Saturday, September 27, 2008

Chief "Gest"

I often have visited blogs where I used to see people posting different kind of posters or images where a funny one-Liner or a thing would be written which used to be incredibly hilarious and I used to think from where would they have got it from....Was it some kind of a trick or was it really Clicked??

And finally, standing at the Kharghar Bus-stop. It Happened....I saw something...Yes I did...I just had to click this one..Took out my phone and even though the 20 odd eye-balls kept giving me odd glances as to what this guy is upto, I really didn't care. Clicked it!! And even though it didn’t come out as I wanted it to,the damn leaves of a nearby branch came in the way, it wasn't that bad

Chief gest.... I mean, I make spelling mistakes but to eat away an "U"...just like that in a hoarding overlooking a bus-stop..I would have been embarrassed if I were the chief “"guest" :P

Now there are some songs, when you hear them you wish you had penned down those lines, even though you know that you couldn’t have possibly been able to :(
Listening to one such song right now....Some lines these...

The smile on your face
Lets me know
That you need me
There's a truth in your eyes
Saying you'll never leave me
The touch of your hand
says You'll catch me
Whenever I fall
You say it best
When you say Nothing at all....

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

The Confusion of being "Single"

The other day,seeing my fellow Friend having his arm around his girl friend made me go..,”Should I have one”? And then I thought about its consequences

1. I will have to approach the girl ->Easy
2. I will have to propose to her ->not that easy
3. Make her my official girlfriend ->Easy, after proposing her
4. Talk to her everyday at least 30mins to 1Hour err.. may be more -> ummm......Difficult
5. Ask for 100-200 Rupees more as pocket money everyday -> umm.....Impossible: P

Now may be it won’t be that bad, but these are just some pointers which tells me ----No,Anurag ,This won’t be a Good Idea This surely would be the First Mistake you would make in your so far “"Mistakeless" Life...”

But then when you see the girl set her hair properly in the adjacent seat of the bus you’are travelling in or when you go inside any mall and see a snazzy looking couple enjoying a mc’aloo/chicken Tikki inside McDonalds or when you see a couple going at 100km/hr with the girl holding on kaske to her partner riding the bike,you tend to do…Sigh! Surely,a partner would be nice …But again another question pops up…Will this Detach you from your friends…Will Friendship Suffer?? I guess that depends from Individual to Individual but I think it does if not much but if I am not wrong some strings do come out…..

Ohh well For me Being Single Rocks simply because of the reason I gave in the first Para i.e. the consequences.....Those last 3 pointers scares me honestly.....But probably Things won't be that bad...Guess should give it a try.... what say??.... *Scratches his head *

Listening to :Blue ....Yes Yes Blue ..Guess That's one of the reasons to write this blog

You make me wanna call you in the middle of the night.

You make me wanna hold you till the morning light.

You make me wanna love,

you make me wanna fall.

You make me wanna surrender my soul.

I know this is a feeling that I just cant fight.

Youre the first and last thing on my mind.

You make me wanna love,

you make me wanna fall.

You make me wanna surrender my soul................... Wonder how this made it to my Music Player :O

P.S: Punjabi Music is the perhaps the grooviest music in the World ….Danced…err Guess Grooved would be a better word …like anything at my cousin sister’s wedding …Talk about detachment from your Routine Life…..Everybody needs it actually….You too …Go Get it :P

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Changing Times

Yesterday, I was walking across a street when I came across 2-3 kids around 10-12 years old in their School Uniforms having a plate of sandwich in a local fast food joint. So?? That’s supposed to be common ain’t it? Well not exactly, I honestly could not identify with them. The fact that my mum didn’t give me pocket money when I went to school and I wouldn’t have dreamt about venturing “out of my zone” during my time makes me some what go ..Hmm or rather Humph!! School days were all about going to school,”Studing", getting bashed, Sometimes: P and going straight home. But that ain't the case anymore ….is it??

Considering there are bloggers out there who are still in school, Kids having their profiles on Social Networking Sites is now common. Gee’s now I think I would have been twice a better blogger if I had been in School and blogged.I wouldn’t have been struggling to find a new topic for my blog every time: P.A big Question would still haunt me though….Would it be affecting my studies then?? I don’t know, possibly, but considering it hasn’t done to my engineering till now, I don’t think it would have been a problem.

So you see, it ain’t taboo anymore. If you can manage your studies and do “out of the box” things, then why not?? I wish I could have done the same 10 years back though :(

P.S 1: McDonald’s is being now read in Marathi here in Mumbai… Is this the end of Liberalization…… you decide
P.S 2: I read yesterday’s Quote of Minnisha Lamba in Bombay Times where she said Bikes are liberating, feisty, Fun and Feminine…..Agree with the first three but Feminine??……. Bikes????

Song Currently Listening to :
I normally cringe listening to Bengali songs but this one’s special

Shaan’s Majhi re:

amar prothom dekha brishti-r jol-e
bhasiyechhi bhela khelar chhol-e
sei jol gechhe mishe, kon nodi-te
gechhe hariye kon sagar-e
Majhi re, o majhi re,
dekhechho ki tumi tare?
Nouko aamar, chhele belaar, kagoj-er...

I won't bother to translate guyzz..... go Figure :P !!!!!

P.P.S: I am off to Delhi for a week for my cousin’s wedding. Expecting fultoo dhamaal as it’s a Punjabi Wedding :) Tata!!!!