Sunday, November 29, 2009

Growing up

The other day I bumped into my old school friend/classmate while going to my classes.He had worn a formal shirt, had sunglasses on, was looking all smart, and why not.. he was working! But that's not the point.He was working and was married. Yes that was not a typo.He was MARRIED! Ohh just to add one more thing to it, he was living separately. Now I am not going to go about making the point of how wrong or right it is to do that, but my point is completely different.

When do we know that we have grown up? Or is there anything to know about? I mean the guy is married and earning.If not in a year, but in say 2 years time he will be "settled".And here I am, fighting my way through life, ofcourse on my way to settle..but does one need to "grow up" so quickly? Does one fix up his or her priorities at the age of 22?

May be I am writing about this coz I find myself kinda insecure now, a little less grown up a little less mature. But I wonder is it me who's less mature or is it him who's taken responsibilities so quickly on his "tender" shoulders(pun intended) :D. Whatever it may be I know that I have to grow up one day and be a man..take up responsibilities...But I guess there's still time for it...My own sweet time :)


  1. Alright... a serious post with a not-so-serious touch to it.

    Anurag, as you know... am already working... and I am just 21!! Phew... Life has its harsh realities...and it gets to you with time. As far as you are concerned, being a guy, you have the choice to choose the age when you want to "settle" down.

    But as a girl, we are devoid of that choice. So, take your time... but I also don't mean that you should not be serious about things in life. All I would say is, let it be a balanced equation. Have fun and enjoy, but at the same time, make wise decisions today because as they say... what you are today, is a result of the choices you made in your past and what you are going to be depends on the choices you make today! :)

    Have fun!

  2. I know people who are 35 and not settled.

    Anurag, it is all gonna depend on you i'd say. It is you and the turns your life is taking and the choices you are making.

    So, stop thinking about it and take life the way it comes along.


  3. Don't worry so much about it. It depends on so many factors but first and foremost, it begins with attitude and the values that support you. The best way to begin is to introspect and see how you met the grey areas in your life. That will tell you a lot about growing up. All the best.

  4. You just go about life doing things that are meant to be done or things that you want to do. You are not as immature as you were when you were 6 or even when you were 21.. Working and getting married are no tell tales of maturity or growing up. They are just things to be done in most people's bucket list.

    All I can say is that one fine day, you'll realise that this is not what you would have done a year earlier had the same situation been there then.

    Growing up and remaining a child are on a continuum, if you may. And one can never be totally grown up and bless the person who aims to achieve that.

    Always be true to yourself and do things that make you and others around you happy. That should be a goal enough for life, right?

  5. if u have started shaving ur beard u r already a man babu moshai...:P
    bt srsly..u dont need a certificate of being married to label u as a grown up/man...:)

    life will take its own course buddy...enjoy d journey...destination will eventually come...:))

  6. i like what Ajay said at the end.. believe in it :-)


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