Friday, January 23, 2009

To Move on ...

I remember that summer day
Can’t say with fondness or not
With your skin glowing in the sun
In the shadow of your beauty, I was caught.

I remember that Rainy day
When our love had begun to blossom
When we took all those promises
Who knew it would account for some.

I remember that winter morning
When you said “Let’s end this, dear”
Swords went through my heart girl
I really couldn’t bear that to hear

I remember that night of spring
When you called up, don’t know why?
I was already in a cocoon my dear
I couldn’t even properly cry.

It’s summer again my dear
But now you are no where near
the cocoon’s broken, the love is gone
For I have decided to move on.

~~ Only If Moving on was that easy for some :P ~~

Listening to:-> Soniyo from Raaz-2
Beautifully Written and sung song.....
Neeraj Shridhar sings this portion beautifully at the beginning and at the end....

"Baby, come stand by my side

Come and be my guiding light …

I’ll be what you want me to be

I’ll give all my love in whole of my life Baby….

Come and be my guiding light"

"Tu dede mera saath, thaam le haath mein haath
Chahe jo bhi ho baat, tu bas de de mera saath" :) ...

Contrasting song ain't it..To the poem I have Written :D... But I like the song and the poem DOES NOT reflect my mental state :P


  1. love failure bro?

    lets go have a beer each... ill get drunk .. after that you gotta drag me back

  2. haha ...No mann...I said it in my post lol...

    But I like your Idea ....Just tell me when and where :P ???

  3. Hey.. Amazing poem.. Just says it all anyone wud want to say after a break up and for someone who has decided to move on.. Really very well written..

  4. a really nice and sensitive poem..nicely written...thank God ur not going through a breakup phase :D :D

  5. damn romantic..i think sad poems r d best ones dont u? errrrm...m a sadist!! :P

  6. This post does not affect my mental state

    ahem..ahem... Every poem needs an inspiration! I am still wondering what yours was... :P

  7. @ riya ...

    You think so....Thanxs :P

    @ Warmsunshine

    Thanxs :)

    @ Mads

    I know ...And am glad I clarified :D

    @ Trinaa

    Yes I do so too...Infact I hv forgetten what a "Happy poem" is :P
    Moi ain't a sadist though :)

    @ Akansha

    Inspiration ....well somethings are written without inspiration u know....

    But may be those early 90's sad kind of bollywood flicks when I was a little Kid :)


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