Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Happy 'Holi'day :)

“Holi kab hain? Kab Hain Holi?” The famous Dialogue of Gabbar Singh from Sholay still echoes loud. The actual answer to that is “Tomorrow” …”Kal Hain Sardar” :D In school I remember just a day before holi after the school ended we didn’t have colors with us obviously but we used to greet each other mockingly saying “Arre yaar Happy “Holi”day. (Pronounce it that way :P) Holi used to be so much fun those days but sadly it ain’t anymore :(


Because of this!

The Excuse? “Its Holi yaar” …

”Yes it is but this plastic …Is this Holi?”

“Arre ‘Uncle’ (Yeah that’s what they call me these days) “Ek hee toh din milta hain, Bas kya” …
Yeah that’s such a lame excuse kiddo.

“Who will clean this up?”

“Arre ‘Uncle’ woh kachre waala aayegaa naa kal” ….

“Yes he will but will this decompose or degrade? Why do they tell us to use paper bags instead of plastic bags these days...Do you have any idea?

“Arre Yaar Sorry bol de …Sorry ‘Uncle’ “…..

Yeah right that’s what you got you noobs and 5 minutes later they continue to hit each other with those water filled plastic bags….

Well I did make the whole above thingy up …Well to be frank I would never have the guts to tell them all of that but I am 99.9 % sure that even if I would, the above scenario would turn out to be the same.

Holi is a festival of Colors, water and having truck loads of fun. But should it be an excuse for some people to use Tar,Paints and different kind of Chemicals which could potentially damage one’s skin?? Should it be an excuse for some people to use water Balloons which could potentially (if hit in the eye) could lead to permanent blindness? Should it be an excuse for some people to use sewage polluted water which could lead to more diseases and spread “Yuckiness” all around in the name of having “FUN”? Should it be an excuse for some to use plastics which is so damaging for the environment and leads to filthiness and pollution? And I should also say this “Should it be an excuse for some perverts to eve-tease other women?” Having “FUN” has its limits people ……Have a safe and a very Colorful Holi everyone....

Have Fun like this :)


  1. i totally agree.. why is it that some people totally forget that fun has its limits too!!

  2. So damn true! SO many men use it just as an opportunity to feel women up.. And dont even get me started on those chemical colours.. Once in my life, I wanna go and play Vrindavan ki holi.. Pure and will flowers and gulal! :D Wish it comes true some time!

  3. aww..

    hehe i am so excited.. we are havin holi celebrations here on saturday.. hopefully if i can manage takin snaps.. then will post it up..

    but i know wht u mean about the litter.. its so sad.. if each one does there bit then.. we wouldnt have to wait for kacharra wala to come clear it off..

  4. yeah this is so true...takes the whole fun out of playing holi, doesn't it?
    me not celebrating holi this year :( :( i like holi but not when it litters our entire hostel campus..wat is worse, the kachre wale don't clean it up asap too and cows end up eating plastic bags which is so bad for their health :((
    but "holi"day che, 'Uncle' !!! :D :D :D :P :P

  5. @ The Pink Orchid

    I really don't have any answer to that :(

    @ R.V

    Vrindavan ...Take me with you whenver You decide to pay a vsit ...May be next Holi ...what say ;)

    @ Trinaa

    Kyun bhai ..Itni buri bhi nahin hain :P I haven't really bashed up the festival of Holi you know

    @ Ani

    Waoh ....The best place to celebrate Holi I suppose ...In the valleys of scotland :) Wd love 2 see the pics...But it's getting sadder here in india though ....And yeah each one should do his own ...That's so important....

    @ Mads

    Errr ....there are not enough cows here though but that's even more sadder if it happens there...And Holi day che...Mein maloom che ....but te lame excuse che "ben" :D ...Sorry bad gujju thr ...but I am sure u got my point :D

    Have a safe and a colorful Holi everyone :)

  6. Holi is such a fun festival but things at times do get outta hand... Wish u all a safe and colourful Holi!

  7. Nice nice nice picture!!!

  8. LOL @uncle
    ROFL@Happy 'holi' day! :P

    I guess..stay away from these people is the best we can do! I wonder how they 'enjoy' it like that!

    As for me, I LOVE holi! and had a gala time yesterday!

    Hope you did too! :D

  9. Oye hoye... what did you do on Holi- day?

    The scenario is totally correct though!

  10. LOL LOL LOL.
    Bacche log started calling you Uncle..ekdum limit hai!..let me laugh first actually..varna comment karna mushkil ho jayega! =P

    and oh yes..how was your "holi"day?

  11. wow. i wanna have fun like this too.. happy holi bro.. found the link atlast god bless

  12. @ Dewdrop

    Yes and that's sad :)
    Belated Holi Wishes :)

    @ ki

    Not mine though :P ....Taken form google :P

    @ Siya

    Yes staying away is one option :)
    Yes I did have fun my own way :P

  13. @ Akansha

    As I said played Holi "My-Style" :P

    @ Crystal

    Aaj kal ke bacchon ko abhi zaraa see bhi akal nahin hain :D

    Had fun My way :P

    @ Chriz

    Welcome BACK to my page bro :)
    Belated Holi wishes dude :)

  14. I really had a clean but all so colorful holi !! though it was no holiday for me .. well written !


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