Tuesday, January 19, 2010

It's the fear...Damn it!

Saw 3 idiots for the 5’th time. And one who has seen the movie would know why. Not because the movie is funny and witty, but because of the message it carries. And the best part is that it does not have one single message to drive home. There are several take-aways that one gets from the movie. One of which I took, watching it for the 5’th time :)

I so identify with the character of Raju, the one played by Sharman Joshi. No, I don’t have a poor family to look after and neither was I a bright student in school as his character was in the movie. But the fact that he had this “darr” or fear in him is what I identify with. Fear of how he is going to support his family, fear of not getting a good job, fear of not doing well for himself. The fear of “failure”. That fear of failure is also perhaps in me and majority of others who are not able to tackle it head on. It’s all very easy to say I loved rancho’s character and one should be like him. But someone like him is special, the majority are not! As Chatur’s character in one of the scenes says “These ideals don’t work in the real world. They don’t...Yes, but one could work on it especially if some one is like Raju’s character i.e. me…work on my fears and instead of saying “Ye mujhse nahin ho payegaa…because of the fear and say “Yeah, I can do this…I need to work on it but eventually I will get it done. It’s all about staying optimistic about one self.

What I wouldn’t do though and this is also where I differ from Raju’s character in the movie is that I’ll never take my life. Something like my life is very precious to me and I would like to live it to the fullest. It’s scary to see 3-4 suicides in the city already. People are so negative these days. When will they learn that failure is not the end of the world.Raju does get a job afterall. People are wrong when they blame the movie for every damn thing. Aamir does teach the raggers a lesson. There is such a touching scene in the movie where Madhavan’s character Farhan tells his dad of how Aamir had kept his parents photo in his wallet to remind him that whenever he feels like committing suicide to just look at their photo…he would himself retract from doing so. Why don’t people see that and feel inspired?

Well as for me I have learnt to stay positive and say “Aal is well” or atleast try to feel it whenever anything goes wrong or does not work. And everyone else should learn to do so :)

P.S : Sorry to not blog for a while...Don't know what was/is wrong. Can't say I am back...Keep Blogging people :)


  1. Well, this was a thoughtful one Anurag! :)

    Movies are made with a reason apart from the known purpose of entertaining people. But the regretful part of it is that a majority of people still think that the things imparted through movies are sort of impractical in the REAL life. But the lesson that Madhavan's parents learnt is surely practical in nature. To speak frankly, my parents have not learnt this lesson and when I saw the movie with my mom, all she said was that... Movies mein sab hota hai, asli zindagi mein nahi.

    So, we do carry a lot of thoughts back home after such a movie, but it really takes a hell lot to inculcate those things in our day-to-day life. We might be ready for the change but that 'we' is still a minority...sadly! :)

    Well written! :)

  2. Ys more than ur post its was the column of comments which made me write for ur post may be after reading it .. even I had a common feeling in my mind that I need to wrk out for me fears & failures . both of them are never ending .. well said keep writing .. let thngs be gng at a nice note .. nice time reading it .

  3. Nice post...Its quite a coincidence that you wrote this post today coz I saw the movie for the 3rd time today! You are absolutely right, you take away something different every time you watch it. Even I'm trying to be positive in life.

  4. liked the post :) and wish u all the luck for ur future. and be positive :) everything's gonna go great for u! :D

  5. Very well worded firstly :)
    That is true that the world is nowadays all negative but on the same hand it gives you ample number of examples of hoe to face or rather overcome the negativity :)

    look for that and you have ages to live and do great in life :)

    for examples making videos :D
    You are really good at it :D

    God bless you :)
    keep pinning down your thoughts for they define you somewhere or the other :)


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