Saturday, January 30, 2010

Rapper in me :D

I had written this for my good friend Stephen ages ago....I hope you guys like it :)

Okay People in the house reading this …Since this is a guest post …and since it has to be fun ….I want you people to read the following as a RAP...So get that Eminem cap on and Burst that damn balloon coz it’s Stibu Mama’s 200’th post celebration …*Woohoo*

The Solitary Writer , he is one cool guy
Now that’s a fact, nobody can deny
Here’s a dedication on his 200’th post
On his boat floating on his own coast

He writes some super cool stories
And has an uber cool blog
He also works really hard
And doesn’t shy away from a slog.

Thinks he cannot write a poem
But comes up with some pointed darts
He gets onto your nerves sometimes
And sometimes melts your hearts

He sometimes talks sense
Sometimes acts like a noob
But reading his stuff on his blog
Sab ho jaate hain “doob”

In his glasses, he looks like a geek
But don’t get fooled, coz he is not!
He is one clever guy, any women would seek
They would find him rather handsome and hot!

He has this friend, won’t tell her name
They talk to each other every single day
Hope this is not just another silly game
Hope it’s for real and may long it stay

Lastly mate, I know this has been one silly rap
But don’t let our friendship have a gap
For you are a really good buddy, stay as you are
C’mon Mann.. Now let’s meet up in a bar!


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's the fear...Damn it!

Saw 3 idiots for the 5’th time. And one who has seen the movie would know why. Not because the movie is funny and witty, but because of the message it carries. And the best part is that it does not have one single message to drive home. There are several take-aways that one gets from the movie. One of which I took, watching it for the 5’th time :)

I so identify with the character of Raju, the one played by Sharman Joshi. No, I don’t have a poor family to look after and neither was I a bright student in school as his character was in the movie. But the fact that he had this “darr” or fear in him is what I identify with. Fear of how he is going to support his family, fear of not getting a good job, fear of not doing well for himself. The fear of “failure”. That fear of failure is also perhaps in me and majority of others who are not able to tackle it head on. It’s all very easy to say I loved rancho’s character and one should be like him. But someone like him is special, the majority are not! As Chatur’s character in one of the scenes says “These ideals don’t work in the real world. They don’t...Yes, but one could work on it especially if some one is like Raju’s character i.e. me…work on my fears and instead of saying “Ye mujhse nahin ho payegaa…because of the fear and say “Yeah, I can do this…I need to work on it but eventually I will get it done. It’s all about staying optimistic about one self.

What I wouldn’t do though and this is also where I differ from Raju’s character in the movie is that I’ll never take my life. Something like my life is very precious to me and I would like to live it to the fullest. It’s scary to see 3-4 suicides in the city already. People are so negative these days. When will they learn that failure is not the end of the world.Raju does get a job afterall. People are wrong when they blame the movie for every damn thing. Aamir does teach the raggers a lesson. There is such a touching scene in the movie where Madhavan’s character Farhan tells his dad of how Aamir had kept his parents photo in his wallet to remind him that whenever he feels like committing suicide to just look at their photo…he would himself retract from doing so. Why don’t people see that and feel inspired?

Well as for me I have learnt to stay positive and say “Aal is well” or atleast try to feel it whenever anything goes wrong or does not work. And everyone else should learn to do so :)

P.S : Sorry to not blog for a while...Don't know what was/is wrong. Can't say I am back...Keep Blogging people :)