Monday, February 9, 2009

Wordless Conversation

It was early in the morning
Was a foggy kind of a morning
when our eyes met.

"Why are we doing this?” she asked
“May be because we have to!”
“Why do we have to?”
I didn’t have an answer.

She looked at me again

“Why can’t I wear what you are wearing?”
“You will dear, one day definitely :)”
“But why not now, she retorted”
Again, I had no answer.

She had her eyes fixed on me now

“Your bag seems so light”
“Yes it is! In fact it has nothing :P”
“Why is mine so heavy, it hurts my shoulders”
I was searching for an answer.

"Teacher scolds me everyday, do you get scolded?"
"Yeah, for not sitting lectures"… :P
"But we don’t do that and still get scolded, even get beaten sometimes.... why does that happen?"
My answers were beginning to dry up.

“I haven’t done my homework, Have you?”
“Heh! We don’t get any homework dear!”
“Why do we do then …that too in heaps?”
I finally took my eyes away.

After a few seconds I gazed at her and gave a little smile

“Look at you, why are you smiling now?”
“No, Nothing to do with you girl.”
“Why do you think I am not?”
I guess, I knew her answer.

Her School bus arrived and her mom bid her goodbye. She still had a frown on her face. I was left stranded alone waiting for my bus.

P.S: Inspired by a cute lil’ girl in her school uniform staring at me from a distance early in the morning when we both were waiting for our bus. Instantly this came to mind :D.... She had such an “Ohh I don’t want to go to school mommy” kind of an expression that I almost felt sorry for her :(


  1. awweeee... anurag such cute poetry with a very strong message.. you rock!

  2. hey......that ws sweet...

  3. The cute lil girl seems to be askin too many questions lol :)

  4. Awwww so very very very CUTE :)

    I'm smiling!

  5. aww!


    i don wanna go 4 exam mommy :(

  6. lol @ shatab..hehe..jaa padhai kar ladki! :P

    @anurag..heyyyyy..wonderful! ekdum chweet wala poshhtum hai.. me likes! :)

  7. Awww. It really made me miss MY school days! Sahi hai. :)

  8. lovely... reminds me of my own school bag... I used to actually put in on the weighing machine and find out the weight... :D

    And about home work too...

  9. early morning thinker!

    I'd proabaly have been sleeping at that time.

  10. Nice, dude. First time on your blog. Navi Mumbai is where it's at. Actually, not. I haven't been there much...once or twice went to Vashi. :)

  11. very good one bro.. keep it up

  12. My DOJ is 22nd March! :)

    Whts yours????

    And, yes, I like the post!!!!

  13. @ Ani

    Thank you Ani :)

    @ The Pink Orchid

    Was this a poetry ...I didn't intend it that way ...But thanxs Orchid :)

    @ Pavitra

    Thank You girl :)

  14. @ Arshat

    Thanxs man! Nice name u got :P

    @ Crowscious

    Haha! I love your comment...Well the stare was so much that couldn't help but put in more questions :D

    @ Warmsunshine

    I am glad that I could make u smile :)

  15. @ Express

    You better do :P

    @ Trinaa

    Me likes your comment too :P

    @ Ki

    Aww ...I am glad I could relive those moments for you :)

  16. @ Akansha

    Hehe ...U Used to do that ??
    Now In coll it's so much fun naa :D
    No Books :P

    @ Deluded

    Coll sucks bro ....I got a 8.30 lecture everyday ...I am compelled to think early in the morning and yeah brain works best that time :)
    btw good to see u in page after a looong time :P

    @ secretdhaka

    Welcome here bro/girl... :P
    Yeah that's exactly where I stay :)

  17. @ The Chronic Writer

    Thanxs bro ...U need not gimme your link....U are already on my page mann.....

    @ Anindita

    Thank you :)

    22'nd march.....Mine's 26'th feb :P....We would cross each other's paths then :P
    Damn! :D

  18. that was so cute... reminds me of the time when i used to wait at the bus stop for long hours, with such varied expressions, that people found cute and I made friends with a shopkeeper uncle.. who treated me to chocolates and softies, every other day :)

  19. babba! award ki dukaaaan! :D

    Scribblers Inc.

  20. u hv something waiting for u on my blog ...

  21. Sweet. =D I think I miss those days the most. Really. I mean the whole point in skipping classes...the whole kick you get out of it is because you're doing something you're not supposed to and you're fooling your teachers by not getting caught doing it. And, with college and everything..where there's no one telling you what to do or not..the kick dies. Missing classes loses it's magic. Don't you think? :-o


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