Friday, February 27, 2009

Was that funny ??

I am so jobless these days. "Vella" is the word. I have fever, I am bored, bored to write anything. My previous post sucked, I know :P.. I mean where have those witty posts disappeared you may ask? I ask myself that too..Then Kirti comes up with a contest and I come with something trashy...And people laugh at it :P..Well for those of you who haven't read it ...Kirti had come with some excerpts of a narrative and all we had to do was to complete it and make it a story.Here's what I came up with ....

"Ruko"! she shouted as she ran behind the bus. "Stop!"

But it was of no use, the bus sped off, leaving her huffing and puffing in a cloud of dust. She stopped, sighed and threw her bag on the road. How would she get to work NOW?!

"Madam! Handbag you want? Sandal?" a little urchin asked with a cheeky grin.

"Nahi nahi, paise nahi hain. No money.” came her automatic response. She was used to these beggars and peddlers by now.

"Madam Ji, aap se paise maange kya maine? Aap item toh dekho."

She took a closer look at the cart in the child's hand. It seemed to contain an assortment of oddities. One golden sandal, a blue handbag with no strap, a shiny purple button, a frayed piece of ribbon...

These were her excerpts...we had to complete the story from here on ….. So from here on it’s my version of how the story would move…

With a curious look she took the handbag from the cart, it was so similar to the handbag she had just thrown on to the ground, except that her bag had a strap to it.

“Ye kitne ka hain”?

“Sirf Yahin chayiye madam”? He still had that cheeky grin on his face.

Tum chup chap batao nahin toh …..

Her phone started ringing

“The child troubling you Kavita eh? You are getting late my dear, aren’t you?”

“Who’s this?”

Ha! Do you think I am gonna tell you …Anyways Listen …..Take all the things from him. And give him a hundred bucks. Poor kid. We have already paid him 500. Look at him. Doesn’t he look really happy?

Who the ……??

Look up to your right, Will you?

As Kavita looked up she saw her good friend standing at the terrace of a nearby building.A gun pointing to his forehead.


Now you know what to do? Do As I say.

Kavita finally gave in.

Ok now what?

Eh? Good Question.

You didn’t get a bus, did you? Delhi I tell ya. But hey no problem. Take that rickshaw to your left. The poor guy hasn’t got a customer so far. He will be glad to take you to Lodhi Gate.

As she reached Lodhi gate, now what?

“Hello Hello”

The man had disconnected.

The phone rang again. This time it was naman.

“Kavita don’t do anything what these people say …go straight to your office…”

“Eh? Good try Naman Sorry for the disconnection Sweety. The Building to the left of CCD. Somebody will be glad to see you in B-44.”

As Kavita rang the bell, nobody responded. The Door was already open.

“There’s no one here.”

“I know.”


“Well what is it near the wall hanging on the left of the television that you see?”

“A Calendar.”

“And what’s the month?”

“What the….. *Shit*”

A loud mixture of Laughs chuckles and giggles filled the room.

Kavita wasn’t too amused.

P.S : A special Thanks to Kirti …If you hadn’t provided the excerpts I wouldn’t have been able to come up with this …I actually didn’t wanna post this here in my blog but as I said I had to come up with something "funny"….It was time…Sowwie :P

Monday, February 23, 2009

Deceptive Perceptions

“First Impression is the last impression.” Wonder who coined that phrase? But should it really be? What if one wants to change that impression? He/she wants to revolt and say “No! I am not the way you think I am! I am or I rather want to be like this or I have become like that. Would you then believe him/her and change your impression regarding that person?

I look myself in the mirror (very rarely) and invariably say “Why do I look this way? Why shouldn’t people take me for granted if I look this way?” May be it’s not because the way I look but the things I do that things do not fall in place. It could a combination of both too. And the worse part in all of this is that as the time goes by people start saying “Ye toh aisa hee hain” (He’s like that only)... Ha! Believe it or not I visited my junior coll recently and the prof said the same thing when he saw me after a long time the only difference being he said it in marathi. “Haa Assachs hain”. May be one could argue that he meant that I looked the same since he saw me last. But hey he had a perception about me and guess that stays on forever.. Is it too late to change thyself? To change people’s perception? Or Should I join the orkut community “Be Yourself” and give a damn to their perception? I know you would say the latter but it ain’t easy and I will tell you why :P

We celebrated Traditional day in college this Friday and we also had something called as “the matka awards” given away in our class. Well it deals with your fellow classmates nominating and giving away awards in various categories and one gets a matka i.e. a tea cup kinda thingy and hence the name. And so everybody voted and I did manage to win thanxs to majority of the girls who voted for me :P

What did I get?


