Sunday, November 13, 2011

That all Important Bus Ride !

We all have families and am sure we cherish them. But I am not sure how many of you value them.
You don't often realize their value until you stay away from them. I have done that for almost 2 years now and trust me it's a difficult thing...So here's presenting something which happens with me every friday when I make my trip from pune to my home in Navi Mumbai :) Hope you like it.

She waited, waited and waited endlessly

For any particular “thakeli” bus to arrive

In that rush of the so called “weekend public”, she stood

Waiting to go home, waiting to spend some time.

Her face, I saw, was just like mine

Enthusiastic, vibrant and fresh

Just the thing that a Friday evening does

It rejuvenates, it excites and it ends that wait.

That wait for the weekend and those 2 days

2 days with your friends and family

2 days of sleep, 2 days of good food

Oh those good ol’ 2 days

And finally that bus arrives after an endless wait

Pushing and shoving happens, almost like a local train

The “Mamaa” tells the driver…”Zaaoo Deyaa”

The lucky few get a seat while she doesn’t.

Disappointed, her endless wait stretches a little,

Still her face remains as fresh as a daisy,

Awaiting and almost reminiscing her last weekend

She has a wry smile, as innocent as a child.

Finally she manages to get inside the bus

I too luckily hop along.

Yes mom, I got the bus, I’ll be home soon

Her voice, all happy, excited and vibrant

And then, I see her again, her face a little disgruntled

Quite Opposite to what it was 2 days ago

That is exactly what a Monday Morning does to you

Makes for a gloomy, sad and a sleepy start.

But one thing I realize in all of this

It’s the family, friends and that surrounding

That makes one come back week after week

It’s not for anything that someone had famously said,

Home is where your heart is !

Thanks Shatabdi for asking me for my blog link…That thing made me write this :)

Friday, June 24, 2011

The New Template

Google keeps coming with some awesome things. The doodle for example.
The doodle paying tribute to Les Paul was one of the most mind blasting things I have seen in the recent past...Work and other matters have kept me away from blogger when I opened my page today, I thought the template design needs a change. So I went to the design change page after a long time and boy !.. Hasn't the whole set up changed. There are such fantastic templates available now...I remember a year or two ago I had to Google search for new templates but now blogger itself gives so you so many decent choices to choose from that you yourself get confused as to which one to choose.

Finally I found this and I think my page looks neat...I know it would look a lot neater if I write something :P...I am sure I'll come up with something soon guys. I promise :)

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Never make it Mundane

Life, Yeah dats what I am talking about. Sometimes, actually not sometimes, every time, everyday we tend to do the same things again and again, in the process forgetting that we even live a life you know. How much would one try and live according to somebody else? Your own family, Your own over hyped career growth, your own client, your own company. Sometimes you just would want to let it go.

It's like cricket players now-a-days. The more they play, the more they tend to get saturated or worn out. And I am not talking about being over-worked. I am talking about doing the same things again and again, everyday and every time. It's never easy to just break from your routine life. Never was and never will be. It's just that we don't try enough! Writing is another such thing. You just break away from it and then just don't tend to get that push to go on and blabber again :P

It's important that one should redefine himself every time and question thyself and try to learn in each step. Learning new things for a person should never stop. And when you are overworked. that one holiday works, try it , it really does and re-charges your battery every time. I end it with what I started with. Never make your life mundane . Be happy :)