Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Do You Have it in you?

Two of my friends who will pass out with me this year (Results are yet to be declared) got jobs in their respective fields, there are other acquaintances of mine who are working too. Work, in this recession time you would ask? Well I ask, Recession…what Recession? If these people can get jobs in this slump period, where is Recession? There is a small differentiator though, a differentiator that makes them different.

We all want to do various things in life. But how many of us really do it in real life? Wanting is one thing but doing the same in reality is another. Perhaps those two and my other acquaintances do more, than want. One would argue that there is that luck factor too. But I always believe, one makes his or her own luck. As that Celion Dion song goes

“Love comes to those who believe in it”

Well even work comes to those I guess who go for it, not simply want it.

One would argue though that there is something called as “Luck” too. Well there is this girl
in my class who tops in every sem, yet is not placed anywhere. Whenever we have a chat, she always cribs of not being lucky enough and I always tell her this that someone will have luck come to them in a jiffy while others get it a lit later in their lives. May be you fall into the latter category. But there is no denying in the fact that you have to do it …to get it... You must have that extra zing in you to survive in this competitive world. Period.

P.S: Now I know for a fact that there are lots of tamilians who visit my blog ;)..So I want ask them this… what’s with Tamil Film Makers and over the Top Cinema?
I was watching the Wanted Promo and It so looks like Ghajini ..One Man Army who has a chick that dances all around him ??
P.P.S : I liked Ghajini though :D


  1. That is something really strong coming from you for a change! :P

    Coming to the point... I personally feel the same about the 'luck' factor... it all depends on what we do to achieve what we want. Luck does play an important part but the major part is played by our desire for that particular thing... its about the fire under the belly... that hopeless passion behind your 'want'.

    Once you 'want' something (in the true sense of it), work towards it and sweat it out...then surely you will have it! I have always followed this principle in my life and hence, my views! :)

  2. And yep, about the south indian film makers... I seriously don't understand why on earth do they make such movies! :P

    So friggin' unreal...they always try to keep the 'seriousness' throughout the movie, but I just end up laughing at all of it! :P Now you know how Rajnikanth came into prominence! Duh!

    P.S.: Me a tamilian too! :P

  3. dude.....the girls srsly needs a good friend like me :P ....tell her that u have a frnd whose condition is even worsier...there is nothing called luck dude......its all in our thinking..i was lucky enough then i wud have gt my joining as soon as my exams got over...some times life treats u in a harsh way ...nd u shd be ready to accept anything....like u nd me...i wnt say that u r lucky enuf coz u hve ur joining nd i dnt...we almost face the same situation....well i hvent seen 'wanted' promo ...just knw that prabhu deva is sick of mking such rogue based stories.,...that movie was a suprhit in tamil but i hate it....

  4. Well lucky or not...totally depends..but u shudn't rely on luck all the time....and yeah..after u come out of college, starts the real competition, right?

    about southie films..i fail to understand that too :P

  5. haha.. yet another tamil guy here.. and sometimes u shudnt search for logic

  6. YOu know, I've been lucky all my life. I never studied all through medical college but suddenly, within a very short period of time, everything changed. Relationships, family, studies, it all jus went into some kind of warp. So luck does matter, a lot. But it comes and goes so it's best to just leave it out of the equation. Good luck always helps of course LOL

    Also, HELLLOOOOOO Tamil cinema is awesome. I know some is a lil over the top, but over all they make some KICK ASS movies, many better than anythin Bollywood can EVER churn out. Tamil pride speakin' LOL. Peace.

  7. Interesting read. I guess opportunity knocks on every door, but I guess it comes in only to those who take that chance to open those doors.

    First time. Will frequent more.

  8. see my batchmates all toppers got placed in the very 1st company ...and then collg made a rule that u can't sit for more than one company ...unless the whole batch is placed ..coz of this recession now these guys ...got a regret letter ..from the company. The company was L&T btw ...now they have all the right to curse their luck !

    and yeah it's not about tamil alone ..it's about all south indian movies ...Wanted was Pokiri in Telugu ...it was nice but :P


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