Thursday, January 3, 2008

An Old College Review

Now when you surf the various sites on the net you come across various different kind of stuffs.Some Sites are great,Some are just average and Some are just plain boring and here am talking about contents of those sites ofcourse.And then there are some sites where you get to find some very readable,interesting and straight from the heart written articles.I found a very similar thing while surfing yesterday .There was this review of my college written by a student who I presume to be an old student of the college.It was written some 4 years ago.Things have drastically changed from then till now .The College has shifted it's base from Koperkhairne to a now very developing kharghar.And as this reviewer puts it,Things are constantly improving in my college but some of the stuff written in it especially the start of the review and the part of the proffesor's "Quotes"or rather mis quotes really had me laughing :D.......Go read !!!


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