Thursday, December 25, 2008

Ek Ya Do? ..... Damn !!

Ok, It’s the return of the funny posts once again. I really like reading philosophical, Dark and well written type of posts but I love reading the funnier ones. I love writing them too. At the end of the day one should have a smile on their face and think at the same time and that’s what I want my writing to do. See my blog header once again.I have tinkered with it a little.It now reads “Thodi Masti Thodi Philosophy” and that’s how I like it: )
Now read this one: D .A long pending blog this.

Describing two Situations here

Situation 1:
I and one of my relative take a ric(auto) to go to particular place. And after we reach our destination it all starts….. I’ll pay, no I’ll pay…. I’ll pay...No I’ll pay… I hate these kinds of situations and normally want the other person to pay all the time: P but kya karein …One has to show some level of courtesy. And so in the end I end up paying.

Me: Kitna hua Uncle? (How much)
Autowaala: 13 rupees.
I give him a 20 rupee ka note.
He gives me a 5 rupee coin and another coin

It was quite dark at that time and so I could not make out if it was a 1 rupee or 2.

Me: Uncle, ye ek hain ya do?
Autowaala: 2 Rupaiya hain beta

My Door ka Rishtedaar didn’t waana believe him …Dikhao Dikhao….Heh! 1 Rupaiya hain …Chor Kahike…2 Rupaiyeh Chup chap waapas karo!! *Snatches the 2 Rupees from him*

Me: Why would he really do that? Does this really Happen?
He: Dude, where have you come from? Guantánamo Bay ??

*Defining Silence*

Me: Why do you ask that?


Situation 2:

I buy some lays some chocolates and some cakes: D
Uncle: 44 Rupees
I give him a 50 rupee note and he gives back a 5 and a 2 rupee ka coin, thinking of course that it’s a one rupee coin.

After walking a few paces I realize it. Turn back to return the coin but then think of the Situation 1 that I was in. His Mistake, why should I tell him? I turn back again and walk home: D

But this all happened because of the darn coins. Googling the whole thing up I found out that the most affected people out of this are the physically challenged ones. They are not able to make out which ones what? I Mean what was wrong with the hexagonal 2 Rupee Coin eh? At least one could make it out ….. But the new coins look so similar. In fact the back of the coin is Ditto. No Change. Well Honestly I don’t have any Problem. But the Disables do. Something has to be done...Don’t Cha Think?

I could not control my laughter when the local “ande waala” returned me this just yesterday
A 50 Paise Coin with no fingers ….Damn!!! :D

P.S: Watch Ghajini People! Watched the Paid Preview show yesterday and Aamir is superb in that.Action is a bit Bollywoodish but it ain’t really a bad movie as some critics are saying :)
P.P.S: My last post this for the year 2008.Can’t wait for 2009.It will be the year when I graduate (hopefully: P).Get my First Job (hopefully: P) and get my first Salary (Again Hopefully: D) too.

So Here’s Wishing everyone a merry Christmas and a very Happy and a prosperous New Year :)


  1. Lol!!..I agree with you,bhaii..saare ke saare coins look so darn similar and harr jagah wahi "punch ka sign"..:o..big time confusion!
    Btw..Merrrry Chhriistmass and Happy yappy new year ji!..have a great year

  2. You should look at some of the coins outside of India. Maybe the Eurozone. They are quite the opposite.
    Sometimes I don't like to part with them :)
    Merry Christmas to you too

  3. Awww.... this one ended on a really sweet note :( I wish you all the luck for graduating, all the luck for getting your first job and all the very good luck for your first salary :)

    happy new year!!!

