Sunday, December 30, 2007

2007:->2008....There goes another Year

It's been a farely good year for me .I passed in "THE EXAM OF MY LIFE" which I gave in the month of May .and of course how can I forget...I started blogging this year.Blogging has been a farely enriching experience for me .Here are a few things that I learned about blogs and blogging as a whole
->Think before you publish a certain post.
->Never try to hurt anyone through your blog.
->Don't stop typing in the middle of the post thinking this would not work ..I have done that several times and regretted it.
->Try not to alter your image or yourself in general through your blogs coz there is a huge danger of doing something like that.
->Type everything properly and clearly coz I have made several grammatical mistakes in the past without really any intentions of making them and at the end of the day It really makes you look a lot silly or rather noobish which you know you are not..... :P
->Get a really good template for your blog ....though I have changed mine ... but am still not happy with it ...coz I feel that other blogs that I visit are much more stylish and presentable than mine is.... :(
->Get some interesting and fun stuff in your blog(which I intend to in 2008)so that other's keep visiting your blog frequently.
->And finally I have also learnt that if you want to get more comments for your blog ...either you just have to leave a comment on somebody else's blog or have Friends and I mean genuine friends who themselves write blogs and get comments from them and you return the "favour" : P...Changing the topic now .....
Movie of the year according to me:
Now I have'nt watched too many movies this year ....funny I should say that coz anyways I don't watch too many movies in a year :P....Now I don't watch too many English Movies and I am not embarrased in admitting that.The reason being that I can't seem to get the U.S accent. And I am also not in the league of those people who sit through a english flick pretending that they are understanding everything coz let's face it ,they are not :P...(I know a lot many ppl like that)....
For me the best movie I saw this year was Johny Gaddar...Now if you are a fan of those "Who dun it"??...kinda books or novels then u sure gonna enjoy this one....I agree that it seemed like a English Flick,but it also seemed like a fresh and vibrant movie unlike those silly hindi "thriller" movies that we hv been bored to death with.....I hope I get to see similar kind of movies next year...
Blogging in this Year stops with this...... Happy new year readers .....Adios 2007.....and welcome 2008 !!!!

P.S:I don't belive in either astrology or numerology coz I feel you write your own destiny and jo hona hain woh ho ke raheta hain but still here's a thing to chew upon :P
2008=2+8=10=1+0= 1
My birthday:16/05/1987=1+6+0+5+1+9+8+7=37=3+7=10=1+0= 1.. :P
Both add Upto 1... :P
*rejoice*...well not exactly .....This does'nt not mean I become Khumbkaran and hibernate for the rest of the year ..does it :D ???

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