Saturday, March 26, 2011

Never make it Mundane

Life, Yeah dats what I am talking about. Sometimes, actually not sometimes, every time, everyday we tend to do the same things again and again, in the process forgetting that we even live a life you know. How much would one try and live according to somebody else? Your own family, Your own over hyped career growth, your own client, your own company. Sometimes you just would want to let it go.

It's like cricket players now-a-days. The more they play, the more they tend to get saturated or worn out. And I am not talking about being over-worked. I am talking about doing the same things again and again, everyday and every time. It's never easy to just break from your routine life. Never was and never will be. It's just that we don't try enough! Writing is another such thing. You just break away from it and then just don't tend to get that push to go on and blabber again :P

It's important that one should redefine himself every time and question thyself and try to learn in each step. Learning new things for a person should never stop. And when you are overworked. that one holiday works, try it , it really does and re-charges your battery every time. I end it with what I started with. Never make your life mundane . Be happy :)


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