Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Endurance Personified

Read A beautiful Article/Story in Mumbai Mirror yesterday
Hoped that I get it on the net and I did
Here it goes

Students who fail to clear their SSC or HSC exams in the first attempt, or even subsequently, should take heart from the approach of Zohaib Salmani. The 25-year-old did not clear the SSC exams in his first attempt. But he did not give up and tried again. And again. And again... Coming back to the point, Salmani’s perseverance paid off when he passed the exams this year in his 14th attempt.Salmani was a student of Anjuman Islam High School at CST. He loves cricket and plays cricket. When he first appeared for the SSC exams in March 1999, he managed to pass in just one subject, which was Urdu. Soon after, he started assisting his father, Aqueel Kiratpuri, at his hair cutting saloon.In March 2000, he tried again but failed to pass in any subject.Salmani says, “In October 2000, I again sat for all the papers, except Urdu, but still couldn’t clear any. I wanted to leave studies. Since our saloon is at Lokhandwala in Andheri (W), TV stars were regulars and I thought I should stop attempting SSC and concentrate on a career as a hair stylist.“However, my father wanted me to complete my SSC at any cost. Each time I failed, he used to ask me to try the next time.”He took admission in a night school at Malad. His efforts began paying off. In March 2003, he passed his science paper.“It gave me fresh hope and I decided to attempt all the papers in March 2004. But to my dismay, I could clear only Urdu and science papers. failed in all the other subjects,” says Salmani.When he failed in the October 2004 exams too, instead of feeling dejected, he resolved to clear the SSC exams.In March 2005, he managed to clear English but could not pass in the remaining subjects when he appeared for the exams in October 2005. “In March 2006, I cleared the mathematics paper and in October 2006 the Hindi and Marathi papers. Now the only subject that remained to be cleared was social science,” says Salmani.But it took him two more attempts to clear the paper. “I was not successful in March 2007 but cleared it in the October 2007 exams,” says Salmani.The results were released on Friday and Salmani says, “It was the happiest day in my life. I am happy I listened to my father’s advice and persevered.”His father distributed sweets among family and friends to celebrate Salmani’s rather unique success. “The good part is that he kept on trying and did not lose hope. So what if he took 14 attempts? At least, I can proudly say my son tried really hard for his SSC,”

Love the last few lines spoken by his father
quote:"I can proudly say my son tried really hard for his SSC.”
There is no substitute to trying.It just goes on to show what determination can do.The question is not about failing,the question is do we try enough as individuals .Whatever his problem would have been,the guy who passed did "try" .


  1. I don't mean to be cynical, but tell me, how would YOU deal with living with 14 attempts behind you?
    Or for that matter, how would you deal with 5 attempts?

    I can't even begin to imagine it. Just a single year's failure seems to be bad...

  2. well all I know is .....If you try hard to acheive something it seldom never fails


Go Onn ..... Do it !!!!!