Ha! Well not that I don't want to be decent but I am sure you get the drift :P

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Pachiss nakhre :D

Ok…Tag time once again. I have lost count now of how many people have tagged me for doing this particular tag. But thanks to facebook for reminding me. I have finally had the time :P
Ok this requires me of putting in 25 different things regarding myself. Here’s what I came up with :)

1. Majority of the people find me cute but not handsome. Do you think that it’s the same? I don’t :P

2. When any one of my old friend meets me now-a-days he/she invariably has one common thing to say “Dude are you all right? How have you gone so thin? And no that ain’t a complement. I mean wafer thin :P. I don’t have an answer.

3. I hate eating breakfast. If I had things in my hand I would straight away have lunch after getting up but I again invariably have to. Is that the reason of me going thin? Well, may be :P

4. I munch on lays or any other local brand of chips at least say thrice a week every evening :P

5. I have an extremely bad throat. And I don’t mean now, I mean in general. That’s why I do have an ice cream but only after it melts :D

6. I have never smoked or drank alcohol though have had a few sips here and there :P

7. Ok, after some foodie discussions :P let’s come to academics….. Believe it or not, since nursery or maybe Junior K.G/L.KG I have been accused of having terribly bad handwriting. And it hasn’t stopped till date. :D

8. I love reading fictional novels. I normally have a habit of completing one in 2 days time. I hate those who take like a month to complete :P

9. When it comes to cricket, I hold the bat the wrong way. All of them make fun of me, but I am used to it now and it kinda works :P

10. I am absolutely pathetic in mathematics. I am glad that it’s finally over and done with.

11. I dread going to the U.S of A or abroad for that matter. May be it’s the fear of living alone but I know that invariably one day I have to :(

12. I hate sleeping in the afternoon time but I end up doing the same :P

13. I am lazy! Lazy in everything I do!

14. I believe in the gandhian philosophy of non-violence.

15. I can watch anything on the television …Just put it on :P

16. I used to hate football/soccer say 6 years ago but now I am like crazy over it.

17. I am a huge Manchester United fan since 2003.Glory Glory Man-utd :)

18. When I get a newspaper in my hand I invariably go to the last page i.e. the sports page every time

19. I have got 5 or 6 nicknames in college and I don’t think I’ll use it here :P

20. I have been wearing converse shoes since the last 4 months and I think it rocks :)

21. I hate those kinds of people who have “I know it all” kinda attitude. Best thing is to stay away from such noobs.

22. I like traveling in buses rather than trains. I know it’s strange but one would be better of hanging from a bus rather than a train! Trust me! :D

23. I cannot adjust to one place at one time. I dread leaving my place, my friends and adjusting to a new place.

24. I am single and I have no idea when that status is gonna change :)

25. Lastly I believe I have been extremely lucky in the last year or so. And believe u me “extremely lucky” is an understatement! I hope this luck continues to work for me :)

As usaul don't wanna tag anyone...You like it...You do it :P

P.S: My result is gonna be out next week or on March 1’st week. So pray for me people :)

Listening to: Accidentally in love by Counting Crows~~~o.s.t Shrek-2

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Mera Valentine Funda

Dekh ho bhai Aisa hain ...It's like this.....Valentine day is hyped a lot. It actually means the celebration of love.Celebrating with those whom you love.Now it's sad that the whole thing is hyped only with "couples" celebrating.Here's a question? Did you wish your parents Happy Valentine's day today ?? Now if u believe in valentine's and you haven't done that BE ASHAMED LOOSERS. I'll go a step further.....Did u wish your friends today?? Well I did not :P ...but then hey it's not wrong in doing that.We all love them ...don't we ??

