Friday, May 29, 2009

Some Things Never Change

After writing the most grueling and exhaustive exam
There I was waiting for that darn bus
Must have been held up in a jam, I thought
It made me all the more tired and numb

And finally there it was, I saw it coming
I could not really believe my luck
As it came with all its seats empty
I would have a seat to park my ass afterall

But as I looked up in front of my seat
I had to close my eyes in utter disgust
“Oh not again” cursing my luck this time
Had I now committed some kind of a crime?

Ok! Why not just think something beautiful, I thought
So I closed my eyes and ventured into the valleys
The hills of the aravalies, my imaginations caught
Jeez did I need a vacation or what!

Exams have left me so stressed out
Some hair and weight lost too
May be I do need some rest
Though there are lots of other things to do

Hills of the aravalies looked all great
And so did the beaches of goa in my dreams
May be I need to put my hair down
And relax a little as of now

As I opened my eyes, I hadn’t realized
I eventually had gone to sleep
Thankfully my stop hadn’t come, it was reassuring
But one thing hadn’t really changed
The couple in front was still going on cuddling.[link]

P.S : The link idea is courtsey Chriz ofcourse. Sorry man...Not copying you or anything ....But I just love the way you use pictures at the end of every post. I hope the pic justifies the post.


  1. waah waah

    exam was bad ??hanjiiiiiii

    wht a poem yaa....soober ...nice anurag .keep em comin

  2. ha ha ah !! i used to think m the only one troubled by PDA !! and the link idea is really cool !!

    lovely lines !! njy and have fun now :)

  3. Aha fantastic!!! :D :D :D

  4. Exam stress and PDA..!!!
    Prose poetry blended well!

  5. me enjoyed reading this one soooooo much :D

  6. Fantastic haa!!
    I'll be happy if exams go there are the aravalis to see for entertainment :D

  7. PDA ka latest shikaar! :-p

  8. lovely bro...

    the link thingie is just an idea..anyone can use ideas.. nothing wrong in it.. you dont have to as excuses..

  9. @ TSW

    Thanxs bro ..Will sure keep it coming now :)

    @ Pretty me

    hehe ..I am not alone ..Good 2 know that :P

    @ Ki

    Thanxs :D :D :D

    @ Misanthropist

    Thanxs ...I like your blogger name :D and welcome to moi page :P

    @ The Pink Orchid

    Thanxs girl and U read it first :)

  10. @ Crystal

    hehe ..thanxs ...Haan.. me will be double happy Shappy then :D

    @ Pavitra

    Thanxs girl :)

    @ Neha

    Apparently ...yes :P seems to happen with me only ..*Sigh* :P

    @ Chriz

    Thanxs mann ...I just wanted to use your name mann ...You inspired me to do the same ...So thanxs :)


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