Saturday, March 7, 2009

Love Does Things

I see them often
See them Happy and smiling
There’s a twinkle in her eye
Their life doesn’t seem so dry

Both seem too engrossed
So much into each other
Ohh! So this is love?
Where you don’t see beyond one another

They hold their hands tightly
And make a lovey-dovey picture
Ohh! So this is what love does to you?
Where everything seems to get new

May be they make promises
For a happy and a long-lasting future
Ohh! So love requires us to make those
Where you have to fulfill the one you chose

Does love does this to you?
Where everything around doesn’t exist?
Where one can’t really distinguish anything?
Ha! Did anyone once famously say “Love is blind”

And I am single :)

P.S : Read these 2 lines while Blog Hopping and loved it..... Those lines were

"Sham se ankhon mein nami si hain...
aaj phir aapki ek kami si hain..." :)


  1. so what if we r single?? ye soch ki phone ka bill kitna bach jata hai!!!

  2. hey nice one :D
    are u sure ur single?? :O :P :P :P

  3. nice. the last two lines are from a jagjit singh ghazal

  4. Single hone par ye haal hai! ;)

    Aage jaakar pata nahi kya hoga... :P

  5. hehe.. single aye??? enjoy it :P one day you'll be married and would miss these days :D

  6. @ Trinaa

    Oye ye toh maine socha hee nahin....High 5 !!

    @ Ani

    Thanxs :)

    @ Pavitra ...

    Woweee I loved ur comment too :)
    Thanxs :)

  7. @ Mads

    You have Shak kya :P
    Don't go by my writings re....Yes I am :D

    @ Quirky Mon

    Thanxs for telling me ...didn't know ...and welcome here :)

    @ Akansha

    I don't want to know girl ....Don't want to :D

    @ Warmsunshine

    Kaun jaane aage kya likha hain :D *filmy* ...But Yes singledom rocks and me loving it :)

  8. u have 2 experience being 'double' to cherish being single.

    and here's experience talking,

    Being in a relationship and being in love are 2 things. connected, but different.

    and if u r single,
    dont not mean u r not in love :P

    so, bata,
    kon hai bey woh?

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