Friday, July 31, 2009

Tag time

Before going to the tag, Aarthi said I've to post the rules. So here we go-

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Share the ABCs of you.

I deleted the last 3 rules…Meri marzi :D

A to Z about me…. Main gita par kasam khaa kar kehtaa hu ki jo bhi kahungaa sach kahungaa aur sach ke sivai pata nahi kya kahungaa. :P

A Available/Single? - Both

B Best friend? - Can't single out one :P

C Cake or Pie? - Pie

D Do I want something right now? – Pie :D

E Essential item you use every day? – My P.C and the tele :P

F Freedom to me is? – Doing something without any hindrance

G Giggle / Laughter – None..Smile :)

H Heart / Brain – Use it when either one of them is required :P

I Indulgence? or Addiction? – The Internet :P

J January or February? – Right now ..I can’t wait for February to arrive :)

K Kids & their names? – Baah …Abhi se :P

L Life is...? – Baah ….long :P

M Mom – means everything :)

N Number of siblings? – 1 ..My big bro

O One thing I hate to accept? – Uncomfortable “Sacchais” about me :P

P Pictures / Reality – Reality ..Pics are highly deceptive

Q Quote for today? – Tags should be banned from the world of blogging :D

R Reason behind my brain working these days? – Eating fish :P

S Season? - Winters. ..Thanda Thanda …kool kool

T Tag 3 People? No I won’t :D.

U Unknown fact about me? - I am an extremely shy person

V Vegetable you don't like? – Jackfruit ..Yes it's a vegetable :P

W Worst habit? – Not to be mentioned in public :D

X X-rays you've had? – Too many ..I was a “sick” kid :D

Y Why ?? *Sigh* :P

Z Zodiac sign? – Taurean and no I am not stubborn :X

Tag No :2

Tagged by Stephen and Aarthi again …..Phew :P

Where is your cell phone? Kidhar toh padaa hogaa…Apne aap bajegaa re :D

Relationship? Bole toh :P

Your hair? A Sensitive Issue :D

Work? Is something I hardly do :D

Your sister? Cousin in the US ..Will not be there during rakhi :(

Your favorite thing? P.C

Your dream last night? I sleep peacefully :P

Your favorite drink? Paani :D

Your dream car? Realistically ….The SX-4 …Audi is a dream though :)

The room youre in? Has a fan :D

Your fears? Not being loved ….

What do you want to be in 10 years? Successful

Who did you hang out with this weekend? Don’t remember…Today is Friday :D

What are you not good at? You tell me :D

One of your wish list items? Many things :P

Where you grew up? Mumbai and bhubaneswar.

Last thing you did? Had Lunch

What are you wearing? Khekhekhekhe …*Evil Laugh*

What aren't you wearing? Muhahahahah ….why r u asking that :P

Your pet? Don’t have one

Your computer? Is a cherished possession ..and is working well now …* Touchwood*

Your life? Is kinda on the right track.

Your mood? Keeps changing

Missing? Yeah too many people

What are you thinking about right now? Why would someone like to know what Am I not wearing in a tag….Muhahahaha

Your kitchen? Smells nice every time ;)

Your summer? Bole toh :P

Your favorite color? Blue

Last time you laughed? I watched Shriman Shrimati after some 13 years today …Mann It’s still hilarious

Last time you cried? Don’t remember

School? Love to go back

Love? Duh !!!

Anybody intrested in picking it up ...Go onn ..Do it :P

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Return of 55 fiction

When one is going through what is called as "A Writer's block", one should always go back to what is simple and kind of easy to write.

So here's another 55'er for you :)

He sat there engulfed in his own thoughts.

He closed his eyes and thought about his decision again.

His family felt dejected and perhaps rightly so, he thought.

Your university rank would be a sheer waste”, his mother shouted.

But he had taken a final call

He was joining the Indian army.

In U.S or in U.K ...Joining the army is a matter of pride ...Sadly that's diminishing in our country ... :(

P.S: My Group Blog celebrated it's 1'st Birthday 10 days ago and I had written a nice li'l poem for it...Hope you guys like it :)

Click :-> here :)

Tuesday, July 21, 2009


Okay strangely I am not able to think of what to post... So here is something which I wanted to include as a “p.s” on a post that I had written earlier but couldn’t due to some or the other reason. These are random pics clicked by yours truly when he was busy doing nothing :D

Picture 1

Waiting for the train to arrive can be one of the most boring if not the most boring things one could imagine...i.e. when one has arrived 2 hours before the scheduled time of departure :P :P…and at that time, a nap doesn’t help either. So Thivim station in Goa it was when my roving eye fell to this marvel right here. Yeah this is the reality of the Indian stations. And there is no one to fix it too… I am damn sure it’s in a similar state as of now…*Sigh*

Picture 2

Yeah...It ain't a comfortable pic I know :D...but I am not sure about your house but the surroundings of my house are full of pigeons. These have entered my house zillions of times. And yes they have done this too. I don’t know what to say here ...”Bechare" plants or "Bechari" pigeon …Next day the egg was not to be found …Guess either a crow or something else might have poached in...Yeah it was sad…but what can one do really? It doesn’t quite happen now but it’s not that it cannot happen again …Any Solutions people ?

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chitto Chat

Hello …How are? Yeah I have been away. It’s been kinda harrowing week. My P.C went to sleep.This after a stupid facebook quiz declared me a "Computer Proffessional". Facebook is spying on us I am telling ya :D...Anyways the Motherboard had to be replaced. 3 days without it working made it unbearable for moi. But it is fixed and working well now. Even I have gone completely vella as far as my writing goes. Bleh! may be is the word to describe me right now.

Coming back to this post though .Now chatting is now slowing becoming quite redundant for me as it is kinda the usual stuff…Like the hello how are? thingies …But some 2 weeks ago I probably had the most “giggliest” of chats ever. It went something like this…

I was invisible in gtalk and then in middle of our convo

She: hmm...
abbey o.l aa na re

me: kyon?
what diff does it make?

She: mr. india ban ke kya mil raha hai?

me: mann kii shanti

She: tan ki o/l aane se milegi :P

me: chee chee ..kya bol rahi hain :D

She: abbey....
jaa shoo

me: lol
U said it
binaa kuch sochhe

She: uska woh matlab nahi tha.. n u kno that :

me: lol...don't think I hv laughed so much during a chat as I am doing now :D :D

She: laughing at my expense... nalayak!

me: hehehe ..tan ki shanti ...You saying this ..OmG
facebook is right then

She: shooooooo

me: about your status
pick up line

She: wht status?

me: arey woh kuch tha :P

She : Yeah whatever!

me: hehehe
anyways I gtg

She: kahan?

me: since u doing so much soo soo :D
ohh sorry shoo shoo :D

She: bahut maar khayega

me: OmG

She: u better hope i don come there soon

me: Laughs his ... off

She: jaa jaa...

me: ohhk ohhk

She: bye

I still don’t understand what she meant by tan ki shanti though :D