Saturday, September 5, 2009

Moonlit Sky

She stood there, almost numb, as she saw the dark clouds gather over the moon. But she was looking for something else. Something which she thought, would haunt her for the rest of her life.

He went down on his knees that day as he proposed to her...
Do you mind spending the rest of your life with me, Anita? The room went silent. She didn’t know how to react. Obviously she was happy, but a part of her heart wasn’t quite sure. The crowd of 5 people inside the room including Rishi awaited with bated breadth. “Yes!” came her reply and everybody in the room got what they wanted to hear. But was it a wholehearted yes, Rishi Wondered.

“What’s the matter Ani?”

“I don’t know Rish, I just don’t know!”

“Have you found someone else in these last 2 years?”

“No that’s not the case Rish, it’s just that 2 years ago you were not a captain in the Indian Army”

“I see, you have a problem of me being in the army?”

“No Rish, I am worried about you…they have posted you in the north-west frontier.”

“Your concerns are uncalled for Ani, there is very little infiltration now-a-days”

“Still …Anything could happen”

“What do you want me to do Ani, Make sacrifices??

“Well somebody has to rish…ain’t it?

“I have made enough sacrifices to get into where I am now Ani…I am sorry I can’t leave that.”

She thought long and hard that night and had made her decision. I am sorry rish I can’t marry you.

He was heart-broken.

Can I have your number, she asked almost embarrassed

What’s the use Ani…Just incase I die…just look up in the sky and I will be right up there as a shining star, he bid her a goodbye.

And there she was, looking towards the sky that night, but she couldn’t see any star…All she saw were dark clouds covering the moonlit sky.


  1. That's the first serious fiction I've read from you. Nice one. Engrossing for a mush-pot like me :P

    Good one!

  2. nice writeup
    very cold and much like reality!

  3. happens all the time these days with most people..sad, very sad..but true!

    really a good one! :-D


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