Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Listening To Your Heart

After one has completed his or her engineering he/she invariably gets into the “Berozgaar Association of India” Society whether he/she likes it or not .Placement or No Placement, the time between your final exams and your result is the most “Khujlee waala time” ever :D

It’s the time where the scrapping in orkut or chatting in Google Chat goes

S: Hey ssup mann?
Me: nm mann …fooling around. What abt ya?
S: Ya me too rotting at home.
Me: Yeah me too…Hey hang on…Did I say rotting….Well both mean the same anyways *Sigh*
S: So what are you planning to do?
Me: Rot some more :D
S: No Seriously yaar...What?
Me: Now like the South park’s Character Eric Cartman I do want to scrap like “Screw you ‘S’…I am going Home! But then I realize I am in my own house ..*Sigh* ...*Sigh*

I conveniently log out! Now I know. I suck. I should have a clear plan already of what I want to do. But by the time this rain has started it has made me more jobless. Cool Weather. Light Drizzle. Khichdi at home. Nap in the afternoon and Counter-Strike in the evening. Could it get any better? :D Honestly if you look at it...it’s actually holiday time for us. Classes for the would be final year guys hasn’t started as yet. So for them it’s Vacation time and not for us! Screw You! :P

Till then People around me go... Beta! Ye kyun nahin kar lete …This has a good future..Do this...Do That! *Sigh* Well in the end though I always listen to my good friends that I have bache kuche. And I got some decent ones :P So I asked one of them and he just put in the most straight and simple way

He said

Listen to what your heart says...It is on the left hand side ….Yes…But it gives all the right signals and directions and leads you to the right path.

It may have sounded a little duh! then... But it sounds nice now :)

P.S: Now I had seen a video once on MTV some 7 years back but that song had just vanished away from my mind somehow! Guess what? ... I recollected it today :D

The lyrics kinda define my present state. Love it :)

~~ Everybody's changing from Keane

So little time
Try to understand that I'm
trying to make a move just to stay in the game
I try to stay awake and remember my name
but everybody's changing
And I don't feel the same.


Another song which came to my mind today

Karo Daayaan Haath Aage
Karo Bayaan Haath Peeche
Daayaan Haath Aage
Karo Ye upar Ni-che
Then do the Boogie-Woogie
Aur saare Ghum Jaaoon
Aayegaa phir Mazaaa

This is what joblessness does to you :D


  1. Yeh sab log senti kyun ban jaate hain jab jobless hote hain... >:P

    Well seriously line badi cool hai... but then you have to have ears clean of CS! :P

    I know you'll get a lot of suggestions and all from everyone(me included)... well take whatever suits you... Bestos... :)

  2. It gets on ur nerves and ur folks are even more concerned and worried :(

    CS ? yeah I am kinda bored now ...it was fun in hostel's LAN ...when u know the guys ..now even steam servers suck :(

    Offer letters from the companies are not gonna come I am sure :((

  3. Lol...I understand...I have a lot of friends in this stage....
    So looks like CS is keeping you company though...Lol...! I play that too..!

  4. Looks like lots of ppl are bored to death!!! I am in the league too !!!!!!! :( "Sigh"

  5. LOL. Bechaara!!! hehe :P

    Bas boogie woogie karo. lol. :P

    Dil ki baat sunoooo...like shahrukh says. <3 . Uhhh..ohkay. :P

    Better still, pet a dog naa!! :P

    Thank God, I'm not there yet!! but then, hum Chartered Accountants ko kiss baat ki tension! ;-)

  6. Haha!!! Boogie woogie?! :P

  7. abhey keechke duuu

    u r placed in infy,, ....rona toh mujhe chahiye tujhe nahi.. .placement hokar bhi na hone ka effect ....

    include me in the berojgaar samiteee.....:(

  8. @ Akansha

    Was this a senti post...Don't think so..It was more of a "I am damn Bored" kinda post :P
    Thankies for the bestos :P

    @ Peter

    Yeah it's true...And Recession hasn't helped as far as job offers go ...
    *Double booohooo* :P

