Monday, July 21, 2008

Start of a new Season

End of Vacations...I am actually 70 % happy and 30 % sad...And it's for the same reason... And for me I am unofficially in my Final Year of my Engineering...Seniors say final Year is the most enjoyable...

Hey by the way I wrote a post yesterday...And I guess that was my best post till date...I don't know why I wrote it for the Writers Lounge instead of my blog.....But I guess my Writing is getting better with every post...

Judge for yourselves....


So is this kind of a new Season from my writing point of view as well ??

Do let me know ...

1 comment:

  1. offcourse ur improving day by day

    and y r u 30% sad

    shud be 100% happy naa

    and did ur college started and hows life goin on man

    btw unofficially in final year

    how come

    officially na dude :P


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