Saturday, May 2, 2009

Exam Stress...Hindi mein :D

Trying out something in Hindi …This is my second attempt...I had written one for the Writer’s Lounge… Now I mostly write all crappy kind of poems...So all those super-duper poets out there…। Plzz bear with me :D and bear with my hindi too i.e grammatical errors and all :P . I am terrible with spellings :D …Make it a fun read if you can :)

आ गया हैं वोह वक्त
जिससे सब को लगता हैं डर
लेकिन मुझे शायद था इसका इंतज़ार
आख़िर कुछ करना हैं मेरे यार

बुक्स जो शेल्फ में पड़े हैं
धुल सारी निकालनी हैं उनसे
सेलेबस शायद होगा एकदम "वास्ट"
क्या १५ दिन तक हो पायेगा वोह लास्ट

ऊपर से चढ़ गया हैं मुझे बुखार
बुखार इस "ई.पी.एल” नामक जूनून का

नोट्स रटते मारूं या मुंबई इन्दिंस का स्कोर
इस अगले एक महीने में हो जाऊंगा मैं बोर

पर यहीं हैं वोह लम्हा
जहाँ सब लगाना हैं दूँ पे
आख़िर कुछ तोह हैं पाना
कुछ हैं कर दिखाना

बस कुछ दिन और
फिर फासले होंगे नए
मंजिले होंगी नयी
सोचा था हो गया हैं सब का अंत
पर होगी एक नयी सिरे से शुरुआत

For those who couldn't get it ...And I am sure there would be many :P ...Here's it in english :P

Aa gayaa hain woh waqt
Jisse sab ko lagta hain darr
Lekin mujhe shayad tha iska intezaar
Aakhir kuch karna hain mere yaar

Books jo shelf mein pade hain
Dhul saari nikalni hain unse
syllabus zarror hogaa ekdum vast
Kya 15 din tak ho payegaa last

Upar se chad gayaa hain mujhe bukhaar
Bukhaar iss “I.P.L” naamak junoon kaa
Notes ratte maaroon ya Mumbai Indians ka score
Iss agle ek mahine mein ho jaaoonga main bore

Par yaheen hain woh lamha
Jahaan sab lagana hain duan pe
Aakhir kuch toh hain paana
Kuch hain kar dikhaana

Bas kuch din aur
Phir faasle honge naye
Manzile hongi nayee
Socha tha ho gaya hain sab ka antt
Par Hogi ek nayee sire se Shuruaat

P.S: This was a poem just to pump myself up for the exams coming up :P
Hopefully this works :P

P.P.S: I had to delete my last post “A Reality check” for some reason. So those who couldn’t find the same...My Apologies to them…I may load it again though …And this time hopefully won’t delete the same if uploaded

God Bless and Peace :)


  1. Arrey English mein bhi typos hain... itz supposed to be 'bear' and not 'bare'... :P

  2. :)
    Nice poem! :)

    P.S. Thanks for the english :P

  3. Heh Heh Heh. Cool poem! :D

    hindi me you havent spelled the 'I' of IPL right. lol.

    Cool! Reality check coming up!

  4. yea, BEAR!!! hahhaa!! I refuse to bare you! who will bear the sight boy? :P

    anyway, I LIKED the poem!
    good, very good attempt..

    me also, same types phase :D
    so can reciprocate :-)

    good attempt AC!

  5. @ Akansha

    I told U I wasn't good with spellings ... jeez that was embarrassing ...Anyways made the change..Thanxs .... I don't even have the basic "bare necessities" ...Damn :D

    @ Ki

    Thanxs ..Yes I knew somebody would require it :D

    @ Siya(Dr.Acula :D)

    Thanxs .."I" not correct.. abb hain ...dunno :P

    @ Express

    Plzz don't embarrass any further :P

    Thanxs but how come u in the same phase ...guess u r talking abt the last two paras of the poem ..coz ur exams over right :P ..
    kk..Get it :)
    Thanxs :)

  6. oye u had to make changes at two places... =)) Arrey look up the meanings of both of them!

  7. i am wanting to read the deleted post.. :P
    and this poem is cool.. and picture mein itni book dekh k i got scared... all the best for your exams.. :D

  8. genius people make spelling mistakes.. men..


  9. @ Akansha

    I know and I have :P

    @ The Pink Orchid

    Lol..A Pic courtsey google that :)

    Thanxs Orchid :)

    @ Chriz

    lol..c'mon Chriz.....
    But that's true though ...very true :D


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