Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Wonder Years And Indian Television

I love watching The Wonder Years.It's actually now-a-days become the only thing that I like watching on television.I know it's been on the tele for quite a while now but either I did not have the time to catch up with it or the channel did not show up on the Cable Network.But now that I have the Set top Box,I make sure that I don't miss a single episode.

The Twinkle,smile and loads of expectations on Kevin Arnold's Eyes,the hesitancy,reluctance and confusion on Winnie Cooper's (don't know why she does that),a true and a honest friend in
Paul Pfeiffer... then there is Kevin's Family,his brother who bullies,calling him 'butthead' all the time.Interestingly Kevin's Parents are shown a lot like Indian Parents....Dad comes home and says his work was Lousy and mom is shown someone who does'nt give kevin the space he needs.And ofcourse,there are Kevin's Friends,Classmates and his plently of girlfriends with whom he either had a short but a sweet fling or a big argument resulting in fights and an eventual break-up.

The Best Thing about The Wonder Years is that even though it's Simplistic,it touches a
chord somewhere,The Voice in the background emotes several emotions when it speaks.The Simultaneous occurence of the look on Kevin's eyes and the voice speaking for him is brilliantly done.You sometimes wish that you be in his shoes and sometimes you
don't.The Romance and relationships are not only 'cute' but they have a sense of nostalgia which the director makes sure he has it in each and every Episode.All Characters shown feel so real and so you can't help but identify with them.And the Best Line in the show is when Kevin at the end of every alternate episode says "And that's when it him me ".

It's so sad that not one single show on Indian Television comes close to it.All we see is either those never-ending Saas-Bahu Serials or some mindless "Reality" drama on Television.I mean can somebody tell me where have the Quiz shows or the horror genre gone ?? It's the TRP'S that sadly rule now-a-days and I don't think we will see a Wonder Years or even something like Friends on Indian Television not only because they are timeless classics but also because people working for the Indian Tele don't have the Right kind of mentality to make something like this.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Start of a new Season

End of Vacations...I am actually 70 % happy and 30 % sad...And it's for the same reason... And for me I am unofficially in my Final Year of my Engineering...Seniors say final Year is the most enjoyable...

Hey by the way I wrote a post yesterday...And I guess that was my best post till date...I don't know why I wrote it for the Writers Lounge instead of my blog.....But I guess my Writing is getting better with every post...

Judge for yourselves....


So is this kind of a new Season from my writing point of view as well ??

Do let me know ...

Thursday, July 17, 2008

The Second Tag

Tagged Again...This Time by Stephen ...Mosaic Tag...Sounded fun this....Different From other Tags....

Rules :
1.Type in the answer to each of the questions below into Flicker Search.
2.Using only first the Page of the results,pick only one Image.
3.Copy and past each of the url of the image into Big Huge Lab Mosaic maker to create a mosaic of picture Answers

The Questions :

1.What is your First Name?
2.What is your Favourite Food,Right now ?
3.What High School did you go to?
4.What is your Favourite Color?
5.Who is your Celebrity Crush?
6.What is your Favorite Drink?
7.What is your Dream Vacation?
8.What is your Favorite Dessert?
9.What do you want to be when you grow up?
10.What do you love most in life?
11.What is the one word that describes you?
12.What is your user name?

And Here's my MOSAIC !!!!

Am Sure One would easily be able to guess atleast 4-5 of them ...........

Open to anyone who wants to try it ........Suggest you do...I did'nt know there would be so many decent pics inside flickrs ;)

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Tryst with an Elderly

P.S :I initially thought of describing my trip to chiplun over the weekend ,but that was untill I returned back home yesterday.Thought this thing which you are about to read will make for a more intresting post.Just to say,That Chiplun is a wonderful place.It wasn't chiplun exactly but a 2 hour ride from there,I stayed in my mama's Quarter in RGPPL (Ratanagiri Gas
and Power Pvt Limited also known as Enron or Dhabol)It's hard to imagine that such a place existed just 5 hours away from a cramped city like Mumbai.

