Friday, January 9, 2009

"Khichdi" of a Conversation

A Chat with Miss Express the other day

Me: srcyyyyyyyy src!

She: haha

Me: that was Khichdi's hansa ben :-P

She: aree, any1 4m khichdi would say that :-D

Me: khaana khake jaana huh! :D

She: NOOOO!!!!

Its hello, how are? Khana khake jaana ha :-P

Me: Yeah Right… :-P

She: I know, as always

Me: arre tu toh gadhi hain Gadhii :-D

She: :-D, but prafull is the epitome of stupidity and the way he explains every time hansa has a doubt is brilliant.

Me: Yeah like… main hoon naa :-P

She: tu aisa KYU hai?

Me: Lol!

She: Aye Anurag! ‘lol’ matlab?

Me: LOL Src…. Tumhara gajre wala gajre bechte wakt kya bolta hai?

She: Wait let me give it a try.....
Gajre le lo, gajre…khushboodaar mogre k gajre le lo, lo lo gajre lo :-D
She: Gajre le lo, le lo, le lo, [laughter] oh lo! Gajre lo!

Me: HAHA! …Exactly what I thought “Lol” :-D

She: Hailot!

Me: That was not Hansa!

She: How does it matter?

Me: Arre srcyyy tu toh gadhi hain Gadhi :-D

She: Ab Bas bhi kijeyain Haan, Bapuji!

Me: Bapuji? Me? Roflmao :-D

She: Aye Anurag! Roflmao Matlab :-D

Me: Hahaha! That’s it I have had enough now. :-D

She: But it was funnn :-D

This one is kind of a tribute to one of my favorite serials on Indian Tele… Khichdi/Instant Khichdi. Loved it whenever it was on. For those of you who don't know.. it's about this mad Gujrati family where most of them or rather all of them are stupid or do stupid things which invariably leads to funny situations.The kids seem to be the smartest and the concept is hilarious. At the end, its their love for each other that puts the icing on the cake.I have kind of tried to bring in all the dialogues or slangs that were used in it. If u know any other… do share it.

P.S: I had my S.E (Software Engineering) paper today. It went reasonably well. I guess I would like to say what a typical Mumbai University Engineering Student would say or would love to say after coming out of the Examination hall….Those 3 Golden Words

“Pass Ho Jaaoungaa” :D…
Thank you Mehreen for your Help :)


  1. cat on the wall was our golden word when we wrote exams...

    and in the end the cat always fell inside the well..

    whaats your case?

  2. Hey.. I too watch that serial.. Its really a nice serial.. Well. The conversation really made me go back to days of kichdi.. Lol..

  3. Ohh KHICHDI....

    it was one of my and my bro's fave serials. we laughed so much watching it.. yea the concept is so hilarious.... and my fave couple were hansa and prafool...

    "prafool... what is...??"

    "tum bhi na hansa... " :D

    "prafool GHADHAAYYY"

    LOL... wow.. you brought it all back :)

    Glad your paper went well :) And so sweet of you to thank me like that... it was really a teensy weensy point janab :)


  4. i toh looooved khichdi!! i catch instant khichdi whnevr i can :))

  5. That was one of the better serials !!! light hearted fun !!!

  6. @ Chriz

    Lol! Intresting way to put it mann...
    No! We just say or yell rather "PASS".... "PASS" :P :D

    @ Riya
    Yeah it's good ain't it :P...Am Glad u could go back to your past and relive those moments :P

  7. @ Warmsunshine

    Aila!I wrote the description of khichdi having u in mind...thought u won't know and it seems u hv caught all it's episodes :D...*Wow*...
    Yeah the whole thing was funny wasn't it.....Yes My paper went well :)

    @ Trinaa

    Yes it's still on the tele.. ain't it...:P
    I too catch it sometimes :D

    @ The Hitch Writer
    Well put mann ......."Light Hearted fun"...Should hv included that in my post ...Damn :D !!!

  8. This is the last and final call for my favourite friends and readers on blogger...WHERE ARE YOU ANURAAAG! :D

    Scribblers Inc.

    P.S.-kaisa hai brother!

  9. It remains to be one of the most original of Indian TV serials that had substance to it. Though I didn't watch it much. But I still respect it for its originality and creativity.

  10. @ Scribbler's Inc.

    Lol! Scribbler's mann ....I was busy dude.exams u see...I am fine mann ..U say ..loong time eh?

    *Hops skips and jumps to his blog* :D

    @ Alok

    Damn Right mann ....That's why we Loved Khichdi and still do :)

  11. haha! both u guys.. so cute!!
    I used to be hooked to khichdi years back..! :)

    btw.. SE is like my all time favourite subject! are you in second year?

  12. @ Bhai

    Nope S.E is a subject taught in 7'th sem year :P

  13. hope the exams went okk..

    hehe n kichdi.. was just awesome..


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