Friday, June 12, 2009

55:-> I am hooked :D

Where have I seen her before, he thought as she passed by him

He kept staring at her almost amazed by her beauty

But I have met her once but where, he kept digging up his memory

He then saw the girl approach him

"'The beating you got last year wasn't enough, eh?"


  1. LoLz !! did u really get a beating ??

  2. Awesome!!! But a more grammatically apt last line would be - 'the beating you got last year wasn't enough, eh?' (2 words bhi save ho gaye :P)

  3. hehe Anurag, ur 55-fictions are one of those posts that i can read quickly on a hectic day and it always leave me refreshed. hehe funny this was... tc!

  4. haha! Bechara... But I bet many guys can relate to it :P

  5. @ Pretty me

    Haha! This is fiction girl ...I hope I never do though :D

    @ Ki

    Thanxs ki ...Made the necessary change :)

    @ Warmsunshine

    That's what I always try to do ..keep it as short as possible...and plus when it's 55 fiction it becomes easier :)
    I am glad I could make u smile :)

    @ R.V

    Yeah ..Many would do ...yes ...And hence I wrote it :P

  6. Aye haye.. jhoot mat bolna ki yea fiction hai!

  7. nt fair man...u posting ur real life stories under 55 fiction label....hahaha

    only i knw the truth man....god never knew u wre so much so inspired by tht incident that u decide to write abt it hehehehe

  8. aree, shes the gal who gave u rose on roseday, remember?

  9. ROFL @ Express ka comment :D
    Yeah, is it that girl? :D
    Woman-beater :O
    I can sue you for this post :X

    Nice one :P

  10. @ Crystal

    Fiction hain yaar...Mujhe kaun ladki maregii :D

    @ The Solitary Writer

    Stephen Saale....Kuch bhi phek mat...No such incident took place and you know that ..Nice try btw :D

    @ Quirky Mon

    Thanxs girl :)

    @ Apparently intellectual

    Thanxs and welcome to my blog :)

  11. @ Chriz


    @ Riya

    Thanxs and welcome back :)

    @ Express

    Nice try....May be better than stephen but like the latter this one too didn't work :P
    No Girl beats me up u know ....I am such a nice guy :D ;)

    @ Mads

    Lol....Naa...As I said
    Damn how many times will I hv to write it :X ....
    Thanxs Anyways Mads :P


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