"JanShatbdi 20 Minute Late hain Sahab",Ganesh our pocket sized driver informed us.We had arrived early at the station and now we had to wait some more ...TING TING TING Yatri kripya Dhyan de....That probably repeated for the 10'th time and pissed me off...Finally the Dadar bound train arrived and as luck would have it I got a window Seat.I bid Mami Goodbye and as the train left the station,a voice from the adjacent seat caught my attention....Ki Bangali ??....Huh!..Naam ki?...Anurag ...Anurag ki ??Bhattacharjee ??...Well not really...Ohh well ...He said,You Can Call me Tamboli...Like in Bengali there is Ganguly..Likewise I am
Tamboli..Hahahahaha...!! Now Since there was no good book or a mobile in my hand (Some kinda Sim Problem :( ,I was'nt that pissed off...This 3 Hour journey would'nt be that boring afterall.The Man in Question would have been in his 50's ..Probably Mid or late 50's...Had a Slightly bad body odour,not that distracting....Kauthay Jaache ??...* Now seriously Non-Bengalis
should'nt try speaking the Language,they make a Complete mess*...Panvel Uncle ...Had to show some courtsey and so counter-Questioned him ...Thane,he said..Actually I am going to Nashik for my son's engineering admission !!..So what did you see in Chiplun ??...Marleshwar,Ganpatiphule..You did'nt go to Guhagar Beach ....And so he took out his nokia and began to show me all the pictues and videos of that place...Chai Chai..Will you have some ?? You people eat this,don't you,hahahaha ..Gave a half-smile to that old silly joke...No Uncle,Thank-you !!Arre Doh Chai denaa...Ohh Well ..Free mein hain toh why
not,I thought ... :P

Our Conversation Continued about Engineering,it's benefits,Various Colleges around Navi-Mumbai,about my hobbies and about Kolkata where he was apparently posted as an officer in the army.When he saw I was starting to get a little bored he said,almost in defence...Kya hotaa hain,When you Travel you converse with different kinds of people...this gives you two things...Pleasure and Information...and the best part is that you probably know that you will never ever meet that particular person ever in your life,hahahaha...Ohh well that's so true !!Then he picked up his mobile and dialled at his residence....Arre Chaitanya...Mazaa Barobar Ek Third Year Cha Mulgaa Baslela aahein ...Tujha Kaay Tari Doubts vagere asel tar tu Vicharoo Shaktoh ...Ohh Great..I Have to play some sought of an Engg-Agony Uncle here...Gave him some sought of "advice"which I,myself wasn't sure off :P...Finally after three hours of "not that bad a journey" the train approached Panvel....Abar Dekha holo...Holo naa Uncle Hobe ...Ho-be,Ho-be ....By the way...My name is Tamboli...Just Remember Ganguly....Hahahaha,he Sighed off.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Height of "Loneliness"

Yesterday a Friend/Classmate called me up basically to make sure of my Existence!!During our conversation I got to know many things including that he had seen the latest movie creating a buzz all around i.e. Jaane tu ...Here are the Excerpts of our conversation from that Point onwards....

Me:So, where did you see the movie??

He: In Cinemax, City Centre

Me:Huh!! You came all the way to Vashi?? (The Guy stays in Kurla)

He: umm, Ya I Mean, You know...Umm, well...

Me:ohh well, Ok...With whom did you see the movie??

He: Nobody, I went alone!!

Me:Huh!! What?? Alone?? Dude Cinemax is 5-10 minutes away from my house ...You could have called me!!!

He: ohh well...Umm ...May be.....

I wasn’t sad that the guy hadn’t called me but what perplexed me was that he went for the Movie alone!!How can a person go to a movie alone ....OK,there might be several people doing that but as far as I know they are all grown up adults !!
My Cinema Hall Experience tells me that there can be three kinds of scenarios which can be experienced

1. A Crying Baby or a nagging kid who doesn’t let her mum settle down.....

2. A Group of friends which I identify with chattering, giggling away during one particular scene and

3. My most favorite or non-Favorite Scenario-->A Couple koo-chi-kooing during the entire Movie

Now Imagine Sitting alone in the hall experiencing all the above scenarios alone....How does one handle that....After the movie ends to whom does one say that yes, I liked the movie or I did'nt ....Am I reading too much into this...I mean some of them must have had no Choice but to go alone ....Yeah,But is that an Ideal thing to do ....I don't know people but since I have personally not been to a cinema hall alone, I perhaps don't identify with it, But something like that is according to me "A Height of Loneliness" !!!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

The Art of Proposing

Me:->You know,I have been wanting to tell you this for quite sometime now but don't know how do I put it in words.

Y:->oh,You can tell me,What is it ?

Me:->Guess I have Fallen in Love with you !!!

Y:->Huh !! * looks Left and Right * Are You Serious ??

Me:->I don't know ...I guess so ....Do you .........

