Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Engineered, But...

So, I am done with my engineering finally. I managed to get a distinction in my final year. But now, I ask myself this, Was it all worth it? Does Er. Anurag make me all proud? Have I achieved anything except may be graduating from an AICTE Approved University? Well the answer to all of the above is obviously a Big NO!

You know, now that I have graduated and am ready to make that transition into an office kind of an environment, I am kinda starting to understand the difference here. Why on earth do companies come and take fresh graduates like us? What is it that separates us from any other guy on the Street? It’s the quality of education one would say! Naa… I think they expect something much more from us. And that “Much more” thingy sadly is not taught inside colleges. The Professor who teaches us inside the classroom just imparts his knowledge and goes away. But frankly is that of any use? Last 10 days of exams…Put in as much of stuff as you can in your squeaky little mouth and once you reach the exam hall and the bell sounds, just vomit or puke it out…Or then dress up properly during Viva time and plant a nice li’l smile in front of a zombie who would either try to grin at you or try to terrorize you blabbering all sorts of things like ”I will fail you” or “You know absolutely nothing, why don’t you go and do a bsc?” Ironically some girls even shed tears coming out of the viva room. Noobs don’t even realize that these things won’t have any effect on their viva marks. They ultimately lie with the internal. So it’s the subject teacher's wrath that they should be scared about and not of any zombie who’s job is to mock and ridicule you… All these are disappointing realities in our education system.

But sadly this reality doesn’t quite work in a private office environment. Here one has to have a know-how of various things. One has to practice what one has preached…But sadly no one has done that…All one has done so far is puked…puked out knowledge. The one’s responsible for this i.e. exams…they are gonna continue…I don’t think anybody will scrap that and may be it shouldn’t… But one could do with some kind of accountability. That yes I understand this. I don’t wanna puke if I know this! Eventually the onus is on us. How can we ourselves enhance our own skills and come out trumps! Perhaps the old man’s saying is applicable even today… Self Help is the best help one can do for himself. :)


  1. It's the case here as well... i don't know about other places.

    Congratulations on getting a distinction. It will help you in professional life when you'll tell a potential employer that you got distinction. So cheer up :) Celebrate your achievement :)


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  3. Arrey they are scrapping tenth boards na... they'll reach engineering too in some time... hopefully! Sab kuch hamara kaam hone ke baad hi hota hai vaise... :P

  4. :)

    the last line ws bang on man!
    good one :)

  5. I liked the last line too :D

  6. nice post...i dont see our education system going anywhere... :|

  7. @ Mehreen

    Well I guess so....it must be the same...and may be u r right..have 2 wait N watch :)

    @ Akansha

    Lol..So true..hamare time pe ye sab kyun nahin hota :D

    @ Express and ki

    Well I initially thought that I shouldn't have mixed Self and himself together..but if you Guys like it..then guess it's okay :)

    @ Mads

    Thanks mads...though I am an optimist....I kinda agree :(


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