Sunday, March 29, 2009

The "Banana" Experience

I had heard about it. Seen it on MTV roadies (last season or last to last…Don’t Remember) But unless you experience it yourself you won’t really know what is it all about. Yes it was risky but boy was it fun. This Banana Ride is a MUST DO...Yes for non-Swimmers too…in fact especially for them :D

So, there I was, thinking that nothing could beat the scooter ride (which was fun) with water splashing all over your face and you feeling like Abhishek Bachchan of Dhoom-1 (The climax scene) driving that thingy. But after that the banana boat was next. My friends who had been to Goa earlier had told me before leaving …”It’s Ok if you don’t do the other 3 rides but make sure you do this one”.Jeeez what would happen?” would I drown?? I had that fear initially but later I realized that was uncalled for and something else would cause a “problem”:P

My Life Jacket was on and we were all set.5 people sit on the boat and I was right behind. And so they started to drag the boat off the shore. That itself was a headache for the lifeguards as the Hugh waves (because of the high tide) would drag the boat behind every time they would try the same. (And of course the waves would make us all a “wetty” mess every time :D).Some how the guy in the front managed to pass on the rope to the man who controlled the main boat. Now what happens in this particular ride is a rope is connected between the main boat (which is driven by a motor) and the banana boat and the main boat drags the banana boat right in the middle of the sea and then takes a wicked turn and everybody sitting on it have a decent bath in the middle of the sea :D

And so it happened. As the cliché goes We all fell down :P As I fell I could feel my body going down initially and then coming up. As it came up I saw one of my 5 buddies in front of me. I told him to hold my hand. The great Swimming champ that he was (The rest all 4 knew how to swim or at least knew how to float) he said “Abbe Float karna hain... haath chod”...WTF..Damn it...I don’t know how to do that. I was gasping for air and at one point I thought I would faint. My friends later told me that my head was completely submerged in the water and legs were up floating. Yeah was funny for them …not for me. Now as the “rules” in the ride go one has to get on the banana boat (all 5 of them) so that we can be dropped (literally :D) near the shore. But hey where was I …I was floating :D …At one point I could hear one of my 5 friends calling my name out loud as he thought I would quite literally float away from the boat :P

The Climax :-> Somehow I managed to reach the boat (or the boat reached me I would never know :D).....Now getting on the boat was yet another task…I did take help of the lifeguard who was there to lift us up..but not before pushing him into the sea at one point :D
WTF are you doing my friends shouted :D ….Ok Second attempt ….Yes I managed this time…It was time now to get back to the shore. But around 20 seconds later the boat again had a swing...a palti …. WTF …Here we go again I thought ….Rather not again :D ….

Then One of them said....

"Abbe Niche pairre rakh ke dekh ……Zameen hain”

Yes Yes...We had reached the Shore….After spending THE 10 MINUTES there. But not before me consuming around 3 litres of water and 2 kg’s of salt :D …But hey this one does give you an adrenaline rush…But I had fun … Do Give it a try...At least once…. :P

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Simple yet Unique

I was watching a tele-film the other day based on the life of a gangster’s wife who ultimately becomes one herself. There was this dialogue in it between the then “friends” gangster and his wife which kind of struck a chord.
It went like this

Boy (gangster): What’s your name?
She: My name is Rajshri but lovingly people call me Raju.
Boy: That’s so sweet!
Girl: What’s your name?
Boy: My name is Rahul .But nobody loves me around here and so I get called by that name itself.

I know it was simple but yet it had such a silent undertone to it and was so well enacted that it kind of struck.

Well on a personal note, I am starting to get famous now: P …Well like many others I got interviewed by the Pakspectator site and I guess my interview turned out to be reasonably good if others are to be believed :P. Have a look here .

Also would like to mention that Pavitra had bestowed me with these “awards” ages back. She gave me three, one of which was this one :D and yes, I still like awards :D :D … So thank you Pavitra… Appreciate it.

Aaj ye ek line maarne ka bahut mann kar raha hain toh maar hee detaa hoon end mein :P

Who kehtein hain naa …”Jo hotaa hain acche ke liye hotaa hain”… Sahin kehte hain :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 'Holi'day :)

“Holi kab hain? Kab Hain Holi?” The famous Dialogue of Gabbar Singh from Sholay still echoes loud. The actual answer to that is “Tomorrow” …”Kal Hain Sardar” :D In school I remember just a day before holi after the school ended we didn’t have colors with us obviously but we used to greet each other mockingly saying “Arre yaar Happy “Holi”day. (Pronounce it that way :P) Holi used to be so much fun those days but sadly it ain’t anymore :(


Because of this!

The Excuse? “Its Holi yaar” …

”Yes it is but this plastic …Is this Holi?”

“Arre ‘Uncle’ (Yeah that’s what they call me these days) “Ek hee toh din milta hain, Bas kya” …
Yeah that’s such a lame excuse kiddo.

“Who will clean this up?”

“Arre ‘Uncle’ woh kachre waala aayegaa naa kal” ….

“Yes he will but will this decompose or degrade? Why do they tell us to use paper bags instead of plastic bags these days...Do you have any idea?

“Arre Yaar Sorry bol de …Sorry ‘Uncle’ “…..

Yeah right that’s what you got you noobs and 5 minutes later they continue to hit each other with those water filled plastic bags….

Well I did make the whole above thingy up …Well to be frank I would never have the guts to tell them all of that but I am 99.9 % sure that even if I would, the above scenario would turn out to be the same.

Holi is a festival of Colors, water and having truck loads of fun. But should it be an excuse for some people to use Tar,Paints and different kind of Chemicals which could potentially damage one’s skin?? Should it be an excuse for some people to use water Balloons which could potentially (if hit in the eye) could lead to permanent blindness? Should it be an excuse for some people to use sewage polluted water which could lead to more diseases and spread “Yuckiness” all around in the name of having “FUN”? Should it be an excuse for some to use plastics which is so damaging for the environment and leads to filthiness and pollution? And I should also say this “Should it be an excuse for some perverts to eve-tease other women?” Having “FUN” has its limits people ……Have a safe and a very Colorful Holi everyone....

Have Fun like this :)

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Love Does Things

I see them often
See them Happy and smiling
There’s a twinkle in her eye
Their life doesn’t seem so dry

Both seem too engrossed
So much into each other
Ohh! So this is love?
Where you don’t see beyond one another

They hold their hands tightly
And make a lovey-dovey picture
Ohh! So this is what love does to you?
Where everything seems to get new

May be they make promises
For a happy and a long-lasting future
Ohh! So love requires us to make those
Where you have to fulfill the one you chose

Does love does this to you?
Where everything around doesn’t exist?
Where one can’t really distinguish anything?
Ha! Did anyone once famously say “Love is blind”

And I am single :)

P.S : Read these 2 lines while Blog Hopping and loved it..... Those lines were

"Sham se ankhon mein nami si hain...
aaj phir aapki ek kami si hain..." :)