Sunday, June 7, 2009

55 Fiction :-> A Debut

Ok! I have written something here but frankly it ain't fiction. In 55 words one can only mention a sequence of a particular event to be honest and that's what I have done. I found it really difficult to pin down a story in those many words.The restrictions were too much for me to be honest.Still I have tried to come up with something. Hope you guys like it :)

Silence separated the two of them until

“So who was your first crush?”

“Your sister”

A little startled, she decided to stay mum.

“So who was your first crush?”

“Your brother”

“It is not possible. You didn’t even know him.”

"Ha! As if you knew my sister."

Both of them just about managed a smile.


  1. Whoa! Sahi toh hai!

  2. has happened in my life.. and her sister waas indeed my first girlfriend.. good that i dun have a brother..

    nice one bro

  3. Nice one Anurag :) Creative... hang in there, you'll go better and better with this one :)

  4. cool !!! loved it ..

  5. Lol..okay!
    I managed to smile too :D

  6. Hey....Well written..!!
    Quite a coincidence that we both wrote a 55-fiction together...Lol!
    Loved it!!

  7. It did bring a smile on my face too. You managed a good one in 55 words.


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