    @ Pavitra

    Yeah lol.... Girls play C.S ..Didn't know that :P

    @ Thoorika

    Chalo I am not alone then....Yaays :D

  9. @ Dr.Acula

    Haan wahin karnaa padegaa.... "Petting" a dog...That's not a bad idea u know :P
    And don't get me started on engineering ...Should hv done a C.A...Me jealous of you.... *Booohooo* :((

    @ Qi

    Yeah nice song that ain't it.... Me likes it...lol...Had to end the post with something funny ...So ... :D
    btw "Qi" is different :P

    @ The Solitary Writer

    Well we all are in berozgaar samitee :P ...But u know my situation with infy ...The d.o.j is far far away :(( ...So me and U are more or less in the same boat :P

  10. That was really humorous...can identify with it, though i just got into 4th yr.. coz of the dismal placement season, courtsey the recession! Loadsa wry humour.. Keep at it!!

  11. the life changing moment.. stepping stone into the big life.. hope things work out well for all..

    been there.. took a wrong decision and now changes tracks.. :0

  12. hahaha!

    lol@the boogie woogie song!
    yes..i have my hols going on too..i have things to study..but i miss my college so badly!!!:((

    chuttiyan honi hi nahi chahiye!

  13. @ The Dark Lord

    Love your name mann...sounds really kool..
    Thanxs mann ..Dude Final year is fun..though with recession on and zero placement.. the fun element just dries out....But all the best anyways :)

    @ Chriz

    Thanxs Chriz..that's the last thing I would like to do dude...i.e take a wrong decision ..Hope I don't... Thanxs for your wishes :)

    @ Apparently intellectual

    Enjoy college till it lasts coz uske baad you would miss it really badly...

    Glad you found the boogie woogie part humorous...Target achieved :D
    Thanxs :)

    I am kinda 50-50 on that one kii chuttiyaan honi chayiye ya nahin ...You would like to say that now but then when work starts you are bound to feel otherwise unless you really love your work :P
    But on the whole dekha jaaye toh Chuttiyaan honi chayiye yaar ...It makes you feel rejuanated and ready to go again :)

  14. Don't kill me...I was reading ur comments..and im sleepy.. :D so i read the line...
    but on the whole dekha jaaye toh chuttiyan honi chahiye yaar...
    i read it as c***iyaan :D
    and i was like, :O :O :O

    now @ the post...funny post...
    ROFL @ khujlee wala time...
    i understand...specially when the damn society keeps cribbing and gets on ur head... :(
    and i loved that quote...i read it thrice and grinned all the 3 times :D
    and the lyrics were cool...
    best of luck with whatever u do...and im sure u'll take the right decision.... :) :) :)

  15. @ Ms. Neha Gandhi

    Thanxs :)
    And Welcome here :)

    @ Mads

    Firstly Mads You seriously need to sleep properly.Get a proper check up done too :D I mean 9 out of 10 that would be read as a "holiday"..Tu hee woh 1 ho sakti hain :P

    Thanxs for liking the post and thanxs for your wishes :) I do seriously hope I take all the right decisions in life :)

  16. yaar kya karu..court pe log ch*** wala word hi use karte hai openly :P
    aadat si ho gayi, u know :D

  17. Wow one more..join the club! Dont wori..every1 goes thru this phase..u will figure sumthin out!

  18. getting placed and not getting joining letter is worse than getting job at all...

    i hope and pray not to join 'Berozgaar association'...as i have my placement season next month :-|

  19. @ Mads

    Errr...I don't think I can say much except saying....Okay! :P

    @ Shanu

    I hope so re..I hope so...
    btw welcome here :)

    @ enchantinganki

    That's so true ..Lekin meko date mil gayee hain...bas ye hain kii kafi late joining milli hain

    All the best for ur placement ..I am sure you will do well :)

    @ DPhatsez

    C.S Rocks Baby...Anytime Anyday :)

  20. this situation holds good for every grad in the final year! Can totally relate to it. scribble in ur email id on my blog.

  21. @ Dhandal

    yeah that is right ..Chalo atleast somebody can :)

  22. same difference, any course.

    and I love the Keane song. the video just shouts so loud :D :)

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  24. heheh :P...oo shud not laugh at my own state :|..
    “Berozgaar Association of India”
    anyways..best luck :D


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