Monday, January 19, 2009


Arun, Sudha and Santosh were the best of friends. They always took each other’s advice or suggestions before they took any Important decision in their lives. The whole class envied the trio who always came in the top 3 out of which Sudha always tookthe top honor of the class. In the days gone by however she had developed a liking for arun and so had he.

One day, the H.O.D of the department called santosh who was the Class Representative (C.R) and informed him that their class was selected for an industrial Visit to Goa. Santosh broke the news and the whole class erupted with joy as they had waited forthis for a whole year. And so there they were, the whole class, enjoying the waves and sand of the Baga beach when suddenly the Professor asked “Hey Anybody seen santosh”?? ….No Sir. He was with us but don’t know where he is now.Santosh had gone missing the whole night. He did not even return the next morning. Everybody was worried.The Industrial Visit abruptly came to an end because of this. The College Authorities registered a case with the Goa Police. Arun and Sudha were too shocked to even react as he was the best buddy that they could possibly have.

One day when Sudha was writing her assignment, she got a call…….


“Hi! Sudha You had some real kicka** fun at baga beach, didn’t you? “Eh?

“Who’s this”?

“I have an extremely titillating clip of you and your guy having some real fun at the beach and I am watching it right now

Wow! Hmmm…. “Yum” ….hahaha

“Who’s this…? Who the..?”

I want you to leave a cash of 20 lakhs rupees near the College Gate. If you don’t give me the money then I would send the Mms to everyone through Bluetooth. I will make sure everybody in your college sees it. And you don’t try to do anything smart either. Do this tomorrow understood? At 10.30 am Ok?

But but ……*Phone disconnects*

Sudha was worried, really worried. Where would she get 20 lakhs of rupees from? She could see only one option. She Called up Arun.

What the ….. Who the ….. Ok, well….Listen …Do As I say…Ok?”

So Sudha did what the caller asked her to do. She kept a black Bag near the College premise. A man who had his face covered walked in 5 minutes later. Took the Bag and ran. But when he opened it, there was a kilo of wood and cotton in it. What the …..He turned back but Arun jumped in from behind and wrestled the guy to the ground…As he opened his mask …

Somebody had betrayed him.

Thank You Stephen for the Idea :)


  1. haha chor story chor lol

    its good man although mine is little elaborated version lol

  2. whoaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! niceeeee one boss!

  3. coool one brotha... liked the end... i knew it was him.. the last words were hitting the target...

  4. @ The Solitary Writer

    Lol! ....Yeah your Pemako Story is now a different Story than this though the original Idea was this.....
    And I cannot write part wise mann ....I like to finish it once and for all......

    @ Elithraniel Arawion

    Welcome to My page :)
    Thanxs .....

    @ Trinaa

    Thanxs Boss :P

  5. @ Chriz

    Yeah Well....It wasn't a suspense story as much as it was a story of Betrayal :) So it kinda worked both ways with the latter out weighing the suspense part....

    thanxs for liking it......

    @ Ani

    The Second Woaahhh ...Lol
    I like I like ! :D
    Thanxs :)

  6. :O how mean....asshole of the highest order :O :((

    nice story.had me hooked :) :) its well written....

  7. @ Mads

    For a moment I thought the first two lines of your comment was for me :O ... :D

    Thanxs Mads :)

    @ Ki

    The VERY in caps.... I like I like :)
    Thanxs :)

  8. kyaa re ladke.. ek dum supak... great going....


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