Sunday, March 15, 2009

Simple yet Unique

I was watching a tele-film the other day based on the life of a gangster’s wife who ultimately becomes one herself. There was this dialogue in it between the then “friends” gangster and his wife which kind of struck a chord.
It went like this

Boy (gangster): What’s your name?
She: My name is Rajshri but lovingly people call me Raju.
Boy: That’s so sweet!
Girl: What’s your name?
Boy: My name is Rahul .But nobody loves me around here and so I get called by that name itself.

I know it was simple but yet it had such a silent undertone to it and was so well enacted that it kind of struck.

Well on a personal note, I am starting to get famous now: P …Well like many others I got interviewed by the Pakspectator site and I guess my interview turned out to be reasonably good if others are to be believed :P. Have a look here .

Also would like to mention that Pavitra had bestowed me with these “awards” ages back. She gave me three, one of which was this one :D and yes, I still like awards :D :D … So thank you Pavitra… Appreciate it.

Aaj ye ek line maarne ka bahut mann kar raha hain toh maar hee detaa hoon end mein :P

Who kehtein hain naa …”Jo hotaa hain acche ke liye hotaa hain”… Sahin kehte hain :)


  1. Nobody loves me that it was they shouldn't call me by any name at all na..Rahul hi kyo bulaate hai?..aur koi nickname hona zyada accha hai than being called a GUY's name RAJU =P

    and ayeeee..line mat copy kar Abhay Deol ki! :P

  2. And m feelin so dhinchaaaaaak!..I am mentioned in te interview (though I already knew about it :D)

  3. Aww.. poor gangsta guy. Still, he managed to marry that girl na. He's lucky.

  4. @ Crystal zee

    Hehe ...Point hain ... But I guess what he was trying to say was that he doesn't have a nickname :P

    And well yeah raju's a funny name for a girl but this one's a dialogue from sony's special @ 10 series called "Rajuben" ..So Raju being a short for Rajshri is kinda cute ..Don't cha think :P

    And yes you deserved to be mentioned girl :)

    @ Crowscious

    Yeah well he did ....He was ...Not sure the girl was though :P

  5. woohoo someone's getting famous :P
    nicely done interview :)

    And yaaayss! I'm in your top three! You made my day budz :)

    Thanks for the support from day one :)

    Love ya for that!

  6. @Anurag: read your interview buddy.. good good.. enjoy the celebrityhood and start giving out autographs.. :D
    nice post anurag :)

  7. yeah Rajuben se hai?
    haw..I missed my uncle's serial..shit!!..:(

  8. Thumbs up for the interview !! :D Naaice..liked it!! :D

    Ye kaunsi movie? :O Poor gangsta! :(

    Keep writing to bring a smile on people's faces. Noble cause! And u rock, man! :D


  9. kaunsi movie? mujhe bhi dekhni hai!

  10. @ Warmsunshine

    My pleasure girl....My pleasure... U deserve it
    And Thanxs :)

    @ The Pink Orchid

    Haan Celebrity jaise feeling aati hain :D
    Thanxs Orchid :)

    @ Crystal

    Is Anurag Kashyap your Uncle :O
    Or did U mean me :x
    Grrrrr :(

    @ Siya

    Thanxs Siya ...I like what I do :)
    This is sony's special @ 10 series called "Rajuben" every Monday at 10pm on sony ..Do check it out....

    @ Trinaa

    Upar hee answer kiya hain.... padh le :P

  11. Wah! Interview! Bade log! :D

  12. Hmm... it does strike an immediate chord... Nice one picked up... :)

  13. Ur last line..rocked.
    I liked ur post.


  14. which movie?

    bad guys get girls too these days? no wonder all girls left me

  15. @ Ki

    Thanxs ..and Yes me turning into one :P
    Noit Quite actually :P

    @ Akansha

    Yeah doesn't it ..just... Thanxs girl :)

    @ Anand

    Thanxs Bro :)

    @ Chronicwriter

    hehe... You had to put that line didn't you :D

  16. And did you ask someone about the *secret template* ?

  17. Nice observation on the script... Is this from Rajuben - the director serials?

  18. But isn't Rahul one of India's cutest and most adored name... SRK made that famous.. ;) the gangster should have been happy.. I missed the episode.. so cracking PJs :P do xcuse me!

  19. u follow RAJUBEN?..all gangstar series!violence!!violence!!! :p

    and nice interview!...congratulations....autograph milega? ;)

  20. first time on ur blog... n i liked your style.. dunno y i feel i have never read you much even on lounge ... neway .. the scene u talk of .. it touched me too ... it reminded of the small small thigns our loved ones do for us ,,, things wch we so often neglect !!


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