Saturday, October 3, 2009

A Hair Raiser

Ok I have to confess first off that I have a problem with my hair. Yes I do. I am not a baldie though…No I am not, neither am I on my way to becoming one but some people and I mean SOME PEOPLE just don’t get it or may be they do but just for their own beneficial reason, choose not to. Okay so what happened? This is what…

I was walking on the streets in my own merry way which means I usually don’t give a damn of the people around me. So if a friend or an acquaintance happens to pass by me, I wouldn’t know unless he/she calls me in a crowd. So as I was walking down the street I hear a woman go “Aapke baal jhadd raha hain naa”? I was like Wtf? where ‘w’ was equal to who? I turned around to find a saleswomen in her mid 30’s(not like the one in the pic... though I wish! :D) standing with different kinds of ayurvedic medicines kept in a dingy. I kinda went huh? ..She was like haan haan jhad rahe hain… Ye medicine aapke baalon ko…blah..blah..blah…She kept on saying stuffs which I kept hearing from my one ear and let go of another. I was least interested. What bothered me more was…was this saleswomen saying it because she was one? Others don’t say it coz they are not trying to sell their stuff? They don’t wanna hurt me? Well it’s not that people haven’t pointed this out to me but geez…it hurts when some stranger tells you out of the blue. It hurts deep down.

Ohh for those wondering what I did next. I didn’t wait there for more than 10 seconds before I said to her thank you! Ohh but she was a saleswomen and a good one at that…She said these two words putting more salts on to my wounds as it were… “Khyaal rakhna!” …I went “F U” in my head…the thing kept on playing in my head for the next 20 minutes before I could reach the comfort of my house. Why pick me up out of the crowd. Do ordinary people on the street notice it too? But I ended with a sigh in the end …*Saleswomen* …I think I did the right thing. I shouldn’t let these things bother me. There are million other things to bother about. No point in raising my hair for this as it were! But I concluded with a thought that..Never go through a street where there are sales persons around especially those selling Hairy products :D

P.S : The pic is just to show how the saleswomen was "dragging" me as it were, to take her stuff :D ..She was unsuccessful though :D


  1. eeehhhh that sucks. i hate it when ppl pass blunt remarks. but since she trying to earn her bread and butter, guess she had to. don't take it to heart, man. you're a cutie :)

  2. Arrey, it was just a coincidence... lot of people have problem with their hair, that is the reason why she's selling those things in the first place... ;)

  3. Arre seriously don't listen to such people. Someone tried to sell me something 'motapa kam karne ke liye' once. I nearly chopped his head off. x-(

  4. "kya aapke baal jhaad rahe hai?"

    A : "uhh...atleast from whatevr i have seen..NO!". seriously. :-D

  5. @ Warmsunshine

    hehe I am not mehreen ..don't worry...the last para says I am not!

    *Blushes at the cutie line* :)

    @ Akansha

    I don't think you can include me in those "lot of people" that you mentioned...Yeah well I shouldn't take that seriously...I kinda agree :)

    @ Ki

    was that a typo ki..somebody gave u a 'motapa kam karne ke liye' thingy or badhane ke liye coz for what I hv seen of u the latter sounds more appropriate :P :P

    @ Neha

    You haven't seen much dear :) haven't :P

  6. Khyaal rakhna ?! Tat was her parting line?! Then I must say she was a good salesperson! At least she tried her best tactics! :D

  7. haan toh matlab u are losing hair? :-o lol

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  9. Funny. My husband tried Rogaine, but it made him dizzy, one of the side effects, even though he just rubbed it on his scalp!!! He also found beard dye made his skin burn, so he's just going with balding & grey!


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