Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ek Ya Do? ..... Damn !!

Ok, It’s the return of the funny posts once again. I really like reading philosophical, Dark and well written type of posts but I love reading the funnier ones. I love writing them too. At the end of the day one should have a smile on their face and think at the same time and that’s what I want my writing to do. See my blog header once again.I have tinkered with it a little.It now reads “Thodi Masti Thodi Philosophy” and that’s how I like it: )
Now read this one: D .A long pending blog this.

Describing two Situations here

Situation 1:
I and one of my relative take a ric(auto) to go to particular place. And after we reach our destination it all starts….. I’ll pay, no I’ll pay…. I’ll pay...No I’ll pay… I hate these kinds of situations and normally want the other person to pay all the time: P but kya karein …One has to show some level of courtesy. And so in the end I end up paying.

Me: Kitna hua Uncle? (How much)
Autowaala: 13 rupees.
I give him a 20 rupee ka note.
He gives me a 5 rupee coin and another coin

It was quite dark at that time and so I could not make out if it was a 1 rupee or 2.

Me: Uncle, ye ek hain ya do?
Autowaala: 2 Rupaiya hain beta

My Door ka Rishtedaar didn’t waana believe him …Dikhao Dikhao….Heh! 1 Rupaiya hain …Chor Kahike…2 Rupaiyeh Chup chap waapas karo!! *Snatches the 2 Rupees from him*

Me: Why would he really do that? Does this really Happen?
He: Dude, where have you come from? Guantánamo Bay ??

*Defining Silence*

Me: Why do you ask that?


Situation 2:

I buy some lays some chocolates and some cakes: D
Uncle: 44 Rupees
I give him a 50 rupee note and he gives back a 5 and a 2 rupee ka coin, thinking of course that it’s a one rupee coin.

After walking a few paces I realize it. Turn back to return the coin but then think of the Situation 1 that I was in. His Mistake, why should I tell him? I turn back again and walk home: D

But this all happened because of the darn coins. Googling the whole thing up I found out that the most affected people out of this are the physically challenged ones. They are not able to make out which ones what? I Mean what was wrong with the hexagonal 2 Rupee Coin eh? At least one could make it out ….. But the new coins look so similar. In fact the back of the coin is Ditto. No Change. Well Honestly I don’t have any Problem. But the Disables do. Something has to be done...Don’t Cha Think?

I could not control my laughter when the local “ande waala” returned me this just yesterday
A 50 Paise Coin with no fingers ….Damn!!! :D

P.S: Watch Ghajini People! Watched the Paid Preview show yesterday and Aamir is superb in that.Action is a bit Bollywoodish but it ain’t really a bad movie as some critics are saying :)
P.P.S: My last post this for the year 2008.Can’t wait for 2009.It will be the year when I graduate (hopefully: P).Get my First Job (hopefully: P) and get my first Salary (Again Hopefully: D) too.

So Here’s Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a very Happy and a prosperous New Year :)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Hope :)

And there she was, clinging on to her big purse on one hand and umbrella on the other, looking beautiful as ever as she headed towards me. I was looking for some company for that last mile and she obliged to join me. Our umbrellas collided all the time as the rain refused to die down. I wanted to start the conversation but I had come to know that her boyfriend had dumped her a few days back and so didn’t want to relive her pain. Instead I wanted to tell her all that was on my mind.

I wanted to tell her how wrong it was for me to be so insecure. How I wished now that she would return to me again. I would do all that it takes to keep the relationship going. Now it would be me who would be responsible for all that would go wrong. But I couldn’t, I could not get in any words. Wouldn’t it be so selfish on my part to convince her now? Why should I want her to believe me?

Finally we reached our destination. It felt weird speechless the whole way. I actually didn’t mind spending everyday outside her house in the pouring rain, just to tell her how I felt. And then in the end I finally managed to utter “Sneha”.She looked at me, it seemed her eyes wanted me to say something all this while. She Waited.

“I ….I……. well….well………”

*A loud nagging noise from somewhere*

“Will you directly have your lunch son?”


