Sunday, November 29, 2009

Growing up

The other day I bumped into my old school friend/classmate while going to my classes.He had worn a formal shirt, had sunglasses on, was looking all smart, and why not.. he was working! But that's not the point.He was working and was married. Yes that was not a typo.He was MARRIED! Ohh just to add one more thing to it, he was living separately. Now I am not going to go about making the point of how wrong or right it is to do that, but my point is completely different.

When do we know that we have grown up? Or is there anything to know about? I mean the guy is married and earning.If not in a year, but in say 2 years time he will be "settled".And here I am, fighting my way through life, ofcourse on my way to settle..but does one need to "grow up" so quickly? Does one fix up his or her priorities at the age of 22?

May be I am writing about this coz I find myself kinda insecure now, a little less grown up a little less mature. But I wonder is it me who's less mature or is it him who's taken responsibilities so quickly on his "tender" shoulders(pun intended) :D. Whatever it may be I know that I have to grow up one day and be a man..take up responsibilities...But I guess there's still time for it...My own sweet time :)

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Perfect Sh*t

OK I hv to confess that I watch this show in bits and pieces...but seriously ain't reality shows going a bit too far with this...The "Perfect Bride"...not only is the name sexist...but it's just making the term "marraige" derogatory. They have this question and answer session where they ask .."Kya aapko ye bandaa pasand hain?"...and she giggles and says maine unko abhi tak jitna jaana hain..woh mujhe pasand aane lage hain...Yeah right!

I know all these shows are scripted or so it is alleged but they can't go onn showing s*it on television and expect people like us to just gulp whatever they feed to us. It's just like what stimulates is there in front of the idiot box. Washing dirty linen in public is kind of becoming a fashion statement now-a-days...Whatever it takes to be in the is prepared to do. But surely there should be something called as ethics and morals. Why is everybody "becch khaiing" that..why is there no accountability if people are seen "becch khaainng" that? Why can't people tell others that dude whatever you are doing is not good for your image and ultimately you are damaging yourself personally...but alas the stage, the glamour, the money all, over-power these things and one ultimately falls into the trap.

This trap of trp's is a very dicey trap...It's ending up destroying,of surely what one stands for. Or should stand for anyway! But I wd rather watch a Rakhi's Swayamvar which again was a lot over the top...I happened to watch the finale only and roflmaoed when rakhi sang that "Jesus Song"...But I wd rather watch that rather than this Perfect whatever thing..Atleast rakhi's show wasn't sexist...and from what I was watchable too...We are falling into the UK trap people..where according to a study..people are getting obese or simply wasting their time watching reality shows rather than working out...It's time to wake up you junkies..which includes me too btw :D

P.S:->"Becch khaana" means Selling your moral...Eating it away..I hope that's the right translation :D