Wednesday, June 10, 2009

55 Fiction -> Part 2

Tension was brewing between the two for a very long time.

Divorce, A mere formality now, she thought.

“Mamta, I have something to ask and I need an answer”.

She didn’t think it would come so soon but she was prepared.

And then he asked her that inevitable question

“Ye Melody itni chocolaty kyon hain?”


Idea courtesy: The melody ad of course.

I am so glad that it’s made a comeback in the ongoing T-20 World Cup. I think it’s much better than the chloromint ad. Ain’t it? :D


  1. noooo chlormint ad is cute too..
    but melody is better than chlormint, khaane ke liye :D
    nice one :P

  2. Haha!!! I like this ad MUCH better than chlormint :D

  3. LOL! :D
    We actually need an investiagator like you to find out Melody itti chocolatey KYO hai!?
    LOVED IT! :D
    Bt still..chlormint vaala ad is CUTE!

  4. @ Mads

    Okay! :P I was actually referring to the new salman khan ad where he and his bro just ham it....otherwise I too like the punchline "Dobara mat Pucchnaa" :D
    Thanxs :)

    @ Pavitra and mehreen

    Thanxs :)

    @ ki

    Yeah see ...You and me think alike :P

    @ Crystal

    hehe ..I will glad to investigate ....Any advertisers out there :P
    Even I like the chloromint ad :P
    Thanxs :)

  5. yes.. i loved to see the melody chocolaty ad too..

    nice end :)

  6. par ........



    yeh melody itni cokolatee kyun hai ????? :P :D

    really better that chlormint one!

  7. lol...had me laughin...but i hate that ad... its like arghhhh stoooopppid...

  8. just today after a serious conversation my friend in an all the more serious tone ended the conversation just as u mentioned and he got a nice kick in his ass ;)

    You bet its really good too see melody come back..i love that toffy!

    btw this is Anandita. A first time reader of ur blog and a first time commenter.

    A nice piece of work.

    Keep writing. Keep in touch.


  9. @ Chriz

    Yes me too ..Thanxs bro :)

    @ Big Omi

    Research Jaari hain mere dost ....
    Thanxs bro and welcome here :)

    @ d gypsy

    Humph! ....You are the first one to say that ...Apni Apni choice :P
    But you liked the post So thanxs :P
    And welcome here :)

    @ The Solitary Writer

    And U r not ! :P
    Kidding bro...
    Thanxs mann :)

    @ Apparently intellectual

    Thanxs girl :D

    @ Riya

    Thanxs and welcome back :)

    @ Dhandal

    Well an intresting blog name btw "Dhandal" :D ...Must hv a meaning but anyways :P

    Becharaa ...Yaar nahin maarnaa chayiye tha ....hey but hang on do u mean I deserve that too :O .. :P

    even I like melody...Kyunkii woh hain badi chocolaty :D

    Anyways thanxs Anandita...and Welcome to my page :)

  10. Hi Anurag,
    Yup Dhandal does have a meaning. It means a pleasant chaos in marathi :)
    Keep visiting! TC!


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