  4. Lol! Seriously, it's mostly an embarrassing situation with coins.
    Anyways, merry X-mas and a happy new year :-)
    Luck with job...n have loads of fun in final yr (like ME) :-)

  5. kissa coin ka!! hehhehe...haan bahut locha hai coins wallahs regularly try to fool me!! :( :P

    n merrrrrrrrrry christmas :D

  6. @ Crystal

    Hain naa! Matlab main akela nahin :D...Happy waala new year too you too :)

    @ Pisku

    Intresting ..I have seen pennies but not european coins ....Hv to check it out...Happy Holidays...and ohh yes ...Welcome to my Page :)

    @ Warmsunshine

    Yes I wanted to end the year with a happy waala post and I am glad I could put a smile on your face :) ..Thanxs for your wishes and hope they come true :)....Hope btw everything's fine up there in Lahore ??

  7. @ Sachi

    It is but mostly it's me who falls into such awkward situations often :( :( ...Thanxs for your wishes... Hope they come true :)

    @ Trinaa

    Haanji yeah tha mera kissa :P ...these autowaalas I tell you.... Sue them :D

    @ Crystal Again

    Thank you hain ji :P

  8. heehe interesting n funny post :D lol..autofellas i tell u :P :P

    btw ur header is creating a little problems..cant read the 1st 3-4 lines karke dekhna pada phir..if u know wat i mean :O but header looks cool anyway :D so change ur font i guess...

    merry x'mas to u too..may all ur dreams be fulfilled for 2009 :) happy new year in advance...

  9. @ Mads

    Thankyou jee....

    I get you.Even I thought so.Thanxs for pointing that out.Will change it.

    Happy Holidays to you :)

  10. Funny...Hilarious.....superb read....

    Well...EMBARRASSING it wud have been with the coins

    Nice read..

    Advance New Year Wishes

  11. LoL especially @ 50p..!

    And coming to think of the auto-waalas in my city. Whoa! Forget it... "Shaitan ki kasam!", they'll eat u up if you are new to the place.

    Neat read...

    Greetings Anurag,

    Thank you for stopping by and voicing out. Keep visiting...

    Season's greetings to you and all your family.


  12. @ Rajesh

    thanxs mann ...I wanted to it to be a hilarious read and liked that part of your comment.. :)
    New Year's Greetings to you too :)

    @ Kartz

    Yes,50 paise ka coin walla was the most amusing of the coins :P

    haha it?

    Thanxs for the visit mann ....Seasons' Greetings :)

  13. will be back soon, kay?


    on new year.



  14. Yaar seriously, the new coins are INFURIATING!!!!
    And I've got mixed reviews for Ghajini plus exams so I guess that's on hold. :(

  15. @ Divinediu



    Eggjhams... :( ..
    All the best :) *Lifts Thumb*

    @ Ki

    U also think the same naa .....

    And Ghajini is superb...If u like "Thinking Cinema" U prolly won't like it...But Go Watch :)

  16. haha..kyaa baat hai biddu.. anyway just got back from the trip... looking forward to Ghajini... and yaa the coins all look the same unless given a closer look... its tough rummaging among them when you are in a hurry...

  17. I like ALL sorts of cinema. :)

  18. @ Swayam

    Welcome Back :)..And yes exactly... described it perfectly....Especially when somebody is in a hurry !!

    @ Ki

    Okay ..Yes then prolly U'll Enjoy Ghajini

    @ Dr.Pragya Bajaj

    A Doctor ...First on My Blog...Welcome Welcome :P...Yes Thanxs and New Year Greetings to you too :)

  19. i am into humor.. blogolled you bro.. reading the other posts too.. wow..
    happy new year

  20. first time here,but the conversation and its language kept me glued:)

  21. @ Prason Christopher Robin @ Chriz

    Dude first of all ....wasn't Chriz better :D
    I know bro I know ....U r the mann :D...Good to see u back :)
    New Year Greetings mann....

    @ Renu

    Yes atlast...that's exactly what I wanted to see.....A comment like that....Finally :P.... Thanxs :)

    Ohh yes Welcome to my page :)

  22. haha...i like that 50p coin! too cool!
    I did not like Ghajini much. Thought there was too much unnecessary violence. But i like your post :)

    Happy New Year...
    Rise n Shine in 2009!


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