Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Wonder Years And Indian Television

I love watching The Wonder Years.It's actually now-a-days become the only thing that I like watching on television.I know it's been on the tele for quite a while now but either I did not have the time to catch up with it or the channel did not show up on the Cable Network.But now that I have the Set top Box,I make sure that I don't miss a single episode.

The Twinkle,smile and loads of expectations on Kevin Arnold's Eyes,the hesitancy,reluctance and confusion on Winnie Cooper's (don't know why she does that),a true and a honest friend in
Paul Pfeiffer... then there is Kevin's Family,his brother who bullies,calling him 'butthead' all the time.Interestingly Kevin's Parents are shown a lot like Indian Parents....Dad comes home and says his work was Lousy and mom is shown someone who does'nt give kevin the space he needs.And ofcourse,there are Kevin's Friends,Classmates and his plently of girlfriends with whom he either had a short but a sweet fling or a big argument resulting in fights and an eventual break-up.

The Best Thing about The Wonder Years is that even though it's Simplistic,it touches a
chord somewhere,The Voice in the background emotes several emotions when it speaks.The Simultaneous occurence of the look on Kevin's eyes and the voice speaking for him is brilliantly done.You sometimes wish that you be in his shoes and sometimes you
don't.The Romance and relationships are not only 'cute' but they have a sense of nostalgia which the director makes sure he has it in each and every Episode.All Characters shown feel so real and so you can't help but identify with them.And the Best Line in the show is when Kevin at the end of every alternate episode says "And that's when it him me ".

It's so sad that not one single show on Indian Television comes close to it.All we see is either those never-ending Saas-Bahu Serials or some mindless "Reality" drama on Television.I mean can somebody tell me where have the Quiz shows or the horror genre gone ?? It's the TRP'S that sadly rule now-a-days and I don't think we will see a Wonder Years or even something like Friends on Indian Television not only because they are timeless classics but also because people working for the Indian Tele don't have the Right kind of mentality to make something like this.


  1. hoga...hamara television mein change hoga!!:D

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  2. The good things will happen! Except that we don't know when! :(


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