As I drove to my office I saw the black clouds gather. It sure would rain heavily I thought.I somehow managed to reach office some 20 minutes late. Boss gave me an angry look which I had somewhat got used to. As I sat on my office chair, my friend cum colleague Sumeet said something in a very hush-hush manner.

“Sorry… what? Didn’t get you?

Dude I said Aditya dumped Sneha!!

I pinched myself.

Listening to:
Yeah, the one that's on my *new and improved* Playlist!!Some of the lyrics are there in the story too :D

Friday, December 12, 2008

A New Template and a new Poem

First of all,Thank You Stephen for the Header.I look a bit chubby in that but that ain't your Fault :P My previous template was matching with some other people in the blogosphere and so I decided to change it.This looks kinda cool,doesn't it and I hope I am the only one around having this layout :P
Now, I had written a poem for the TheWriter'sLounge a few weeks back but I guess not many of them read it.So here it is for those who didn't :P

Reminising the Past

In the Middle of the Night
My Eyes got a Little Wet
When an old Friend called up
And asked if I remember those days??

When Fun had a different meaning
When we laughed at the silliest things
When the Night arrived a bit too early
Do you remember those days??

When going to school was great
Doing homework was a headache
Sharing Tiffin was a daily Routine
Dude, do you remember those days??

When you played as a Substitute Fielder
And took that brilliant catch
You made it to the team after that
And then played in every match

Do You Remember those days
When we played board games together
And fought like bitter foes
When winning seemed to be everything
And when we never used to loose hope

And now here we are again
In our own life’s phase
Reduced now to saying just one thing
If we still remember our days

Live your Life in the Present and have fun ….Reminiscing the past doesn’t really help :)

P.S: There are some people who have been blogrolled by moi.I should have done that days back but couldn't for some unexplainable reasons :P.
So If you are in there say Yayyy :D

Btw here's my official entry in the "Rain Drenched Lounge Contest" for the Writer's Lounge Yes, I do write Stories too :P .It's actually been edited since, so don't get fooled by the initial few comments that you read :P

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Aila! Award Mila! :D

Two Bloggers in this beautiful blogger world were kind enough to bestow not one but two awards. This is my First kinda Award in Blogging...
But the fact that there are people around who somewhat appreciate my kinda "work" makes me really feel good :)

Anyways, as the rule goes I have to nominate others who I think deserve this Award.
Here’s my list

1.Anindita: I was and still am fascinated by her Dark Poems and writings that actually made me to blog in the first place. A butterfly for that ain’t bad, is it?

2.Stephen:For me the best Writer in the blogosphere.No Blogger leaves an impact like he does. I know you have been awarded already and I may be a little biased but dude I truly think you are the best :) And Thanxs for the Free Spirited Award too :D ------>

3. Shatabdi:This Girl is on your face with her writing.Girl,I was actually speechless when you mentioned me in your 50'th post but hey I had some kind of a debt to pay and may be this is it …Take the Free-Spirited Blogger award too. :D Two words Girl :You Rock!

4. Mehreen: Awesome, Awesome Writer…Has probably mentioned my name more than any other blogger in her blog. :D... I can’t believe she still has me in her “Blogs I follow” section but hey I don’t mind. Again I know you have been awarded but hey you deserve it more than I did or probably do :)

5. Scribbler'sInc.I have been a religious follower of Scribbler’s Inc. since he used to write about his office happenings …. Of course now it’s turned spooky and for the better …So dude this award is probably more apt for you: The coolest blogger around :)

Ok mine is a short list but hey the above people did deserve it …… There were others too and sowwie if I disappointed you but these guyzz are probably nice "blogger friends" than others or may have just ended up making some sort of an Impact on me.

P.S : With all that has been going around presently here in Mumbai and other fellow bloggers from my city trying in their own different way to make a valid point.... I just want to share a small little Quote from the Mahatma himself and this has also been mentioned in Black Friday the movie.

“An eye for eye only ends up making the whole world blind.”

Peace :)