Wednesday, June 17, 2009

55 Fiction:-> Part 4

She fell on his arms after having the best sex of her life. It was her first after all

"I hope you remember this night."

"I will Michael. But I am gonna miss you."

"It is not in my hands honey."

He bid her goodbye as they parted ways.

Her marriage was day after tomorrow.


  1. Okay who is the evil here ?
    the guy or the girl ...or both f 'em ?

    Awryt I shudn't have dissected the latent feel of the post :P

  2. ohh....
    Quite a surprise...
    Well written..!

  3. poor she....

    bechari... best sex ke baad disappointment.....but amazing na first sex and best
    hw do u think out of the box man...Anurag u raawk

  4. She cheated on her to-be marriage.
    Haye!!!..I hate decievers =X
    Couldn't she wait for two more nights? Despo =(
    Bt still..55f ka keeda presents a more creative you :D

  5. interesting ! i wonder why she did that !

  6. Okay So as most of you didn't get this particular post..Let me explain :P

    The idea of this post is taken from the movie Outsourced staring Josh Hamilton and Ayesha Dharker

    In that there is this dialogue where the girl says that one of her friend had eloped with her bf and they spent one night together before the girl was to get married off to somebody else ...Then she came back and got married but not before spending that one night with her bf ....

    So there..that was the idea ..I hope everybody gets it now :P

    @ All

    Thank You :)

    And Sometimes I do manage it stephen (The Solitary Writer)

    But in this case the movie helped :)

  7. very realistic!! happening a lot in metro cities these days...

    VISIT My blog too... hope ul like it


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