It is 9.30 already....When did you Sleep last Night,You lazy A**....Damn,Such a beautiful Dream got "chakna chur "in seconds.I could'nt see her as the Girl in Question's Back was facing the wall i.e my eyes,but she I could see had oily long hair.I did not want to get up in that lazy morning almost wanting myself to revisit that broken Dream ...Would I ever be able to Propose like that?..or was it just a silly random stupid dream or will it be something like what happened Last September

September 05,2007 :->It was teacher's day but it turned out to be some sought of a Valentine's Day in College.We did Celebrate Teachers day but most of them stayed back in the class for I guess what can be called as a "post event get-together" What Followed was kinda Silly and Juvenile(According to me) but something unique and different from our regular monotonous boring Class Lectures.

All of them had to recall their first crush that they had and with whom and what happened there after and those honorary members who had Girl-Friends had to tell in front of the Class of how they proposed i.e do that thingy Again...Ok I knew this ai'nt going to work coz most of them in our class were well "Shanti ke Smarak"..I knew they were'nt going to speak and even if they had Gf's they ai'nt going to do that thingy .....You would'nt expect this from "I-want-to-be Engineer" fellas !!!And I was'nt Wrong ...well Almost :P

And so it started...Girls were girls as they made sure they occupy the first two rows of the class waiting curiously for what the First "contestent" had to say.As expected it got boring initially with nobody wanting to divulge their "gory secrets" But then 2-3 Girls put their hands up and well blabbered...mere boyfriend ne mujhe pehle Sea-face mein propose kiya...usne mujhe Archies ka badaa sa Card diya...*Almost Giggling*...phir usne mujhe phool dekar mc.Donalds mein khana khilaya...*What* :D ..ohh maan ...Am I here to hear all this ....C'mon Discuss your Makeout session..That would make things interesting... A girl went onn saying she has a Fiance and how she and her "fiance" rejected or subjected all those boyzz who came in "their" way...Blahh Blahh ...I was Starting to get a headache and so I decided to walk-out of the Class but those noobs who had organized all this "Crap" i.e The C.R and the L.R of my class pushed me aside...What was even worse ...I was next :(

It was my turn now....We had to actually stand where all the teachers stood while lecturing a class ..So I was in front of the class but thankfully it was a Quarter full by then :P. I stood there about a metre away from the First Row.I could see 28 eyeballs bulging outwards curiously waiting to hear what was I about to say.To nobody's Surprise I disappointed them all by not giving any Meaty kinda lectures that they were wanting to here...Instead made it short and Simple :P

I often wonder whether I could or would really be able to do what I saw in my Dream ....Fact that I have never proposed to any girl before probably makes me more uncomfortable....And worse if I would able to discuss all the Gory details that some of them had the "courage" to do that day ....My Guess is that the former is a possibility but don't think the latter is a Feasible Option :)

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Tagged .....First Time !!!

These are the rules:
1. Link the person(s) who tagged you.
2. Mention the rules on your blog.
3. Tell about 6 unspectacular quirks of yours.
4. Tag 6 following bloggers by linking them.
5. Leave a comment on each of the tagged blogger’s blogs letting them
know they’ve been tagged.

First of all I would Like to Thank Anindita aka Wily Banter who was gracious enough to tag me .6 unspectacular Quirkiest things of mine ....Baah I don't
know what to write but Still let's give it a try ......

Brace Yourselves People !! Here we go !!!

1. Though I have nothing against boys having long Hair but I can't
imagine myself having one.....I start having headaches and feel
feverish whenever it starts growing long ... :)

2. I know most of the people and my Friends like to occupy the Last
Bench of their Class,but I prefer the First...The Reason being I
love to see and hear the mindset of every Professor whenever he/she Teaches
:P...It helps me mimic them later on :D

3. In the last 3 Years of my College I must have worn a proper "Shirt"
just twice ...Once during A Class Presentation and another just
recently during a Campus placement drive...Otherwise like most, moi
too a T-Shirt and Jeans Guy

4.I feel extremely uncomfortable and stupid in a crowd of unknown
people ...I start stammering and my ears go red...Fair Skin does'nt
help at all :P

5. Baah 6 are a lot ....I like Lady's Finger ....The Vegetable that is :P
I can eat it whole day....Ahhh here's another "unspectacular" fact
....Even though I am a non-Vegetarian I don't Eat Chicken ..Yeah
surprising is'nt it .....I like Prawns more than Chicken :P

6. I absolutely and I mean absolutely love Quiz related Game Shows on
the Tele........I have watched each and every Episode of espn School
Quiz and ofcourse the Bournvita Quiz Contest...I wonder why they have
gone extinct all of a sudden ...I still regret not participating in any of
those shows :(

There you go. My tag is complete.... * Phew *
I got another Headache now of Tagging 6 more People ......Anyways I tag
Keep Away From The Cyanide ,Raoian Physics ,It's Me,C`est La Vie