Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007:->2008....There goes another Year

It's been a farely good year for me .I passed in "THE EXAM OF MY LIFE" which I gave in the month of May .and of course how can I forget...I started blogging this year.Blogging has been a farely enriching experience for me .Here are a few things that I learned about blogs and blogging as a whole
->Think before you publish a certain post.
->Never try to hurt anyone through your blog.
->Don't stop typing in the middle of the post thinking this would not work ..I have done that several times and regretted it.
->Try not to alter your image or yourself in general through your blogs coz there is a huge danger of doing something like that.
->Type everything properly and clearly coz I have made several grammatical mistakes in the past without really any intentions of making them and at the end of the day It really makes you look a lot silly or rather noobish which you know you are not..... :P
->Get a really good template for your blog ....though I have changed mine ... but am still not happy with it ...coz I feel that other blogs that I visit are much more stylish and presentable than mine is.... :(
->Get some interesting and fun stuff in your blog(which I intend to in 2008)so that other's keep visiting your blog frequently.
->And finally I have also learnt that if you want to get more comments for your blog ...either you just have to leave a comment on somebody else's blog or have Friends and I mean genuine friends who themselves write blogs and get comments from them and you return the "favour" : P...Changing the topic now .....
Movie of the year according to me:
Now I have'nt watched too many movies this year ....funny I should say that coz anyways I don't watch too many movies in a year :P....Now I don't watch too many English Movies and I am not embarrased in admitting that.The reason being that I can't seem to get the U.S accent. And I am also not in the league of those people who sit through a english flick pretending that they are understanding everything coz let's face it ,they are not :P...(I know a lot many ppl like that)....
For me the best movie I saw this year was Johny Gaddar...Now if you are a fan of those "Who dun it"??...kinda books or novels then u sure gonna enjoy this one....I agree that it seemed like a English Flick,but it also seemed like a fresh and vibrant movie unlike those silly hindi "thriller" movies that we hv been bored to death with.....I hope I get to see similar kind of movies next year...
Blogging in this Year stops with this...... Happy new year readers .....Adios 2007.....and welcome 2008 !!!!

P.S:I don't belive in either astrology or numerology coz I feel you write your own destiny and jo hona hain woh ho ke raheta hain but still here's a thing to chew upon :P
2008=2+8=10=1+0= 1
My birthday:16/05/1987=1+6+0+5+1+9+8+7=37=3+7=10=1+0= 1.. :P
Both add Upto 1... :P
*rejoice*...well not exactly .....This does'nt not mean I become Khumbkaran and hibernate for the rest of the year ..does it :D ???

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

"Incredible Fascination"

When I was coming back home from giving my sem exam yesterday, I decided to call up my friend who was my classmate with whom I had'nt been in touch for the last 5 years .I had only his number stored in my phone but did not call him all this while coz normally I deal only in messages and don't call up anyone as my balance always reads below 10(*Interesting excuse heh*) .I decide to scare him a little bit.Mauja hi Mauja hounded my ears for about 45 seconds when a sleepy voice answered the call(guess he was sleeping).Is that Mr.Samal? I asked in Oriya...Aagyaan he said...I said Huh???.....Then I realised that it meant yes sir..the ploy had worked...He thought I was some elderly person..After bothering him for a minute or two I told him who I was..Abuses and laughs came from the other side.He was in Kolkata doing his mbbs.So another 2 years to go huh..I dude not 2 .....another 4 and a half years to go ......

The guy had stood 2'nd in our school in the 10'th standard.He was shrewed,arrogant and had a lot of attitude(around 90% of the scholis are like that,are'nt they :P)..bullied me a lot in school and here I was, a good 2 years senior to him(degree wise) though we were of the same age.He had taken a 2 year drop inorder to get into a good medical college.He wanted to become a doctor at any cost.Infact more than 50 % of my classmates of 10'th standard in bhubaneswar are atleast 1 year junior to me(degree wise) as they have taken a drop after their 12'th to "prepare"for either their engg or mostly medical to get into a good college.Compare it with here in mumbai ....the % could be hardly 20.