A Conversation with my friend on wednesday I guess it was.
"So what are you doing on Saturday, my friend asked ?"
I firstly could not tell why was she asking and then it came to mind ohh it would be Valentine's that day.
" Ohh Well I don't know. Would be celebrating it with my friends and family I guess"
She didn't say anything. Was she expecting something :D ??
I can't say.

Anyways, Happy Valentine's day people..... Love and spread love :)
What?? Did I hear you asking me something.......
What am I doing today ??

Ha! I am listening to Fergie.......

She is asking me : "I wonder if I take you home Would you still be in love Baby??"
Me: Yes Fergie Yes....First take me to your home...
"Baby, You know you would not have to worry about a thing
Cause you know you would have got me by a string."

Listening to : Yup, Don't Phunk with my heart~~The Black Eyed Peas.
Love the song :)

Monday, February 9, 2009

Wordless Conversation

It was early in the morning
Was a foggy kind of a morning
when our eyes met.

"Why are we doing this?” she asked
“May be because we have to!”
“Why do we have to?”
I didn’t have an answer.

She looked at me again

“Why can’t I wear what you are wearing?”
“You will dear, one day definitely :)”
“But why not now, she retorted”
Again, I had no answer.

She had her eyes fixed on me now

“Your bag seems so light”
“Yes it is! In fact it has nothing :P”
“Why is mine so heavy, it hurts my shoulders”
I was searching for an answer.

"Teacher scolds me everyday, do you get scolded?"
"Yeah, for not sitting lectures"… :P
"But we don’t do that and still get scolded, even get beaten sometimes.... why does that happen?"
My answers were beginning to dry up.

“I haven’t done my homework, Have you?”
“Heh! We don’t get any homework dear!”
“Why do we do then …that too in heaps?”
I finally took my eyes away.

After a few seconds I gazed at her and gave a little smile

“Look at you, why are you smiling now?”
“No, Nothing to do with you girl.”
“Why do you think I am not?”
I guess, I knew her answer.

Her School bus arrived and her mom bid her goodbye. She still had a frown on her face. I was left stranded alone waiting for my bus.

P.S: Inspired by a cute lil’ girl in her school uniform staring at me from a distance early in the morning when we both were waiting for our bus. Instantly this came to mind :D.... She had such an “Ohh I don’t want to go to school mommy” kind of an expression that I almost felt sorry for her :(

Saturday, February 7, 2009

Happy Birthday Mom

Ok I am extremely poor in writing senti posts :P......But Happy B'day mom ....You are Special and you know that.I hope you enjoyed the cake that I had bought(not the one on the pic, it was a chocolate one :D) and sorry for the lie when I told you that I wanted money for the fests in coll, when actually it was for a gift that I gave you as I wanted to get something for you on your B'day (A showpiece and of course an Archies B'day card :) )

And I do not want make this a senti waala post anymore :P but I love you mom and you know that :)
Waana Dedicate this line from the song "Mumma" from Dusvidaniya

Duniya mein jee ne se zyada uljhan hai maaa
Tu hai "Anurag" ka jaahaan :)

P.S: Also a very Happy Belated B'day to a cute li' Blogger who turned 14 on thursday.When you visit her blog it feels you hv visited a 41 yr old's page :P
Happy B'day Aayushi ....
You really are a prodigy :)

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Yes We Can :)

This was my Entry to the THE INSPIRATION POETRY CONTEST which was being held in my group blog i.e TheWriter'sLounge

This was what I had come up with ....

I was down that day
But not out, not yet
Many had a lot to say
But I got back, you bet!

It was all because of somebody though
Someone whom I saw campaigning
Addressing to the thousands gathered
Firmly said he,” Yes We can!”

The assurance in his voice
Rang like a gong in my ear
People could now make a good choice
My path suddenly felt so near.

He had a strong Belief
That he could bring about change
People had a strong belief too
In his ability, persona and range.

He is now the president
Must have dreamt that as a child
It had become a reality now
People around the world smiled.

If he can, then why can’t we?
Self Confidence is all that we need
We must do something before we die
So let’s start sowing that seed.

Listening to : Kk's "Aashayein" From the movie Iqbal :)