Friday, July 31, 2009

Tag time

Before going to the tag, Aarthi said I've to post the rules. So here we go-

1. Link the person who tagged you.
2. Post the rules on your blog.

3. Share the ABCs of you.

I deleted the last 3 rules…Meri marzi :D

A to Z about me…. Main gita par kasam khaa kar kehtaa hu ki jo bhi kahungaa sach kahungaa aur sach ke sivai pata nahi kya kahungaa. :P

A Available/Single? - Both

B Best friend? - Can't single out one :P

C Cake or Pie? - Pie

D Do I want something right now? – Pie :D

E Essential item you use every day? – My P.C and the tele :P

F Freedom to me is? – Doing something without any hindrance

G Giggle / Laughter – None..Smile :)

H Heart / Brain – Use it when either one of them is required :P

I Indulgence? or Addiction? – The Internet :P

J January or February? – Right now ..I can’t wait for February to arrive :)

K Kids & their names? – Baah …Abhi se :P

L Life is...? – Baah ….long :P

M Mom – means everything :)

N Number of siblings? – 1 ..My big bro

O One thing I hate to accept? – Uncomfortable “Sacchais” about me :P

P Pictures / Reality – Reality ..Pics are highly deceptive

Q Quote for today? – Tags should be banned from the world of blogging :D

R Reason behind my brain working these days? – Eating fish :P

S Season? - Winters. ..Thanda Thanda …kool kool

T Tag 3 People? No I won’t :D.

U Unknown fact about me? - I am an extremely shy person

V Vegetable you don't like? – Jackfruit ..Yes it's a vegetable :P

W Worst habit? – Not to be mentioned in public :D

X X-rays you've had? – Too many ..I was a “sick” kid :D

Y Why ?? *Sigh* :P

Z Zodiac sign? – Taurean and no I am not stubborn :X

Tag No :2

Tagged by Stephen and Aarthi again …..Phew :P

Where is your cell phone? Kidhar toh padaa hogaa…Apne aap bajegaa re :D

Relationship? Bole toh :P

Your hair? A Sensitive Issue :D

Work? Is something I hardly do :D

Your sister? Cousin in the US ..Will not be there during rakhi :(

Your favorite thing? P.C

Your dream last night? I sleep peacefully :P

Your favorite drink? Paani :D

Your dream car? Realistically ….The SX-4 …Audi is a dream though :)

The room youre in? Has a fan :D

Your fears? Not being loved ….

What do you want to be in 10 years? Successful

Who did you hang out with this weekend? Don’t remember…Today is Friday :D

What are you not good at? You tell me :D

One of your wish list items? Many things :P

Where you grew up? Mumbai and bhubaneswar.

Last thing you did? Had Lunch

What are you wearing? Khekhekhekhe …*Evil Laugh*

What aren't you wearing? Muhahahahah ….why r u asking that :P

Your pet? Don’t have one

Your computer? Is a cherished possession ..and is working well now …* Touchwood*

Your life? Is kinda on the right track.

Your mood? Keeps changing

Missing? Yeah too many people

What are you thinking about right now? Why would someone like to know what Am I not wearing in a tag….Muhahahaha

Your kitchen? Smells nice every time ;)

Your summer? Bole toh :P

Your favorite color? Blue

Last time you laughed? I watched Shriman Shrimati after some 13 years today …Mann It’s still hilarious

Last time you cried? Don’t remember

School? Love to go back

Love? Duh !!!

Anybody intrested in picking it up ...Go onn ..Do it :P


  1. Good good! :)

    Both the tags nicely done! Proud of you! :P :P

  2. I like the what are you wearing and what aren't you wearing!!! ;)

  3. haha gud 1

    Last time you laughed? I watched Shriman Shrimati after some 13 years today …Mann It’s still hilarious????

  4. sorrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrry budddy
    but Like it or not, you are tagged !!
    Ha ha ha !!

  5. Bhakk. these tags are sucha dimaag khau ! I stopped reading after the 1st tag.. and you know what ? bachhon ke naam decide karke , jaldi se shaadi karlo..oh shit..I mean the otherway round :)..
    And Taurean?.. self-obsessed hote hai ! aquarius ke dosst hote hai.. so issi baat par I say what I ame for. HAPPY wala FRIENDSHIP day! :))))0

  6. hi buddy ! u haven't done my tag yet.. grrr... not fair !!!
    as a punishment ive tagged you (again) .. hee hee.. but this one is mandatory ! check 'Sach ka Samna' on my blog :-)

    happy f'ship day

  7. shriman shrimati mast tha...
    hehe cool tag and u also hate tags kya? :(

    all taureans are stubborn...accept it :D
    (no u wont accept it..which really makes u stubborn, hehehe) :P

  8. Main gita par kasam khaa kar kehtaa hu ki jo bhi kahungaa sach kahungaa aur sach ke sivai pata nahi kya kahungaa

    LOLZ!!!!!!! I am laughing after a very long time!!!!! Thanks to this post of yours!


Go Onn ..... Do it !!!!!