I remember in one of our pct(communication subject) session practicals in this sem itself we were asked to introduce ourselves in front of the prof and one of the guys in his own introduction told that he had wasted two years to get into a medical college and now finds himself here in this college.The ma'm quickly responded saying don't say you wasted did a learn a lot ...I did'nt bother responding then but..."learn a lot".....what did he learn .....that the hard work of 2 years does not pay off.....I am actually not against people taking a 'n' years of preparation time but the point is that if you want to be a doctor or something that really you want to become, why do something like that.why not work harder during that 10'th-12'th standard period..agreed that luck does not favour you all the time but if you have the determination to do something ,you are bound to acheive it.and if that does not work out,why not go for something else.I really can't think of anything that is to be learnt in that 2 years really except the bio,physics and chemistry fundamentals:P...As one prof had once said you are actually gonna retire one year before your actual retirement age:P
The guy who I was taking about earlier is also a womanizer you can imagine what he did in those 2 years. :P.. He does have a girlfriend in his coll...So well it's actually not gonna be 4 years dude will be another 5 .. :D ..Just kidding ........wish you well all the time :)

Song I am listening to:
"Tera Mujhse" from Aa gale lag jaa (1973 flick)
Tera mujhse hain pehle ka nataa koi
yoon hee nahi dil loobhata koi ~~*Beautiful Lyrics & a Beautiful Song*

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Endurance Personified

Read A beautiful Article/Story in Mumbai Mirror yesterday
Hoped that I get it on the net and I did
Here it goes

Students who fail to clear their SSC or HSC exams in the first attempt, or even subsequently, should take heart from the approach of Zohaib Salmani. The 25-year-old did not clear the SSC exams in his first attempt. But he did not give up and tried again. And again. And again... Coming back to the point, Salmani’s perseverance paid off when he passed the exams this year in his 14th attempt.Salmani was a student of Anjuman Islam High School at CST. He loves cricket and plays cricket. When he first appeared for the SSC exams in March 1999, he managed to pass in just one subject, which was Urdu. Soon after, he started assisting his father, Aqueel Kiratpuri, at his hair cutting saloon.In March 2000, he tried again but failed to pass in any subject.Salmani says, “In October 2000, I again sat for all the papers, except Urdu, but still couldn’t clear any. I wanted to leave studies. Since our saloon is at Lokhandwala in Andheri (W), TV stars were regulars and I thought I should stop attempting SSC and concentrate on a career as a hair stylist.“However, my father wanted me to complete my SSC at any cost. Each time I failed, he used to ask me to try the next time.”He took admission in a night school at Malad. His efforts began paying off. In March 2003, he passed his science paper.“It gave me fresh hope and I decided to attempt all the papers in March 2004. But to my dismay, I could clear only Urdu and science papers. failed in all the other subjects,” says Salmani.When he failed in the October 2004 exams too, instead of feeling dejected, he resolved to clear the SSC exams.In March 2005, he managed to clear English but could not pass in the remaining subjects when he appeared for the exams in October 2005. “In March 2006, I cleared the mathematics paper and in October 2006 the Hindi and Marathi papers. Now the only subject that remained to be cleared was social science,” says Salmani.But it took him two more attempts to clear the paper. “I was not successful in March 2007 but cleared it in the October 2007 exams,” says Salmani.The results were released on Friday and Salmani says, “It was the happiest day in my life. I am happy I listened to my father’s advice and persevered.”His father distributed sweets among family and friends to celebrate Salmani’s rather unique success. “The good part is that he kept on trying and did not lose hope. So what if he took 14 attempts? At least, I can proudly say my son tried really hard for his SSC,”

Love the last few lines spoken by his father
quote:"I can proudly say my son tried really hard for his SSC.”
There is no substitute to trying.It just goes on to show what determination can do.The question is not about failing,the question is do we try enough as individuals .Whatever his problem would have been,the guy who passed did "try" .

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Time to "Vomit"

In these two and a half years of my engineering life I have realised that mugging can be a great stress buster.I mean it's like a "jap"(pronounced as jp or jaap)...You keep on repeating the things again and again like a sadhu does and if your lucky ...(i.e if your stars are in the right place :P),you even get to understand the concept behind it .....exam time is here again and the irrepairable continues..... *Sigh* ...."Best of luck to all engg aspirants"(Hopefully the "JP" works :P)