Saturday, July 11, 2009

Chitto Chat

Hello …How are? Yeah I have been away. It’s been kinda harrowing week. My P.C went to sleep.This after a stupid facebook quiz declared me a "Computer Proffessional". Facebook is spying on us I am telling ya :D...Anyways the Motherboard had to be replaced. 3 days without it working made it unbearable for moi. But it is fixed and working well now. Even I have gone completely vella as far as my writing goes. Bleh! may be is the word to describe me right now.

Coming back to this post though .Now chatting is now slowing becoming quite redundant for me as it is kinda the usual stuff…Like the hello how are? thingies …But some 2 weeks ago I probably had the most “giggliest” of chats ever. It went something like this…

I was invisible in gtalk and then in middle of our convo

She: hmm...
abbey o.l aa na re

me: kyon?
what diff does it make?

She: mr. india ban ke kya mil raha hai?

me: mann kii shanti

She: tan ki o/l aane se milegi :P

me: chee chee ..kya bol rahi hain :D

She: abbey....
jaa shoo

me: lol
U said it
binaa kuch sochhe

She: uska woh matlab nahi tha.. n u kno that :

me: lol...don't think I hv laughed so much during a chat as I am doing now :D :D

She: laughing at my expense... nalayak!

me: hehehe ..tan ki shanti ...You saying this ..OmG
facebook is right then

She: shooooooo

me: about your status
pick up line

She: wht status?

me: arey woh kuch tha :P

She : Yeah whatever!

me: hehehe
anyways I gtg

She: kahan?

me: since u doing so much soo soo :D
ohh sorry shoo shoo :D

She: bahut maar khayega

me: OmG

She: u better hope i don come there soon

me: Laughs his ... off

She: jaa jaa...

me: ohhk ohhk

She: bye

I still don’t understand what she meant by tan ki shanti though :D


  1. Mujhe bhi kuch samaj nahi aaya though! :D

  2. Mujhe bhi kuch samaj nahi aaya though! :D lol

  3. i second sti ..
    n third thoorika :P

  4. Yaar Post samajh nahin aaya kii woh line samajh nahin aayin ...

    This is what the problem is when I tend to describe a real time funny situation as a post ..Kissiko kuch samjh hee nahin aata... ...But the ":D" tells kii u guys did have a smile...So :P

  5. Ullu hai tu yar ! =P
    Tann ki shakti mei parivartan aaya?

  6. Hmmmm tan ki shakti... bournvita se aati hai yaar... i hope im right with this one :P :D

  7. LOL funny as hell... Facebook quizzes are extremely annoying sometimes though...

  8. hehe i liked it :D
    so so, shoo shoo :D
    i found this very funny :D

  9. u hv not collected the award yet :|
    shameless ho tum. ek number ke :|

  10. @ Crystal

    Nahin lol..Main Visible gayaa hee nahin ..Invisible hee rehtaa hoon ...Mann Kii Shanti se kuch zyada hee Lagav Hain :D :D

    @ Dr.Riya

    Lol! Thanxs :)

    @ Crowscious

    I think they are annoying most of the times :P
    Thanxs :)

    @ Mads

    Yes..Sooo sooo :D
    Thanxs :)
    Collected it re...Thanxs for the reminder :D

  11. oops I missed u mehreen..Sowwie :P

    @ Mehreen

    High 5's sahin bolaa...I should Have mentioned that in my chat that time :D

  12. kaun thi ye funny ladki? :D

  13. now i am gonna be invisible in gtalk everyday

  14. @ Qi

    hush hush ..Did not mention and don't wanna....

    @ Chriz

    Haha....Yeah it's always better that ways me :)

  15. u wil cum 2 kno wen u get tan ki shanti.



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