Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Messaging Dunderheads

Have you a got such a text message before in your inbox …

“This is Drishti Ganpati.send this to 10 people & and you will have good luck all your life. You will get what u want. If ignored, then there is going to be 7yrs of problem. This is definitely NOT A JOKE... do give it a try!"

I have got several mails like that but it blows mind off when I get it as a text message…..If it’s not a drishti Ganpati then it’s sai baba or somebody else. It’s not that I am an atheist or anything…but this is surely no way of showing your religious side….

And the funny thing is that some of them will also add a "P.S" at the end of the message. ”Sorry I got sent this message and hence I am sending this to you” ..Arre? Wtf? When somebody messages this it quite clearly shows that person’s fear…..His fear of those 7 years of problem which he thinks will happen to him/her if he doesn’t send it to those many people. If everything was so easy in life then everybody in this world would have become an Anil Ambani by now. Don't cha Think?
May be I am reacting too much here.It could be a ploy to finish one’s phone balance you never know. But it’s damn irritating.

What do I do when I get such a message?
Oh! I conveniently delete it immediately from my inbox. I make my own luck. Period.

P.S: I am reading a book called “If God was a banker” by Ravi Subramanian and I found this line from the book very intriguing. I hadn’t heard or read it before. It read

“I have stuck my neck out on this and believe me when I say this – I do not like my neck tickled.” :D


  1. when i get such messages i send it back to the sender.. he has to send it again to another ten people


  2. lol..! I have got them too..! I hate such messages... I straight away delete them..
    P.S : nice idea @chronicwriter..

  3. hehe @ chriz's idea...but then they will send it back to us naa??? :((
    its so true..but thank God i get such forwards only through mail..i even tried sending them...but colllege mei aake desperation mei try kiya and didnt work...so abhi i dont send :D

  4. chriz's idea is cool.. :P

    and mind explaining the quoted line?? i am intrigued.. ;)

  5. Main toh bhej hi deti hoon. I guess I'm just superstitious!!!

  6. I delete it like you.
    Drishti Ganpati or "My sister is a cancer patient blah blah blah"

    I care less. =D

  7. Who starts these kind of mails/SMSs btw ?
    who is that prick ..catch him and beat him to pulp.

    or send it to 6 people acc to the SMS or
    even a simpler option ignore (btw i do this one) !

  8. @ ChronicWriter

    Lol...Yeah but he would send it again 99 % of the time ...But it's a "lolable" idea :D

    @ Pavitra

    Yeah ...Me too does the same :P

    @ Mads

    Okay! :P ...Good for your friends that it didn't work :P

    @ The Pink Orchid

    I guess it means if I take a decision on something ..I do not like anyone to counter it or poke his or her nose into it :P
    Mereko toh yahi samjha :P

  9. @ ki

    You are not alone...though I don't do the same :P

    @ Crystal

    That's a new one ..Sister being a cancer patient :O
    But yeah it's better to delete them :P

    @ Peter

    Lol...Yeah I agree with you on that cent percent...If You get that person who sends those ..do let me know though :P

  10. Man I hate those people. I usually curse em and forget it soon. It's not worth frettin about :)

  11. hey...agree with u....but i dont get much messages....thnkfully only emails....might wanna take a luk at this post...


  12. LOL@Chriz!!! :D :D

    Seriously mayn!! I mean, these messages make you wanna puke on your own mobile!! crsly!!

    Pata hai kya, last nite I was wondering about the very same thing..about WHO THE HELL starts the "chain"??!! And you know what I came up with, what if all these network subscribers..Airtel, Vodafone et al..they only start it so that it goes on and on and on..and everyone's happy!

    But, last night, it was my darling lil sista, my cousin who messaged me and since it's impossible for me to even think about hating her..I thought, well, maybe I should think about it this way, Each one to one's own! I mean, if someone does get all superstitious about it..I think I should respect the sentiment! :) Nai??


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