Monday, January 26, 2009

Getting "Taggy" with it!

Tag time once again .It’s Stephen who tagged me this time.
It’s been long since I have done one. So let’s get started.
Here it goes.
1. What are you listening to now?
-Akon’s “don’t Matter” from his Album Konvict …. I really think its better than Smack That. Don’t you?

2. What is your occupation?
-I am a Computer Engineering student. Final Year. Final Sem. Yaay !

3. What was the last thing you ate?
-Marie Biscuit with my morning tea :D

4.Last person you spoke to on phone?
-Yash, My friend and Project Partner. He asked me how much had I completed my part of the project. I told him half of the part but in reality I haven’t even started :P

5. How old are you today?
-21 though I wish I could say 20 :P
Btw who made this tag? :D

6.Last movie watched?
- Oh my God! Yes that is a Hindi film featuring Vinay Pathak.Nice feel good Movie. :)

7. Favourite day of the year?
- Umm....My Birthday I guess... Has to be :P
I mean who made this Tag :P

8.Favourite toy as a child?
- It’s getting interesting now. Well honestly don’t remember
*Calls his mom and asks*
Damn! Even mom doesn’t remember :P
9. Favorite season?
- Winter…Thanda Thanda …Cool. Cool… which ad was this :P

10.When was the last time you cried?
- I don’t cry that much. So Again I really don’t remember.
Btw wasn’t there a movie called Boys don’t cry! Yeah Right :D

11. Who is the friend you have had the longest?
- Wow. Well Yeah I take Stephen’s Answer here. If it was her sister. It has to be my brother :P

12.What did you do last night?
- Saw Star Screen Awards.Sajid Khan was a combination of LOL! And silly at times : P

13.What are you most afraid of?
- Will probably sound Clichéd …..but Failure.

14. Favorite day of the week?
- Nothing as such but I remember as a kid and even now it would be Friday.
As a kid coz I used to look forward to “all the best”. Err... A show that used to come on dd :P and then the Friday night movie at 9.30.Now of course with cable everything’s changed.
And now as the weekend arrives after Friday :)

15.How many states have you lived in?
- Two. Maharashtra and Orissa. It’s Maharashtra again now. :)
But why would you like to know that. I mean who made this tag.

16. What is your wish for this New Year?
- Study well, get good marks in exams, get selected in training and go for Job and make many friends. Same as Stephen. Your Answer Mann.

17. New year resolutions?
- Not to do any Tags. And I have never followed any Resolution till date :P
If anybody wants to do this tag they are always welcome.

P.S: College starts tomorrow. The last three months of my college life. My friend, a senior a year ago told me… out of all the years dude the final year is going to be the only year where you will have the maximum fun. Now I know what he meant. :)


  1. i took this one on my date post...


    good one.. to see this tag doing great rounds...

  2. heyyy boys do cry!!! :p

    n i am doing this tag!!!..hehe

  3. Well if someone could find out who made it, what are you planning to do about it??? :P

  4. @ Chriz

    Yeah ... It was a fun tag to do :)

    @ Neha

    I know they do ...and they should...not like the girls though :P

    You are more than welcome to do the tag :)

    @ TSW

    Thanxs man :)

    @ Akansha

    I am gonna sue him/her. Trust me I will :P

  5. maximum fun in last sem???.....perhaps i hav done a lot in my first sem...
    nice post anyways:)

  6. maximum fun in last sem.. hmmm.. depends on how u define fun.. if lazying around with little or no lectures to attend is it.. u sure r gonna have fun.. otherwise m not really sure :)
    Nicely done btw...

  7. you've stayed in my home state..woah way to go... thoda patriotism on the sleeves hai par... chalta hai...

  8. nice answers... yea.... who made this tag??? hehe

    hmmm last months at college... well there's no year like the last one, when the juniors start taking you for a senior after all !!!

    have fun!!! :)

  9. I hate this six things about me thing. It's annoyin cuz u neva know wat to write. Enjoy college life wen it lasts, mine just got over this month and i will miss it terribly! :(

  10. @ roflol

    Love your blog name :P
    Anyways yeah One can have fun in any sem really...but final year is special mann ......
    Welcome to my page :)

    @ azoed
    Lol yeah that's actually the fun I am talking about.And plus the contentment that you get.You feel like a senior :)

    @ Swayam

    Ohh tomme oriya ...:P...Aare mooon Oriya bhala kohi paare... Or so I think.:P..was in bbsr for a good 5 years.... :D

  11. @ Warmsunshine

    exactly ..I mean who made this tag??? :P

    And u said it mehreen ...this is exactly what I wanted to say to both "roflol" and "azoed" :)

    Ha! You are my senior afterall :D

    @ Crowscious

    lol...thank god that question wasn't there :P

    Yeah I sure will ... :)

    Welcome to my page :)

  12. typical tag...saala banata kaun hai ye sab?? :P
    loved ur answer to question 5! :)

  13. @ Trinaa

    Haan!#$#@@%% ...Kaun hain Woh :D

    Q.5....Lol! :P

    @ Ki

    Thanxs :)
    U R Blogrolled ...Long Overdue ...Damn! :D

  14. Hey.. Nicely written..enjoy your last sem.. Well.. I have got something for u on my blog.. Do check it out..

  15. i love winters too :-)
    hope ur having fun at college !


    Scribblers Inc.

    P.S.-whats up Mr Engineer? Inspire me to write man! I am totally dead! :(

  17. @ Riya

    I did check it and I got actually 4 words for ya ...
    Thank You ...And U Rock :P :D

    @ Emaan

    Yes Winters are too cool aren't they ...just like what u r wearing right now my cute li'l boy :D

    I sure will hv mann ...Thanxs :)

    @ Scribbler's INC.

    Exactly ...I hv been in the lookout for that insaan but haven't found him ....Wd let u know :P

    And that's the first real joke I hv heard in 2009...No I mean I am Serious ....Anurag is gonna inspire Scribbler Inc. To write something .....Ha! A Visit to your page and the stuff u got is far more potent mann .....

    Well if u still need any "Advice" I wd tell those 3 words which keep coming on the tele as advertisements by the central Government ....Changing the word "Grahak" in that let me just say ....

    "Jaggo Scribbler's .....jaago" :D


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