Friday, October 30, 2009

Baby, I am addicted!

Opened my diary and hence writing this post after a long time. Don’t know what’s wrong with me? Perhaps the title of the post is! Not perhaps but that is it! I am Addicted. Addicted to a certain kind of life. Sleep, get up, spend useless time in my comp. Eat. Sleep. Spend useless time on my comp. and then eat sleep again.

Yesterday when I got bored of all that, and it was just for a moment…I picked up the newspaper and read this nice article about addiction. There, it mentioned regarding Lakshmi Mittal, the richie rich guy, who was once traveling in his car to spend time in his golf course which he did every Saturday Morning, but then mid-way he stopped his driver and told him to take him back. Why? Because he thought he was getting addicted! Addicted to playing golf every Saturday! And apparently he hates addiction, addiction of any kind. Even Hard work! Then it also mentioned about Miley Cyrus deleting her Twitter page for the same reason! She explained so beautifully when she said that she thought that people all over the world could maybe take a little vacation from Cyberspace. Her problem with the internet was that it made negativity so available. It allowed people to anonymously hurt others without any consequences. That was not the real world. Not only that, but if we spent more time enjoying what we were doing besides tweeting about it, we would enjoy our lives a whole lot more. She said she had very little free time and the moments that she did have, she should have been spending it with her family and friends and love every minute of their company…That was so true. In a way she said about how she was getting addicted to the virtual world and wanted to quit to get a feel of realism.

But is getting rid of it so easy? One just has to say I quit! And that is it? Surely one is addicted to one thing as he/she likes doing it. In my case though I would say I have nothing better to do! Can I get rid of it? Yes, if I find something better to do! Writing may be! But it is difficult…like quitting smoking or drinking… A monotonous life gets to you after a while! It really does…Perhaps the best kind of advice I got was from a old school classmate of mine…I didn’t ask him directly about what to do but in a conversation I told him something which only a person who has nothing better to do would remember! I mean it was not a thing which a normal guy would give heed to…and he was like “Wtf dude! Do u secretly spy on us or something? Get a life man! Get a girl! Everyone from school that I know of... is committed except u! A girl will keep you in check and make you meet with reality. I laughed of the idea…but anything will do to get me out of this…Any suggestions people? :P


  1. i like your friend's suggestion!! go naa..get a girl...(n remember all the work you can get done? :-p)...see its not waste of time! hehe

    and waise dont worry...this 'monotonous' life is for sometime only...uske baad toh kaam hi kaam karna hai na!

  2. Arrey itna difficult nahi hai... I haven't touched fb for the past 11 days, 12th day running, and meri aadat thi, as soon as I opened chrome the first two tabs, gmail and fb got opened in quick succession! But I decided, addiction thoda zyada ho raha hai! and I should be doing something to get rid of it esp coz of exams... toh itna bhi difficult nahi hai... haan if you involve people who will not let your morale go down even when you're heavily tempted, it helps... :D

    And about your gf... sry jiski bhi shaamat aa rhi hogi :P

  3. ur title sopunded like Enrique's song....which brought me here.... Ohh so u hv this Addiction..overcome it soon...using ur frnds suggestions... ;)


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