Friday, January 2, 2009

Mantra For the Year

A Chat with Stephen the other end

Me: se mein kt hain re :( (I’ll Fail in S.e)

stephen【ツ】: oh mera nahi hoga

Me: oh u r prepared??

stephen【ツ】: ful to man
guns r loaded
just waiting 4 war

Me: dat's called confidence mann

Now here is an optimistic guy. It’s not that I am really a pessimist but the confidence in his two lines made me think. Why did I really say that??Why not believe that yes I can. I too can rise above the rest and be successful. Nothing is terrible except fear itself. Why really fear? Fear something which doesn't really exist? As Nadia Comaneci once said "Hard work has made it easy. That is my secret. That is why I win. "That's what my mantra would be for this year. The roots of true achievement lie in the will to become the best that you can become. Pessimism has never won a battle and never will. It’s going to be Me, Me and Me this year.Wish to Work Hard and leave the rest to god this year. Wish me Luck People :)

And Hopefully by the end of the year I can say ........

Theodore I. Rubin: Quotes: Hard Work,Happiness does not come from doing easy work but from the afterglow of satisfaction that comes after the achievement of a difficult task that demanded our best.


  1. all the best :D am sure u'll rock. being optimistic does help, but sometimes pessimism brings abt the best in u... :D
    happy new year :-)

  2. Wowie....

    Go for it!!! It's so true... hard work makes everything so easy :) Best of luck for the exam.... SE is such an easy subject i tell ya!

    For more tips on being a boring nerd.. feel free to contact me anytime :P

  3. :)

    That is a nice thought.

    But remember, you cannot work hard for something you don't really want. If you do, your mind will not concentrate enough to produce the desired effect, and then, "Arey maine bahut padha par fir bhi acche number nahi aaye!"

    The point is, you can work hard only for what you Love. All the best!

  4. man.......u got inspired frm my wrds

    gud luck and pray for me too

  5. surely no substitute for hardwork. btw what is se?
    is it software engineering coz i gave it last sem.

  6. wht?????? kasam se? no substitute 4 hard work?? daaaaamn!!


    and s.e. mein kt? oOh

    But u knw wht,
    In MU, apart 4m all the hard work, luck is oh so necessary. The papers, the mood of the examiner and all the luck required so that the paper and the marks trace the correct path :P
    I really hope every1 who deserves it, doesnt undergo the mess so many people go through...

  8. its always good to be positive.. and you can not hide from this one - hard work finds you or you find it..- its always a fruitful union :)

  9. balanced combination of optimism and pessimism is the most powerful driving force...nice post...

  10. It's not just working hard though, it's working smart. Studying the important things, the right way, with just the required amount of effort ought to do the trick. :P

  11. I think sincerity in work, passion for what you do and working smart are keys to success

  12. yes yes.

    agree with Ki.

    It's the time to work smart!!

    And self need that too!


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