Sunday, May 17, 2009

Thanxs ppl :)

Just wanted to thank all on my b'day.....Thank you ppl for all your wishes :)
A big thanxs especially to step-man(Super-hero ka baap) lol...Yeah..that's what he calls himself.. for dedicating a poem to me on my birthday in my group Blog.."The Writer's Lounge"
Have a look at what he had to say here

Also a big Thank you to Kajal who gave me this "award" :P ..Got an "Award" after so many days :D She dedicated me these two "pictures" .."Recognition" whatever you may like to call it ..

So thanxs ..and happy 100'th post.. and for those who haven't visited her ....which might just be a very few number of people I am sure....Plzz do go now....Iss advertisement ke paise baad mein de denaa :D

I was feeling a bit guilty of giving you guys a Mango bite in my previous post...So here you go :P

Black Forest \m/ \m/

Listening to :-> One of my all time Favorite Song
You Sang to me -> Marc Anthony
Got a exam on Wednesday to give ...I better Study...\m/


  1. hawww look at that cake :O
    thanks :D im getting the first bite \:D/
    This is the first time I have seen someone doing a \m/ smiley after saying he is going to study...u sure need some lessons on smileys, young man :-w
    congrats for the awards :D

  2. many girlfriends to u
    many girlfriends to u
    many girlfriends to dear anurag
    many girlfriends to u


  3. lol@chriz

    thanks for accepting the awards.. n so good to have that yum cake

  4. Sorry sorry SORRY I missed it!!! :(

    My net was not workinggg!!! :(

    Happy (belated) birthday :D :D :D

  5. Oh damnnnn!!!!! You should have replied on my shoutbox naa :P damnnn...I missed it!! So, well, belated Happyyyy Birdddddaaaaayy!!! :D :D Hope it went great(?)!! cud i miss it!! Taureans rock!!! \m/

  6. @ all

    Thanxs all

    @ Chriz

    Haha...Being Stepman huh ..Lol...

  7. somehow i get attracted to food first.....tht's an awesome cake, slurp!!!!! And belated b'day wishes!!! Congrats on ur awards!

  8. Belated Happy Budday!
    I missed it. Darrn :-(

  9. And hellooo..came mail karo!.bhoook lagti hai black forest dekh kar!

  10. happy belated b'day
    cake hai ya khatam ho gaya ?

  11. Belated birthday greetings and all the best for DC! :)

  12. @ Aruna

    Yeah... a visit to your own personal blog tells me why ;)
    Thanxs for yoiur wishes :)

    @ Crystal

    Thanxs ..hehe...You can save the pic by simply clicking on the cake you know :P
    Good to see you blog again :)

    @ Peter

    Sorry bro cake finished some days ago :D
    but thanxs for your wishes :)

    @ Anindita

    Thankies and all the best for your ppr too :)


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