Sunday, August 26, 2007

Magar ye acchanak hua kya ?????

Mohabbat kabhi maine ki to nahin thi
Kisiki nigahon se pi to nahin thi
Magar yeh achanak hua kya, ho ho ho

O jaan-e-jaan yeh sach hain ki
Mein apni mohabbat ka izhaar
Kabhi khul ke na kar saka
Magar meri aankhen
Hamesha meri dil ki haalat batati rahi hain
Aur tu hain ke mujhse bekhabar aaj bhi hain
Mere dil ki har dhadkan sirf tera naam leti hain
Sirf tera naam

Tu saanson mein samaye
Tu dhadkan ko churaye
Kahi deewana ho jaoo na tera
Pehli nazar ka pehla nasha
Dil mein utarta jaaye sanam
Sharmake mujhse milna tera
Jaadoo sa karta jaaye sanam
Yeh beqarari aisi khumari
Pehle kabhi to mujhpe na hui
Kabhi dil pe yoon bekhudi to nahin thi
Kisise mujhe aashiqui to nahin thi
Magar yeh achanak hua kya, ho ho ho

Kitne hi chehre dekhe magar
Maine chuna hain bas ek tujhe
Har pal ho meri baahon mein tu
Mil jaaye aisi kismat mujhe
Dil yeh pukara tera nazara
Karta hi jaoon o jaan-e-jaan
Mujhe pehle itni khushi to nahin thi
Yoon mehki hui zindagi to nahin thi
Magar yeh achanak hua kya, ho ho ho
Tu saanson mein samaye
Tu dhadkan ko churaye
Kahi deewana ho jaoo na tera

Mohabbat kabhi maine ki to nahin thi
Kisiki nigahon se pi to nahin thi
Magar yeh achanak hua kya, ho ho ho

A Great Sonu Nigam song ..........and before You begin to start thinking something .......let me just say I just like this song and nothing else......... :p

Monday, August 20, 2007

I can see the good life,but...........

Ok this is the first time I am writing a poem and so if you don't like it, don't abuse me :p
this is what I came up with !!!!!

I do see him everyday
he does look the same
but to be like him
am I really game ?

Look at him now
he looks so happy
with his good ol' pals
who I feel are all crappy

but are they really crappy
or am I just being mean ?
may be a little jealous ....
which is all to be seen

He does not attend lectures
but is the class topper
and for all the girls out there
he seems a jaw dropper

but moi don't care
or should I really do
coz let's face it
that's a good life too .....

look at him again
has no tension no worry
and when the "P.L" will come
he will all be in a hurry

Do I need to be like him
will it then be all dark
coz to have that recognition
I have to leave that "mark"

I can see the "good life"
it does look good to the " T "
but I guess to be successful
I just have to be "me"..........

Sunday, August 5, 2007

Sense of Nostalgia

On a lazy saturday weekend morning I usually stay at my home and with these wicked rains around it's better to stay indoors.And ofcourse my favourite paastime at home is watching The Tele...So as I was surfing through all the channels,I came across the promo of Gandhi-my father and as I was about to change the channel,something stopped me...A song which played in the background of the promo almost shook me up...A sense of nostalgia,pride and past memories filled my heart with sorrow... the song was ......

Raghupati Raghav Rajaram Patit Paavan Sitaram
Sitaram Jai Sitaram Bhaj pyare tu Sitaram
Ishwar Allah Tere Naam Sabko sanmati de Bhagwan.
Raat ko Nindiya Din ko KaamKabhi Bhajoge Prabhu Ka NaamKarte rahiye aapne Kaam Lete Rahiye Prabhu Ka Naam
Raghupati Raghav Rajaram Patit Paavan Sitaram

This song took my 10 years back,The time when I was in school.I used to love social studies .Though my favorite subject was Geography,I did'nt particularly hate History.Infact I enjoyed it.I thought the subject was a complete story book....If somebody comes and tells me that he/she hates history,I would never be able to figure out why?I would definately get an impresion that he/she does not like reading story books,the person definately does not like reading books for that matter.... :p

Coming back to the song,When our 60'th independence day is just around the corner,I heard this song on the tele and felt a bit lost.The song revived in me a certain kind of pride and made me feel so different.It felt as if a certain kind of aura had surrounded me.It's so sad that when we leave our school we forget our history.The songs that we sang in school,glorifying our culture,our heritage and our past .....where is that today ?? if there's no need for it ....I don't feel patriotic enough now-a-days and I can say the same for my friends..

Our society does celebrate the cultural events though,be it the independence day or the republic day....Atleast by attending those ceremonies some amount of that pride comes into affect...atleast I can stand in attention and salute the national flag when the anthem is being played......I would like to urge all the youngsters to atleast attend that ceremony and feel something....You can go back to your school days and feel a sense of nostalgia yourself........

I would like to end by this beautifully written thing that I found while surfing

Chaaya Hai Dekho Phirse Azaadi Ka Samaan...
Jhoom Raha Hai Dekho Phirse Hindustaan..
Aao Sab Khushiyaan Manaayein...
Azaadi Ko Phirse Dohraayein....
Aao Sab Mil Jhulke Ab...
Is Desh Ko Dulhan Banaayein....
Azaadi Ko Phirse Dohraayein....