelid. The other day I read a news story where it said a 22 year old man was held for harassing his wife…whaat? 22?? And He was married! Well doesn’t quite mean that I would do the same but just shows how old the number is :P

I believe though that age whatever it may be is a number afterall. What you feel like is all in the mind. And that should be your real age. But the fact that this child in me has to turn into a man will be a little hard transition to make. But as the Spiderman movie dialogue goes…With great power comes great responsibilities or the saying which goes like "A man has to do what a man has to do" will probably make my transition easier…that’s what’s gonna change from now on I guess… The responsibilities…that will come on this "Kamzor Kandha"( Weak Shoulder) :P

So as my engineering comes to an end. It’s time for me to turn into a pro …Give up my T’s and get into those proper shirts...Eww :P Take all the responsibilities and face it head on. And probably know the outside world in a much broader way.

Happy Birthday Anurag …You really have turned into a 22 year old boy …err….MAN! Damn! :D

*Gifts Everyone on Blogger a Mango Bite*
Sorry People...Recession you see :D

Listening to :-> I like to move it. -> Erick Morillo…From the Madagascar Movie… Love the last line from the song

"Now bad eh? ...I like it" :D :D

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A Reality Check (Reloaded)

Vishal, Arjun and Sunil were three good friends. They studied in the same college and helped each other out in their time of need. Now Arjun lived in the heart of Mumbai whereas both Vishal and Sunil lived in the outskirts of the city. So, one day Arjun asked both of them to come to his house and from there they planned to have a hang-out in places like Bandstand or Marine Drive and have a good time.

Now Arjun was a farely hardworking, determined and yet a fun loving guy। Both Vishal and Sunil admired the way he used to go about his life and he always came across as a well-to-do guy. Dressed well, traveled in a first class and wasn’t short of money whenever the group decided to pay a visit to the nearby joint. So when both of them got down at Dockyard road they thought they would be visiting a well decked up, farely decent apartment of his. Arjun was waiting there to pick them up from the station. The trio took a Taxi from the station and came near a building which looked around 30 years old, there was darkness around the stairs and as they entered his house, reality hit him on their faces.

Arjun and his family (4 of them) stayed in a one room apartment which was so small that from the entrance to the end of his house, one could barely walk say 6 or 7 proper steps। The fridge, his P.C and the television were kept all in one corner of the house leaving just a minute little space between them. They had this one little space where they could have a bath and for the bowl movement, there was one common toilet in each floor of the building. It was actually like a chawl in shape of a building. As they browsed through all the latest games that Arjun had in his P.C, Vishal could not help but shed a little tear sitting in that tiny sofa of his which almost touched the door of his house. The idli and wada guy arrived at his door step and in spite of their refusal he made them eat that. After spending around an hour in his house, they left for bandstand. The trio had a great time hanging out but Vishal’s mind was some where else.

On his way home several questions ran through Vishal’s mind…”How could he travel in a first class ticket? How could he remain so jovial about life and yet so determined about what he wanted to achieve?” And all this drove him to one simple conclusion ….This was what they all call “The Mumbai Life”.

There are so many other Arjun’s in the heart of the city that make Mumbai what it is today. Another thing that popped up in his mind that day was that wasn't it ironic or rather strange that all the people that he used to see hanging out in these huge, glitzy air conditioned malls or in Ccd’s etc. eventually had to return to their one room apartment at the end of the day. Guess that too he thought, was a reality in the city.

That day gave Vishal kind of a boost to do well in life, do well for himself. If Arjun could do it in all kinds of adversaries, then why couldn't he? From that day onwards his Outlook towards life changed and changed for the better.

P.S : Thanxs Neha for all the editing। I guess I have myself edited it some more but thanxs for your help :)

P.P.S :My Exams start next Friday and my Birthday is next Saturday :) ...Hopefully it would be a nice celebration if the paper goes well :P....Planning the next post on my Birthday ॥Let's see....

Wish me well People :)

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Exam Stress...Hindi mein :D

Trying out something in Hindi …This is my second attempt...I had written one for the Writer’s Lounge… Now I mostly write all crappy kind of poems...So all those super-duper poets out there…। Plzz bear with me :D and bear with my hindi too i.e grammatical errors and all :P . I am terrible with spellings :D …Make it a fun read if you can :)

आ गया हैं वोह वक्त
जिससे सब को लगता हैं डर
लेकिन मुझे शायद था इसका इंतज़ार
आख़िर कुछ करना हैं मेरे यार

बुक्स जो शेल्फ में पड़े हैं
धुल सारी निकालनी हैं उनसे
सेलेबस शायद होगा एकदम "वास्ट"
क्या १५ दिन तक हो पायेगा वोह लास्ट

ऊपर से चढ़ गया हैं मुझे बुखार
बुखार इस "ई.पी.एल” नामक जूनून का

नोट्स रटते मारूं या मुंबई इन्दिंस का स्कोर
इस अगले एक महीने में हो जाऊंगा मैं बोर

पर यहीं हैं वोह लम्हा
जहाँ सब लगाना हैं दूँ पे
आख़िर कुछ तोह हैं पाना
कुछ हैं कर दिखाना

बस कुछ दिन और
फिर फासले होंगे नए
मंजिले होंगी नयी
सोचा था हो गया हैं सब का अंत
पर होगी एक नयी सिरे से शुरुआत

For those who couldn't get it ...And I am sure there would be many :P ...Here's it in english :P

Aa gayaa hain woh waqt
Jisse sab ko lagta hain darr
Lekin mujhe shayad tha iska intezaar
Aakhir kuch karna hain mere yaar

Books jo shelf mein pade hain
Dhul saari nikalni hain unse
syllabus zarror hogaa ekdum vast
Kya 15 din tak ho payegaa last

Upar se chad gayaa hain mujhe bukhaar
Bukhaar iss “I.P.L” naamak junoon kaa
Notes ratte maaroon ya Mumbai Indians ka score
Iss agle ek mahine mein ho jaaoonga main bore

Par yaheen hain woh lamha
Jahaan sab lagana hain duan pe
Aakhir kuch toh hain paana
Kuch hain kar dikhaana

Bas kuch din aur
Phir faasle honge naye
Manzile hongi nayee
Socha tha ho gaya hain sab ka antt
Par Hogi ek nayee sire se Shuruaat

P.S: This was a poem just to pump myself up for the exams coming up :P
Hopefully this works :P

P.P.S: I had to delete my last post “A Reality check” for some reason. So those who couldn’t find the same...My Apologies to them…I may load it again though …And this time hopefully won’t delete the same if uploaded

God Bless and Peace :)